A small coffee machine for the home

A small coffee machine for the home

When choosing a coffee machine one of the important criteria is the size of the device. Often it is this condition that becomes the main one. Especially when it comes to installation in an apartment or a small office, where available space is severely limited. In that case, a small coffee machine for home will be the ideal solution. Many manufacturers produce a whole line of compact devices that are in no way inferior to large-sized models.

Features of compact devices

The stereotype that a small coffee machine will be inherently inferior to a large-sized version is wrong in most cases. The size of the body has no direct correlation with functionality. The only exception is the “superautomatic” professional type. Given their capabilities, it is technically impossible to fit such machines into a small case.

The size of a coffee machine for the home usually varies in the range:

  • width – 23 to 25 cm;
  • height – 32 to 40 cm;
  • depth – at least 40 cm.

Кофемашина для дома, фото

The narrowest models have a width of 19 to 21 cm, but manufacturers often compensate for this with greater depth, which can be considered a disadvantage. Moreover, even small coffee machines for home use will require space at the top or side (only when the container with used brews or other compartments open to the side).

The only significant disadvantage you’ll have to “pay” for the reduced size of the device is the small capacity. Compact home cereal coffee machines often have smaller tanks for coffee beans, water or milk, although this depends on the manufacturer.

The most popular models

The small coffee machine category doesn’t include many devices, although almost every brand has a compact series. Some of them, despite their small size, are in the “premium” category, with a price tag of more than $1,000 to $1,500.

Philips HD8827/09

Philips HD8827/09, фотоThis inexpensive, inexpensive mini grain coffee machine for the home is in high demand. Not only does it have a small body, but it is also one of the cheapest models on the market.

Despite the price, the device has a number of significant advantages:

  • ceramic grindstones of the grinder and 5 degrees of grinding
  • ;

  • large tank for beans (250 grams);
  • self-cleaning and water filtration system;
  • the ability to cook two drinks at the same time.

The only disadvantages are the manual cappuccinator and a modest control panel. Approximate price – from 27000 to 29000 r.

DeLonghi ETAM 29.660.SB

DeLonghi ETAM 29.660.SB, фотоThis is a compact home coffee machine with an automatic cappuccinator from the Autentica series. It has an impressive functionality despite its small size. It is only 19.5 cm wide and 34 cm deep (much smaller than other coffee machines). Nevertheless, the compactness of the Italian brand makes up for the height of 48 cm.

Some of the main pluses include:

  • automatic cappuccinator with a built-in (removable) milk tank and foam thickness regulator;
  • a wide range of drinks;
  • the use of both beans and ground coffee;
  • cup holder;
  • grinder with 13 grind levels;
  • personalization function to save your own recipes.

This model has a full set of features, and the only disadvantage can be considered the price of 53-54 thousand rubles.

The manufacturer also has a junior model from the same series DeLonghi ETAM 29.510.B. It is identical to the 29.660.SB in functions, but has a manual cappuccinator instead of an automatic one. The cost of such a coffee machine is 39-40 thousand rubles.

DeLonghi ETAM 36.364.M

DeLonghi ETAM 36.364.M, фотоDespite its small size, this “super automatic” is a representative of the premium category PrimaDonna XS De Luxe. It can cook all types of drinks and has a full set of features.

The main advantages are:

  • metal body;
  • millstone with 13 degrees of grinding;
  • automatic cappuccinator with foam
  • regulator;

  • built-in tank for milk (removable tank);
  • adjustment of temperature, strength and amount of liquid in a batch.

With a width of 20 cm and a height of 32 cm it has only one disadvantage – the depth of 50 cm. The cost of the coffee machine – 99-100 thousand rubles.

Saeco SM5572/10

Although the device is not one of the smallest coffee machines for coffee beans, the Saeco has a very small size. Perfect for a small office or home.

It has a number of significant advantages:

  • ability to prepare 13 different drinks;
  • built-in coffee grinder with ceramic millstones and 12 grinding levels;
  • personalization with 4 different profiles;
  • automatic cappuccinator and removable milk jug;
  • advanced cleaning system.

A conditional disadvantage can be considered its cost – from 75000 to 99000 rubles.

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