5 ways to brew natural coffee without a coffee pot

5 ways to brew natural coffee without a coffee pot

We are all spoiled with the comforts of home. A cheerful morning is provided by a coffee machine or a fragrant, expensive brew… But what if you don’t have a machine or a jazz brewer to hand? This is not a reason to refuse your favorite cup! Take note of a few ways to brew coffee without a brew pot at home. What if you find yourself in a similar “extreme” situation?

Alternatives to the Turmeric

Why is this exotic vessel, invented centuries ago, still considered ideal for making coffee? The reason is the shape and material. The jug is wide-bottomed and tapered towards the top. This prevents water from boiling over before the water forms a really big foam. All bubbles accumulate in the narrow upper part. In addition, the wide neck would release most of the essential oils and therefore the flavor and aroma during boiling.

The material is selected on the basis of two main criteria: optimal thermal conductivity and the absence of harmful chemical reactions with the components of the grain. Let’s remember what jesters are made of, and the alternatives are immediately apparent. The main materials are copper, ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel, clay. That is, you can replace the brewpot with any home vessel of similar material.

If you have options, aluminum and stainless steel are best not used for brewing. The former slightly changes the taste of the coffee, releasing vapors. The second one heats unevenly, the contents may burn.

That leaves copper, ceramic and clay. In any kitchen, you will find small-diameter cookware of at least one material. If you happen to have a silver mug hidden in your cupboard, use only that! The highest quality and most expensive “coffee pots” are silver.

Making Coffee in a Homemade Utensil

If you follow the proportions and recipe, you can make ground coffee without a turkey and coffee maker, almost as good as traditional coffee.


Сварить кофе без турки, фото

The main advantage of the ladle is the presence of a long handle, like a jesvah. This is very convenient for quickly removing it from the fire. If you do not have a ladle, you can use a mug or even a small pot. Brass vessels are rare; choose from homemade metal or earthenware utensils.

Since the utensils at hand are not as good as the originals, it is better to make coffee with a fine grind. The intense extraction makes the beverage richer.

Warm up a little ladle on the fire. Pour 2-3 teaspoons of ground coffee (the dose increases for brightness of taste), a few crystals of salt, sugar to taste. Mix the ingredients, add 100-120 ml of drinking water. Now the ladle (mug, pot) is put on minimum heat, waiting for a beautiful foam. The main condition is to remove from the stove as soon as the cap has risen well.

The hardest part is properly and deliciously brewing coffee in a pot on the stove, if you can’t find a ladle or mug. The pot has too much evaporation area. Therefore, at the first stage of brewing it should be covered with a lid. Then the flavor will not have time to escape. It should be removed when the foam starts to rise. A transparent lid is ideal.


Кофе в микроволновке, фото

This alternative way of brewing is applicable both at home and in the office. In a ceramic or glass cup pour 1.5-2 tsp. grinded grain. Water should be added to 2/3 of the cup. Turn on the microwave for 5 minutes at 400-600 watts. While brewing coffee in the microwave, do not leave the “post”!

When the cap rises, turn off the microwave. The transparent mug will be visible better, and the drink won’t have time to boil unnoticed. To brew a homemade espresso, after a short pause, turn on the oven for another half a minute.

Important condition: metal containers, ceramics with gilding, plastic and paper cups should not be placed in the microwave!

Handkerchief Method

Handkerchief should not be taken literally, it is a last resort for camping conditions. At home, gauze or thin cloth will do. The fact that you can make ground coffee with boiling water in a cup is common knowledge. But we will tell you how to avoid the most unpleasant thing – floating grains.

Cover the mug with the cloth, slightly sink the center with your finger for a notch. Strengthen the edges of the handkerchief with clothespins. Pour a portion of crushed grains into the notch. Now pour boiling water so as to cover the powder. In about 30 seconds add water until the mug is full. Remove the clamps, gather the edges of the cloth, lightly squeeze them with a spoon. The hiking coffee is ready, and no grits on the tongue!

French Press

5 ways to brew natural coffee without a coffee pot

Usually tea is made in a French press, but it was originally invented to brew coffee. The result is the perfect homemade “filter” or Americano. The French press needs to be thoroughly cleaned of the brew. Boil water for one and a half volumes of the vessel. To prevent glass cracking, you must treat the walls of the vessel with boiling water. Now you can pour the coffee (one and a half spoons per serving), if desired, add spices.

On top slowly pour hot water (100 ml per cup) in a circular motion. In the process of brewing, foam will begin to appear. Immediately lift the piston so that it does not touch the top. The cylinder is covered with a lid for 5 minutes. The coffee is brewed, it’s time to gently lower the piston to remove the grounds.


Кофе в термосе, фото

Thanks to the tightness of the thermos, you can quickly brew a fragrant, rich coffee. Preferably, the neck should be wide, otherwise it will be clogged with grounds. Rinse the thermos with boiling water. Closed space – ideal conditions for fast extraction. Therefore, the proportion here will be less – only a spoonful of powder per 200 ml of hot liquid. Pouring the coffee, you need to let it breathe for a minute, then cork the thermos. Literally 3-4 minutes later you will have a fragrant, delicious drink.

One of the best methods to make coffee beans at home is a French press. If you don’t have such a device at home, resort to any of the above options. Either one wins over an instant beverage.

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