What is a coffee break

What is a coffee break

Coffee is not just a drink, but an occasion for informal communication. No wonder that it became actively used in the organization of conferences, trainings, corporate events. So came the coffee-break, which became very popular in the business environment.

What does a coffee break mean?

Translated into Russian, a coffee break means a coffee break. The first attempt to organize such a break was taken in the US in 1936. It was an advertising campaign connected with the appearance of a new product – instant coffee. Coffee breaks have been taking place in Russia since the end of the 20th century. Today not a single long conference or presentation can do without them.

The fact is that after 2-3 hours the brain simply stops absorbing information. That’s why you need a little pause for rest and relaxation. Coffee, cold snacks and desserts just help to cheer up and gain strength, while in an informal atmosphere it is easy to make useful acquaintances.

Обслуживание кофе - брейков, фото

Rules of the event

Strict rules at the coffee break do not. However, the following recommendations can be made:

  • duration – within the range of 20-40 min;
  • frequency – every 2,5-3 hours;
  • light snacks, cold and hot drinks are necessary;
  • alcohol
  • – possible, but only at the end of the event;

  • self-service;
  • serving – the more high-ranking guests, the more refined.

And one more rule is that business matters are not discussed at the coffee break. It is customary to talk on distracted topics.

How to organize a coffee break

There are four main factors to consider when organizing a coffee break at a seminar or conference:

  1. Location.
  2. The coffee break should take place in a room near the conference hall. It is important that it is convenient to approach the tables. If there is no suitable room, it is possible to organize such a break in the hall, though it’s not always convenient, and if the schedule of meetings is dense – even in the same room, where the main event takes place.

  3. Menu
  4. – depends on the guests, from economy variant for simple office clerks to the premium for executives.

  5. Equipment and tableware. The cocktail or buffet table, a coffee machine or a coffee maker
  6. are necessary. Plastic dishes are considered bad taste in Russia, though foreigners prefer disposable tableware and portioned food in individual packages for reasons of hygiene. The availability of napkins is mandatory.

  7. Service.

Self-service without waiters and managers is welcome. Such organization of an event allows guests to stretch their legs after a long sitting, walk around the table and choose their favorite treats.

Can you organize it yourself?

The self-organization of the coffee break in the first place allows you to save money. If the venue for the event has a suitable table, there is a coffee machine, then all that remains is to order snacks and drinks.

Еда на кофе - брейке, фото

The situation is complicated by the lack of necessary furniture, tablecloths and dishes. In this case it makes sense to use the services of a catering company – it is possible that by “package deal” you can save not only time but also money. Such a company will be able to organize a coffee-break, bring the equipment and lay the tables.

If high-ranking guests are planned, it is better to contact a specialized firm at once.

Menu of a coffee break

The basis of the menu is bagged tea, instant coffee in portions, sugar, cream, and lemon to them. For sweets, we have cookies, muffins, and biscuits. The rest depends on the budget, scale and importance of the event.

Economy menu

It is the most simple and budget variant, which is chosen for ordinary office workers and participants of secondary importance negotiations. The table is set without extravagances:

  • instant coffee, tea, juices;
  • canapés;
  • candies and cookies.

На кофе - брейке


Unlike the economy variant, it is more hearty and includes:

  • coffee or capsule coffee, tea bags, water, juices;
  • chicken sandwiches, canapés with ham, cheese, fruit;
  • croissants, candy.


The highest quality and gourmet food and drinks are served at coffee breaks for particularly important or large business meetings. It is necessary to think out everything to the smallest detail, as any error threatens the businessman with loss of reputation. The VIP menu includes:

  • the best natural coffee
  • , tea, juices, water in glass bottles, morses, homemade lemonade;

  • sandwiches, meat canapes, cheese, fruit;
  • pies, mini-cakes, cookies.


The organization of an alcoholic coffee break is possible. However, it is either semi-formal or alcohol is postponed until the final part of the event, when all the important information has already been announced. The menu is suitable traditional with the addition of table wines and hot appetizers.

Organization of a coffee-break in Moscow

You can order a coffee break in Moscow in one of the catering companies. The price depends on the chosen menu and package of services.

Catering Tim offers 2 options. For cases where the necessary furniture is available and waiters are not required:

  1. Economy” package, 190 rubles for 1 person – only small appetizers without drinks.
  2. “Light”, 390 rubles for 1 person – snacks, tea, americano


There are also 2 packages which include furniture and equipment rent, table setting with porcelain and glass, room decoration, waiters’ service:

  1. “Standard”, 590 rubles for 1 person – sandwiches, pastries, muffins, mini croissants, cookies, tea, water, Americano coffee.
  2. “Business”, 890 rubles for 1 person – the same plus fruit, juices, premium tea.

Catering company Ministerstvo offers 3 menu options (the cost of a coffee break for 1 person includes logistics, service and equipment rental):

  • 950 rubles for 1 person: mini sandwiches, homemade pastries, water and espresso
  • ;

  • 1300 rubles for 1 person: the same, plus fruit and juices;
  • 1600 rubles for 1 person: mini croissants with blue cheese, roast beef are added.

If for the guests a coffee-break is an opportunity to have a rest and to communicate with each other, the company-organizer’s image depends on it. That’s why it’s important to decide not only on the menu, but also to take care in advance about the inventory and equipment.

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