Bad breath after drinking coffee

Bad breath after drinking coffee

Have you ever noticed how, after a break at work, your coworkers tactfully pull away from you, trying to deflect from your breath?


Many wonder why this happens. “After all, I brush my teeth regularly, visit the dentist, watch my gums. And no one’s ever talked about the smell.”

And it could be the usual coffee that you drank at lunch. Probably a large cup, and with sugar.
Coffee and bad breath are directly related. But how can such a delicious and flavorful drink leave such an unpleasant aftertaste?

Caffeine is to blame.

If you drink coffee regularly, you know why you do it. Caffeine stimulates your brain, curing you of your morning sleepiness.

However, it has several side effects, including dry mouth.

It is what causes bad breath.

That’s because when your mouth dries out, it becomes a great breeding ground for bacteria.
The mucosa needs moisture, whether it’s water or natural saliva. Otherwise, the bacteria that cause bad breath will “stick” to your tongue and teeth.

Naturally, the more caffeine in your morning drink, the worse your “coffee” breath will be.
By the way, contrary to popular belief, the stronger the coffee, the less caffeine it contains. This is because the coffee beans take longer to roast.

But espresso served in highly concentrated doses will still dry out your mouth, too.
What about decaffeinated coffee?

A little bit of this substance is still present. Even though such coffee contains significantly less caffeine, it still causes dry mouth. And as a consequence, an unpleasant odor.

Bacteria in the mouth like sugar.

They feed on the sugar and protein in the syrups and milk you add to your drink. The sweeter the coffee, the stronger the bacteria and smell will be.

So what, don’t drink coffee?

No, of course not. Just take a toothbrush to the office and brush your teeth and tongue. Use toothpaste without a lot of mint so as not to irritate your mucosa.

Drink plenty of water. If you can create the right hydration, provoke the secretion of saliva, the fight against odor will also be successful.

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