Advantages of an office with a coffee machine

Advantages of an office with a coffee machine

Coffee, for the office worker, is the indispensable engine of the work process. How can you work without coffee? According to statistics, the overwhelming majority of office workers drink several cups of coffee during a working day – both during breaks and during labor feats at the computer table. Coffee stimulates the brain, invigorates, and makes life more pleasant…

That is why the majority of offices have an electric kettle for making instant coffee or a coffee maker for natural coffee. Employees in offices with coffee makers, of course, are much happier and more efficient. But how they envy their colleagues who have a coffee machine for the office!
The benefits of a coffee machine for the office are enormous:

Turnkey coffee preparation – from grinding to pouring into a pot – speeds up the process significantly, allowing employees to spend less time on this necessary but distracting task;
Natural coffee is healthier for the body and better stimulates performance;
Coffee with milk is one of the best ways to cope with both fatigue and hunger, which is important for an active office work organization;
Espresso is a great brainstorming dope;
You can not run during lunch to the next cafe to drink your favorite ristretto, macchiato, latte or cappuccino.

Finally, buying a coffee machine in the office will allow employees to choose a drink to their taste. After all, everyone has his own preferences. Someone likes it stronger, someone likes it weaker, accountant stimulates his brain with a dose of ristretto, chief prefers cappuccino… There is a coffee machine – everyone is happy.

By the way, an important argument in buying an office coffee machine is taking care about the company’s reputation and improving the level of service you provide to your clients, business partners and other visitors. A cup of your favorite coffee – and the client becomes friendlier, the partner – more agreeable. Negotiations become more successful. A cappuccino, latte, lungo, macchiato or perhaps a classic espresso? How much it means to establish a positive atmosphere in the office such a seemingly small thing as a cup of properly prepared natural coffee!

Of course, buying a coffee machine in the office isn’t a bad solution either. But compared to the coffee machine, this option also has its disadvantages:

Increases the time employees spend making coffee;
About the variety of coffee drinks can be forgotten;
There is usually a queue of thirsty people at the coffee machine.

If there is a coffee machine in the recreation corner, the office will be happier. And the employees’ efficiency will increase. And loyalty to the company will increase. In this case, the cost of a coffee machine is not too high even for the average office.
So what model to choose if you need a coffee machine in the office?

We recommend that you consider the following points:

The boiler must meet the staff of the company or department – especially if the coffee machine will be used by more than twenty people;
It is advantageous to choose a model for the office, which is connected to the water supply;
It is better to choose an energy-saving model;
Low noise level of the coffee machine during operation is relevant;
To speed up the coffee-making process, choose a model with an “instant steam” system;
For a quick cappuccino and espresso experience, buy a dual boiler model;
Ideal for the office is a model with maximum automation of the process, so the employees spend less time hanging out near the coffee machine.

The office worker becomes happier and more efficient at the push of a button. And all it takes is a coffee machine in the office!

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