Carob or automatic coffee machine, what to choose

Carob or automatic coffee machine, what to choose

Carob coffee makers are considered the most popular in their category. They are often compared to automated coffee machines, which have a completely different set of functions and features. Is such a comparison fair and how do you know which is better – a carob or an automatic coffee machine?

Cost and operation

The price range for each type of device is incredibly large, so you should consider the average cost for each category when making a comparison. For carob coffee makers, prices range as follows:

  • economy segment (budget models) – from 2500 to 4500 rubles;
  • standard models – from 6,000 to 11,000 rubles;
  • premium segment – 11-18 thousand.

Pricing is influenced by: quality, features, brand and other criteria. Very popular are models with a cost in the range of 7500-9000 p, as well as coffee roasting machines with a cappuccinator or a built-in container for milk (the price of such devices is 12-14 thousand).

Стильная модель из хрома

The cost of inexpensive coffee machines starts at 20,000 rubles and reaches several thousand dollars if you consider professional models. Budget devices, in the price range of 20-28 thousand, are designed for home use and small offices. In most cases, they have all the basic functions and advantages: water filtration, auto-cleaning, built-in coffee grinder and so on.

In operation, there are no particular differences between the carob coffee machine and the automatic one. The total cost of maintenance is about the same.

Convenience and functionality

On the issue of comfort and ease of coffee preparation, horn coffee machines, although they are one of the most convenient, but according to most criteria, they lose to any coffee machine. The main disadvantage – poor functionality and lack of automation of the process. That is, to make coffee you need:

  1. Grind the beans (or use ground coffee
  2. ).

  3. Fill them into the Holder.
  4. Independently perform the cleaning of the horn after each brew.

You will also have to perform manual cleaning of the milk container (if any) and the system from the scale.

Grain coffee machines not only perform the entire cycle themselves, but are also characterized by increased comfort. It manifests itself in the following features:

  • self-cleaning of containers and automatic flushing of the system;
  • advanced control and programming (delayed timers, control via smartphone, memorizing recipes
  • , adjusting the amount of water per serving);

  • availability of sensors and indicators (monitoring of temperature, water quality, steam settings, etc.).

Ease of use of a grain coffee machine is brought to the maximum, where only one press of a button is required to get coffee. In this matter, the difference between automatic and carob coffee machines is enormous. The latter, at best, can boast the presence of water level indicators, on/off, and cup heating.

Taste qualities and assortment of drinks

When it comes to the range and taste of coffee, automatic machines are significantly superior to coffee carob machines, which are designed primarily for espresso. With a cappuccinator, the range extends to cappuccino and latte, but the foam in most cases will have to be made “by hand”.

Вкусный кофе с помощью техники

Despite the fact that the principle of interaction between water and ground beans in carob coffee machines does not differ from automatic ones, the taste of coffee made in “automatic machines” is noticeably higher. This difference is due to a number of advantages:

  1. Control of water hardness and advanced filtration system.
  2. Choice of bean grind
  3. .

  4. Regulation of water temperature.
  5. Possibility to adjust the modes by yourself.

In a grain coffee machine, you can adjust everything from coffee strength to the thickness of the crema, which can not offer even the most expensive carob coffee makers.

The range of drinks in a coffee machine is also incomparably higher. They are capable of preparing all types of coffee, from espresso to ristretto, as well as any beverage containing milk. Most devices prepare from 7 to 15 kinds of coffee drinks, and with manual programming the range expands to several dozen.


Coffee machines and carob coffee makers belong to different categories. Their functionality, price and features differ significantly. Despite this, both types of devices are very popular. Therefore, for the right choice of a carob or automatic coffee machine, you should consider the main advantages of each category.

Carob coffee maker is suitable in the following cases:

  • if you drink mostly espresso;
  • for small kitchens or offices where size matters;
  • if you are on a limited budget;
  • if you don’t want to automate the process;
  • if you don’t make more than two cups at a time (or a short amount of time).

A coffee machine is suitable in cases where:

  1. If you want to automate the process of making coffee to the touch of a button.
  2. For gourmets and those who like variety.
  3. If you often drink coffee drinks
  4. containing milk.

  5. When you don’t have the time or desire to constantly clean the containers and system.
  6. When advanced process control is required.
  7. Those who want to achieve maximum coffee quality.

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