Bosch Coffee Machines

Bosch Coffee Machines

Bosch emphasizes simplicity and convenience

The production of coffee machines and coffee makers is one of the activities of the world-famous company Bosch, which traces its history back to 1886. Continuous implementation of know-how and guaranteed reliability of home appliances have earned the brand fame in dozens of countries around the world.

In the production of coffee machines and coffee machines Bosch is made with an emphasis on maximum ease and convenience in the preparation of your favorite drink, on high reliability and easy care appliances. An example of this is the Bosch Benvenuto line of coffee machines with the integrated Single portion cleaning function. This system provides an automatic rinse after every coffee beverage made, every time the machine is turned on, before the beverage is prepared and at the end of the operation.

A Bosch coffee machine is also a guarantee of delicious aroma and a unique richness of flavor. Models with the Aroma whirl system plus pre-moisten the coffee powder, so that it releases more flavor and aroma when brewed.

For lovers of delicious cappuccino, we recommend models with the Milk whirl system.

Most brand coffee machines allow you to vary the parameters of your favorite drink on 10 to 15 parameters. You set the temperature, strength, portion size and other parameters to make Bosch the perfect coffee for you.

Some models are so smart that they can independently study the characteristics of coffee beans and analyze their moisture content, the percentage of essential oils and to determine the size. Based on the information obtained such a model itself chooses the optimal mass of coffee beans, which is necessary for making the perfect beverage to your liking. An example of such a smart coffee machine is the Bosch VeroBar AromaPro 300.

Do you need a compact model? Some Bosch models are only 26 to 30 cm wide, so you can fit it even in a small kitchen.

Connoisseurs of ergonomics and compactness will be pleased with built-in Bosch coffee machine. This model will fit perfectly into your interior and modestly take its place in the kitchen set.

Or maybe you want to have a coffee machine that can make two cups of coffee at once? Agree, it’s convenient for couples in love, who are used to drink coffee one-on-one in the morning! So, choose a Bosch coffee machine with two dispensers. For example, some models not only allow you to make two drinks at the same time, but also to adjust the volume of each – if, for example, you prefer to drink coffee from a small cup, and your date – from a large cup.

A handy function that many Bosch coffee machines are equipped with is cup warming. The Zero Energy Auto-Off function is extremely convenient. It is useful to choose models that know how to save energy.

Bosch coffee machines are controlled by means of a symbolic or dialog display, and among the languages of communication you can choose Russian.

If you can afford to spend a modest amount of money on your home appliances, look no further than Bosch coffee makers. These compact, easy to clean models make excellent coffee and cost from 800 to 2,000 rubles. They are extremely easy to operate, so they can be given to people who avoid using complex appliances. The small size is a particular advantage. A miniature Bosch coffee maker will take up very little space in your kitchen or office.

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