Cappuccino or coffee beans machine, which is better

Cappuccino or coffee beans machine, which is better

Choosing appliances is always a balance between price, comfort and extra features. Let’s find it with capsule and coffee beans machines.


In brief, a grain coffee machine is like a laser printer: expensive, but you can make the most budget coffee. Capsule, in contrast to the “normal” coffee machine is like an inkjet: cheap, but capsules then more than catch up with the cost of a grain coffee machine.


Coffee makers are divided by types of capsule systems and each is made by several companies. Moreover, the forms of capsules for the systems are almost always different: a kind of “coffee slavery” forces you to choose not so much from the coffee machines themselves, but from the range of costs and flavors of capsules for them.

Кофе для капсульной машины

With all this in mind, the price spread of capsule machines is enormous, so it’s most obvious to go over the basic systems.

  1. Nespresso.
  2. From 5,000 to 45,000 p. per machine. And a lot – for native capsules (40-50 rubles./pc), which are sold only in the original stores. But Nespresso is a record-breaker for alternative capsules. For example, the company Cafe Royal, Julius Meinl, Coffesso, Oquendo, Porto Rosso, domestic “Moscow Coffee Shares” sell them for 15-40 p.

  3. Dolce Gusto.
  4. 4000-20000 r coffee machine. Capsules 18-25 p., a drink with chocolate or milk costs up to 50 rubles per cup.

  5. Tassimo.
  6. Probably the most affordable – 3000-9000 p. But capsules are 25-35 p., and milk “luxuries” are twice as expensive.

  7. Cremesso.
  8. Rare but worthwhile system. From 5000 to 20,000 p., plus about 30 p. per cup of coffee.

  9. Caffitaly System.
  10. Prices range from 8000 to 20,000 p., the company – its own line of capsules Ecaffe, at 30-35 p. Alternative capsules are not much cheaper and in fact complement the original flavors, such as Tchibo or Espresso Club.

  11. Bialetti.

Perhaps the most distinguished – by design, quality; 10000-20000 p, on frequent promotions it is possible to find a machine for 5000 p. Capsules only native – 18-32 p. apiece.

The cost of household capsule-type coffee machines starts at 3000 p., on sales – even cheaper. For many people the low price is the main argument that a capsule coffee machine is better than a coffee bean. At the same time, the cost of some professional models can easily reach 100000 p.


They can also be simple or sophisticated – with a selector for beans, functions like self-switching off, and settings from your smartphone.

Ароматный кофе из зерен

The average cost of a decent set – 40000 rubles, the simplest – up to 10000 rubles. A cup of coffee is half the price of a capsule coffee – about 10 rubles.


Prices for the top coffee bean coffee machines from well-known manufacturers:

  • Delonghi ECAM – 45,000-140,000 p;
  • Saeco – 40000-150000 p.;
  • Bosch – 50000 p.;
  • Philips – 40000-52000 p.;
  • Melitta Caffeo Solo – 32000 p.;
  • Redmond – 10,000 p;
  • Krups – 35000-40000 p.

Basically, both capsule and grain coffee machines can be found for any purse, the main thing is to choose the most comfortable one.


This is probably the “widest” criterion. Quality and functions of different coffee machines is simply impossible to count.

The process

A grain coffee machine pours the beans, while a capsule is loaded with water, and all you have to do is to choose a cooking program or to press the start button.

Grain can brew longer – up to 2 minutes, but the strength of coffee can be adjusted with your hands. Capsule as it is controlled in 30-50 seconds, including complex drinks, but the strength depends on the fullness of the pill and varies greatly from manufacturer.

The variety and availability of coffee beans – a big plus grain coffee machines. But capsule is easier to use, including in terms of setting, but also “poorer” in terms of functions. Grain, the more advanced, the more skills required from the owner, but it can perform a bunch of different tasks.

Size and material

The capsule machines are more compact and can be extremely tiny and shaped. Cereal ones won’t fit in a tiny kitchen or a desk – the dimensions are like an oven or a medium-sized nightstand. Any coffee machine outside can be anything – metal, plastic or even wooden, but inside – only metal, brass, otherwise the taste in the coffee will not be avoided.


Capsules are washed very rarely, and most have this function is automatic. Repair is cheaper, but because of the scale they break down more often. Cereals need to be disassembled and parts washed every 7-10 servings. Their repair is more expensive, but they are more reliable.


The higher the power, the faster the process of grinding and brewing. Ideal for capsule – from 1200 watts, for grain – up to 2000 watts. Pressure in the pump for a grain coffee machine – not less than 17 bar, for a capsule – not less than 15. The productivity of the first one is higher, but it is a priori noisier because of grinding the beans. The second one is almost noiseless with rare exceptions.

Additional functions

Depending on the model, capsule or whole grain coffee machines may be equipped with:

  • cappuccinator for different types of coffee;
  • two cups at the same time;
  • adjusting the height of the tray (for pouring into different dishes);
  • touch screen panel;
  • recipe programs with memory;
  • fault indicators;
  • auto-loading of water through the water supply;
  • lighting, heating and more.

In the end, a grain coffee machine looks more thorough, more reliable, but more complicated (as a consequence, though). Capsule – simpler, and this is not always a good thing. Fortunately, in both cases, there are models, complete to the right level.


The main advantage of coffee capsules – in tightness: they will keep the smell of freshly ground beans for 2 years. Beans, as the open packaging may protect, exhausted a couple of months.

But a coffee machine is a real “barista machine”: you can adjust the volume, the degree of grinding, temperature and pressure, milk and foam for all kinds of coffee. Some models even make milkshakes.

Вкусно и красиво

For variety, you can combine types of coffee or spice up the beans. In this respect, a simple bean machine is better than the most complete capsule coffee machine.

The taste of coffee from capsule machines is a separate story. Choosing the flavor means choosing the manufacturer. For example:

  1. Dolce Gusto – 25 flavors, 13 of which – different types of coffee, 7 – milk, 4 chocolate, chai latte with spices, cocoa
  2. . The disadvantages are only 6 grams of coffee in an espresso capsule, instead of the standard 7-9 grams, and powdered milk instead of cream.

  3. Nespresso
  4. – 26 flavors, 6 of which are decaf. 21 are espresso classics, 5 are lungo. Weight is 5 grams, but the underweight is compensated by the selected raw materials. Cream only in models with cappuccinator, no tea and chocolate.

  5. Cremesso. 11 classic coffee flavors: espresso, decaf
  6. , lungo, macchiato, 4 teas (black, with fruit, mint, herbs). There are 7 grams in a serving.

  7. Tassimo.

“Smart” machine – due to the reduced pressure of 3.3 bars, the coffee is not compressed, the taste is unusual. 14 flavors of coffee, several of them with cream, plus teas and cocoa.

As for the choice between the capsule and conventional coffee machine, the snag of the former is only tied to the range of the manufacturer. The disadvantage of the latter is the storage of beans. Freshly ground, they are just as flavorful as in capsules.

What’s the Bottom Line

If you try hard, you can find both a bean and a capsule coffee machine for the same cravings. But not for everything, so:

  • if you’re a gourmet, former/future barista, drink a lot of coffee, are too lazy to hunt for raw materials and don’t have to wash the machine; you’re not annoyed by the sound of the grinder, and have enough space, time and money to pay for quality, opt for a grain coffee maker;
  • if you do not plan to finesse with flavors, are not ready to be engaged in washing and to listen to buzzing, and to “get” periodically raw material – very much; you do not want to understand functions or to overpay for infrequent home coffee, your option – a capsule coffee machine.

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