What is freeze-dried coffee and how is it better than plain instant coffee?

What is freeze-dried coffee and how is it better than plain instant coffee?

It’s no secret that a natural drink made from ground grains is considered the best. But when there is a need to choose a quick alternative, it should definitely be a freeze-dried product. In favor of this coffee are its quality, taste and aroma.

Features of freeze-dried coffee

The difference of freeze-dried coffee from other types of instant coffee is the use of advanced processing technology. This technique is called freeze dried, which means “freeze drying”.

Технология создания

Freeze dried coffee differs from granulated coffee in appearance. The particles are light brown in color and are shaped like shards of a thin plate or pyramid. The pellets appear very dense and hard, but dissolve quickly and evenly when exposed to boiling water. Sublimate is of higher quality and therefore more expensive than other types of coffee.

From History

The very possibility of sublimating substances was discovered in 1906. The French biophysicist Jacques-Arsin D’Arsnoval was credited with the discovery. Studies have shown that cooling and low pressure cause moisture to evaporate quickly. In a vacuum, however, the liquid disappears almost instantly. And, as usual, the scientific discovery immediately found application in the army.

Only in the post-war years they decided to apply the innovative technology in the food industry. American researchers determined that freezing allows products to retain the maximum useful composition. This was followed by many years of experiments by Nestle to implement the know-how in the coffee industry.

The experiments with sublimation of coffee only succeeded in 1965. So the first can of Nescafe Gold saw the light of day. All coffee factories rushed to adopt the innovation. At the end of the 80s, freeze-drying was producing about half of the world’s coffee.

A tour of the production facility

From the moment the raw material arrives at the factory to the packaging of the finished product, it is a long and laborious process. The initial stage is no different from making pellets and powder. Raw coffee beans are roasted and very finely ground. The powder is then poured with hot water to obtain the concentrate. The intermediate product is thoroughly boiled for 2 to 3 hours in sealed vessels. With the help of steam extraction equipment coffee oil is extracted from the raw material.

Как делают кофейное масло

At the next stage, freeze-dried coffee is made directly. The grounds are placed in a column with a powerful freezer. The concentrate must freeze instantly to preserve its properties. Next, vacuum action quickly removes moisture from the crystals. Next, the technique crushes the irregular pieces, achieving the desired shapes and sizes. Now the previously extracted oil is added to the pellets for flavor and aroma.

Sublimation generally does not use chemical odor and flavor enhancers. There is no need for this due to the peculiarities of the processing.

Comparison with other types of instant coffee

The difference between plain instant and freeze-dried coffee is mainly in the processing technology. Just like fruits and vegetables, coffee concentrate during freezing well preserves its aroma, flavor and useful properties. That is why the factories buy selected Arabica beans for the expensive brands.

Some manufacturers of powder and pellets indicate the use of elite grains as a raw material. This is nothing more than an advertising ploy. Budget fast drinks are made from sorted “substandard” raw materials.

Poor-quality raw materials are only one disadvantage of the composition of inexpensive coffee. Even more important is the presence of flavorings, stabilizers, coloring agents and flavor enhancers in powdered and pelleted beverages. The beans lose their properties on the assembly line, and they must be replaced. Chemical additives are not safe for your health.

Definitely, freeze dried coffee is better than pelleted and powdered coffee. Freeze dried processing makes the instant product as close to natural as possible.

Benefits and harms

The real benefits are only found in natural fruit. But freeze-drying allows you to preserve at least a small fraction of the unique composition of the grains. Some of the vitamins and trace elements do not have time to evaporate on the factory line. Freeze-dried fruit has a small dose of vitamins PP and B2, iron, phosphorus, calcium and sodium.

Кофе с ложкой

Such a composition beneficial effect on brain function, the digestive organs, the strength of bone tissue. The caffeine content is optimal for toning up and stimulating brain activity. A cup of freeze-dried coffee will instantly ensure vigor and improved mood.

The main areas of risk when drinking instant coffee are the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract. One-time consumption of a quick drink is not dangerous. But if a favorite invigorating drink is freeze-dried coffee, then you should limit its intake.

Three cups – this is the maximum that can be afforded in a day. Even more important – do not drink coffee on an empty stomach!

Excessive consumption of the drink is fraught with tachycardia, nervousness, high blood pressure and insomnia. Steady intake of coffee on an empty stomach leads to complex gastrointestinal diseases.

Which one to choose

Coming to the store for a product freeze dried for the first time, you should consider these points:

  • the best conditions for storage
  • is an airtight glass jar;

  • the label “100% freeze dried coffee” is a good sign;
  • if the pellets are visually the same size, it is a quality product;
  • foreign impurities and powder spillage at the bottom of the can – a strong argument to pass by;
  • coffee also has an expiration date. And the shorter it is, the less in the composition of harmful additives.

Expensive drinks are made only of the Arabica variety. Such granules dissolve better, have no sediment, and taste much better. And the caffeine content

in Arabica is much lower than in budget Robusta.


The producer is one of the main selection criteria. If the personal “favorite” is not defined yet, you can look for it in the rating of the best brands of freeze-dried coffee. Critics’ opinions and consumer preferences intersect in several brands with worldwide reputation: Egoiste, Bushido, Taster’s Choice, Arabica, Carte Noire. These are the best that the “frozen” pellet market has to offer.

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