The best coffee machine manufacturers

The best coffee machine manufacturers

It is almost impossible to single out a single leader that produces the best coffee equipment. Almost all of the world leaders in the production of coffee machines produce models of different categories, from the budget segment for home use to the professional premium class. Nevertheless, forming the best brands that produce the most reliable coffee machines is a doable task. Each company has its own features and differences that set a particular brand’s models apart from hundreds of others.


DeLonghiThis Italian company has existed for over a century, but the first DeLonghi coffee machines were introduced in 1990. Since then, this direction has been actively developing, which allowed the manufacturer to take a significant share of the market.

The main features of the brand coffee machines are:

  • A wide range of models in different price categories (both budget coffee machines
  • and devices of the “luxury” category);

  • An abundance of functions;
  • Almost all lines are equipped with a programming function, which allows you to create your own unique recipes;
  • Advanced electronics and control.


SaecoAnother Italian brand that has been at the top of the ratings of the best coffee machine manufacturers for many years. The company was founded in 1981, although in 2009, the brand was bought by the Philips concern. Despite this, Saeco coffee machines have not only retained the country of production (still created in Italy), but also produced under the original brand name.

In addition to a variety of functions, which are equipped with coffee machines Saeco, special popularity of this firm’s devices have received thanks:

  • Simple and intuitive operation (beginners can easily understand the features even with a huge number of functions);
  • Recognizable design and color scheme (silver and black);
  • Quick and easy cleaning of all containers and mechanisms in the system;
  • High-quality assembly.

The advantages of Saeco also include a wide range of models. The company produces coffee machines from the most budget segment (from 20,000 rubles) to the premium category ($4-6 thousand).


PhilipsDespite owning the brand Saeco, Philips concern is also a manufacturer of coffee machines of different price categories. If Saeco – a classic and traditional, which are designed for both home use, and “coffee guru”, the coffee machine Philips more focused on the “economy” and the average price range. The price tag on most models ranges from 20 to 45 thousand rubles, so coffee machines are especially popular for home use (although the company has a superavtomatomats category “luxury”, the price of which exceeds 150 000 rubles).

Among the pluses is a large set of functions that allow to prepare any coffee and milk beverages, but any recognizability and distinctiveness of Philips coffee machines do not possess.


The best coffee machine manufacturersOne of the best brands of coffee machines that combines German quality, reliability, modern technology and attention to detail. The concern has been creating equipment to create delicious coffee since 1911, so it is no wonder that Siemens coffee machines are so highly regarded by coffee experts and gourmets.

The company produces several series (from budget to luxury category), which have a number of features in common:

  • Rugged body materials with high durability;
  • Advanced intelligent control;
  • A huge number of functions and options;
  • Low noise level.


JuraUnlike many manufacturers, this Swiss brand specializes exclusively in the production of equipment for creating coffee drinks. The company creates coffee machines of different categories, from budget ones (in the range of 20-30 thousand rubles) to professional devices with a cost of $ 4000 and higher. Moreover, the peculiarity of Jura is that all models use the same basic components, which helps maintain the high standard and reputation of this brand.

The advantages that apply to all Jura coffee machines include:

  • Enlarged brewing tanks and reservoirs;
  • Quick automatic cleaning (with Jura brand tablets);
  • Extensive functionality and manual programming capabilities;
  • Quality and durability.

Jura devices also stand out with their stylish, minimalist design.


BoschAnother mass-market manufacturer that produces ranges for all price points. Bosch easily recognizes the legendary German quality, which is a weighty argument in the question of which company to choose a coffee machine. It is also worth noting the meticulousness in everything, from the quality of assembly to the functionality. Built-in coffee machine models are especially popular, which will decorate the interior of any office or home.

Among the main advantages of Bosch coffee machines should be highlighted:

  • Reliable mechanisms and quality assembly;
  • A wide range of functions;
  • A wide range of drinks and the ability to create any recipe “manually”;
  • Reduced power consumption.


KrupsKrups is an old German manufacturer which specializes in the creation of quality coffee machines and coffee makers. Krups was founded in 1846, although the first electric coffee machine was manufactured in 1961. The brand produces more than 30 models, from inexpensive mini coffee machines to professional “super machines” of premium class. Krups brand is also known for the creation of Dolce Gusto capsule coffee makers, which were developed together with Nestle.

Krups coffee machines stand out:

  • Easy automatic cleaning (service cleaning needs to be done no more than 2-3 times a year);
  • A wide range of coffee creations (coffee machines may prepare almost all kinds of coffee drinks, although the number of customizable options is often inferior to competitors’ models);
  • Unpretentiousness in maintenance and reliability.


SpidemThe brand is a subsidiary of the Italian manufacturer Saeco, which specializes in creating mid-range and premium coffee machines. Spidem is considered one of the leaders in the list of the best brands of coffee machines for home use. The manufacturer focuses on models for home and small offices.

Despite the low price, all Spidem products are aimed at exports. They have a large number of features and often not only do not lose, but also surpass the competition. It is noteworthy that Spidem brand owns the creation of more than 30 patented technologies, which are used by other manufacturers, including the largest concerns.

The manufacturer stands out thanks to:

  • The lowest price (among all brand coffee machines);
  • Compactness and small size;
  • A large number of features and options.

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