12 reasons to buy a coffee machine

12 reasons to buy a coffee machine

“To buy or not to buy?” – is the most predictable beginning of this article. So down to business: 12 reasons why you should buy a coffee machine at home.

When the morning has started and you haven’t yet

Coffee is, after all, synonymous with vigor. What’s the aroma: the mere memory of it shakes you up pleasantly. In the morning, when all your energy is spent opening your eyes and walking a couple of steps to the kitchen, the last thing you want to do is fumble with the pot.

The same is true for deep owls who spend their nights on projects and writing: just to get through the night. An automatic coffee machine will do it all by itself, all you have to do is press the right button.

When life is on the run

This automation not only makes you feel lazy and alert, it also saves time. Making coffee for 10 minutes every morning? That’s almost an hour a week, 4 hours a month, 50 hours a year, seriously?

A coffee machine would speed up the process by a factor of 20: those 10 minutes would stretch out over a month. The end result is two hours of coffee brewing a year and the enjoyment of the forty-eight saved.

If you want to be healthy

Speaking of speed, it’s impossible not to mention the benefits of natural coffee. Like many things that really work: a little is an elixir and a lot is poison, caffeine has that very limit – 300 mg per day. And that, by the way, is 10 classic espressos or 5 double espressos. A latte or cappuccino is three servings.

Домашняя кофемашина, фото

First we make sure that coffee is not contraindicated (hypertension, etc.), then we drink it correctly: in quality, quantity and with water, which reduces the production of hydrochloric acid, reduces pressure and washes the tooth enamel. Now we get the pros:

  • reduced risk of atherosclerosis, liver cancer, Parkinson’s, diabetes and cardiovascular disease;
  • relief of alcoholic pancreatitis, hypotension;
  • improvement in cerebral circulation, concentration, mood;
  • even from inhaling the odor – production of pleasure hormones.

The list of beneficial properties of natural coffee is far from complete. And you are still in doubt, should you buy a coffee machine at home?

To keep up with the times..

… and not just to save money. You know why some coffee machines are so expensive? It’s because they’re not much more sophisticated than an airplane dashboard. Depending on the model of the machine:

  • is equipped with water filters and indicators of everything it does and where it breaks down;
  • adjusts the strength, grind
  • and dosage;

  • contains its own and remembers new recipes;
  • can make coffee by fingerprints (recognizes family members with their preferences);
  • draws water from the mains itself;
  • automatically turns off and lights up;
  • heats cups;
  • cleans itself;
  • what’s more, it can be controlled by a smartphone from any distance.

Управление кофемашиной, фото

All in all, a great way to touch the future, take a mental ride in the benefits of civilization and understand if you need a coffee machine at home.

Learning to understand coffee

When did your surroundings, including the youngest ones, have time to learn all those “macchiatas” and “maroches” and you get left out?

So, if the embarrassment has reached the limit due to the ever-rolling eyes of friends and mockingly depressed smiles of baristas. If the paralysis of the brain at the question “Do you want a regular Corretto or Irish?” interferes with life. If you finally want to know how to taste and choose your favorite coffee, or even learn how to make all these wonders – it’s time to buy a coffee machine.

Even with superficial use, getting pumped on the coffee theme is inevitable. The machine will teach you something with every push of a button. Owning such a miracle barista pushes to learn and try all possible recipes for coffee, to come up with new ones. To shine in familiar or not so familiar surroundings is definitely something to do.

To be smartly corrected that “not a coffee maker.”

“Put” not “lay”, accordion not accordion, coffeemaker not coffeemaker. Qualitative differences of the first give you the right with an important, proud look and a note of affectation in his voice to teach everyone who enters, they say, “different coffee machines to us far away.

Don’t be afraid to overdo it – both devices live up to their name. Even if it refers to coffee makers as a pressure cooker or a teapot, the machine will make everything for you, except for putting the coffee in And how much coffee it will make – no carafe could ever dream of.

To impress a girl

Кофемашина в доме, фото

The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. And also through the knowledge that you are the owner of such a weighty machine (coffee machine, actually), a fine connoisseur and gourmet, as well as – through the contemplation of you, so smart and manly, at the “steering wheel” of this sophisticated machine.

The woman is impressed, anchored through the stomach. Oh, how many wonderful discoveries your coffee machine prepares him! Beginning with well-known, favorite sweet-tooth beverages, to unusual tastes of manufacturers and your own refinements.

Even capsule machines have an impressive menu of ladies’ tastes: cocoa, milkshakes, teas with herbs, spices and fruits. And the grain machine, which lets you load and turn anything into a drink, is just the canvas for experimentation.

To brew coffee in front of anyone

At any given time, everyone has that person. Also a story about the impression, but more responsible. A potential partner coming to visit, a sponsor? A classmate, whose boastful tales of a life of ease are long overdue?

Given the guest, who for some reason has to demonstrate your sophistication and coffee knowledge, the right person can properly impress the presence of a coffee machine. Even just the sheer size and impressive aesthetics. Assure them that you have money, to put it simply.

You can brag about even the most inexpensive coffee machine. For example, not the most profitable, but the most comfortable and presentable of the cheapest – Tassimo capsule type: around 3000 p. – easily.

Домашняя капсульная кофемашина, фото

The most sophisticated, worthy of attention, envy and their price, but, meanwhile, absolutely recoupable – grain coffee machines. The effect is achieved starting from 10,000 rubles, but in general – 30000-50000 rubles for “diamonds”, including the usual “Bosch” and “Philips”. Or “Delongi” and “Saeko”: 150,000 p. – And the guest is defeated.

To make up your mind at last, is coffee a miracle, or is it a buzz?

To acquire a machine, to be trained in the “subject” can be for anyone. But the main person for whom it is worth doing it, – you.

There can be no reason not to buy a coffee machine: even if you’re conservative in your choice of coffee, have established tastes, know the subject and do not want to delve deeper. You’ll quickly become convinced that coffee tastes better in a coffee machine, you’ll make a lot of discoveries, reconsider a lot of things, and try as much delicious, unusual, natural coffee as it should be. And you’ll always thank yourself for it.

To stop arguing over dishwashing

“Rock-paper-scissors?” Washing the turkey or coffee maker as punishment for anything? Just a scandal after every coffee drink? Forget it. Coffee machines are basically washed less often, and many have the process automatic. And it’s not about affecting cost.

The most common is with complex machines with different nozzles, functions, and drink variation – washing every 7-10 servings. And that, by the way, is 6 coffee drinks without nerves.

What “as they have” or the morning does not begin with coffee

Pleasing the gourmet self, pleasing the aesthete self. Or a child: when you watch a Hollywood movie and it turns into a childhood dream. And not necessarily a childhood dream.

…Early morning, a cozy kitchen, one touch and the noble sound of grinding caresses the ear, the nose the penetrating aroma, the eye the magnificent view, which is enhanced by the intricate shapes of the machine, the equipment, the built-ins, for example.

Next, a shower, a jog, a fresh newspaper on the porch, a healthy breakfast. And it’s all before the work day, as you remember. How can you not save the world or run a mega-corporation with such a start to the day.

The perfect, most proper morning doesn’t start with coffee. It starts with the perfect coffee machine.

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