Are coffee and medications compatible?

Are coffee and medications compatible?

There are situations when it is necessary to give up your favorite drink for a while, for example, during treatment. Coffee and medication should not be taken at the same time, such a combination can be harmful to health.

Can I take my medicine with coffee?

Natural coffee contains too many active ingredients, so it is not suitable for taking pills with it. Caffeine, chlorogenic acid and essential oils interacting with the medication can enhance or weaken its effect, and the treatment will be ineffective or even dangerous. Nothing is better than pure drinking water in this case.

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Some medications are recommended with milk, but a milk-coffee shake will not do.

Coffee interacts differently with differently acting medications. In the best case, this combination makes taking pills useless, and in the worst case can lead to serious consequences.


The lack of compatibility of coffee and antibiotics is due to the diuretic effect of caffeine. All substances, including those contained in the drug, leave the body faster. The drug in a short time does not have time to act on the causative agent. Germs become accustomed to the low concentration of antibiotic in the blood, and a stronger drug is required for further treatment.

In the presence of penicillin and penicillin-based drugs (Amoxiclav, Flemoxin Solutab, etc.), caffeine is more slowly broken down and is present in the blood for several hours longer. Tachycardia, headache, irritability may occur.

You can drink coffee while taking antibiotics, but not before 4 hours. Allow a mild drink without grounds (it has more caffeine).


If you chug espresso pills, the hormone concentration in your blood will not reach the right level. You should not wash down the tablets with coffee, especially if they are prescribed once a day in the morning. The laxative effect of caffeine on an empty stomach will make the morning medication useless. This also applies to oral contraceptives.

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The effect of sedatives and sleeping pills is completely suppressed by caffeine. The combination of sedatives and tonic drinks has a devastating effect on the nervous system. The brain will be like a person being pulled in different directions by his hands. During a course of Phenibut, Pantogam, Novo-passit or Tenoten any coffee drinks should be refused.


If you drink a tablet of painkillers with a cup of espresso, the liver is at risk. The toxic effect of the already aggressive aspirin is greatly enhanced, and with frequent use, this combination can seriously screw up a vital organ.

You can wash down the tablets with coffee if you need a quick effect and long-lasting action. A single use in an emergency is allowed.

During a migraine, you can drink coffee after the pills – a small cup of espresso 40 minutes after the No-Spa medicine. This combination will relieve the spasm, improve blood flow to the brain, and the pain will go away.

Regulating Blood Pressure

Hypotensives often start the day with a cup of strong espresso to get their blood pressure up. But if you take a pill of piracetam or tincture of eleutherococcus with an invigorating drink, the blood pressure monitor may show too high a reading.

Hypertensives also should not wash down drugs with an invigorating drink: drugs Lorista, Nifedipine, Enalapril and the like dilate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure, and caffeine, on the contrary. Such a “conflict” will damage both the heart and blood vessels.

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At any problems with pressure the combination “pill + coffee” is inadmissible.

Containing caffeine

Caffeine is part of dozens of drugs that have analgesic, warming, tonic, psychostimulating effect. Among them, the most famous are Panadol, Pentalgin, Rinza, Citramon. The pharmacological form of this alkoloid should not be combined with a natural substance to prevent a dangerous overdose.


Caffeine impairs the absorption of vitamins and micronutrients from food and pharmacy forms many times over. This is due to the diverse composition of coffee beans and the diuretic effect of the drink. Vitamin dragee, if you drink it with coffee, will not do any harm, but there will be no benefit from it either.

Medicinal herbs

Phytotherapy does not allow for accurate doses of the active ingredient, but medicinal gatherings are often used as a complementary treatment. Natural coffee, encountering the active ingredient of natural origin, can have unpredictable effects on a person’s condition. As in the case of pills, a time interval of at least 4-5 hours should be observed.

The ban on coffee drinks during treatment is relevant not only when using pills. If antibiotic injections are prescribed, you should also refrain from your favorite espresso.

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