Carob or drip: which coffee maker to choose

Carob or drip: which coffee maker to choose

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you should approach the choice based on their individual preferences and peculiarities of operation. To understand which coffee maker is better, drip or carob, let’s compare both devices according to the main criteria.


Price is one of the main selection criteria. Generally speaking, the cost of carob coffee makers is higher than that of drip coffee makers.

Prices for drip coffee makers range from 1000 to 20,000 rubles. The average cost of a good drip appliance is 3,500 rubles. It is also important to consider that the cost of operating this device largely depends on the filter used in it. They come in three kinds:

  1. Paper ones. They are cheap, disposable, so no maintenance, but you will have to buy them often. The price for 1 piece is about 2 rubles.
  2. Nylon ones. Reusable, they can be used up to 60 times, very popular because of their economy.
  3. Gold. This is the most expensive, but durable variety, covered with a special protective alloy, but it needs to be cleaned periodically.

Prices for horn coffee makers are from 2,700 to 60,000 rubles. The cost depends on the amount of pressure and additional features of the device.

Thus, the drip coffee maker differs from the carob coffee maker in that it costs less, but you will need to spend money on filters. Prices for the carob models are higher, but they do not require additional consumables, except for coffee.

Convenience and ease of use


To use a carob coffee maker properly, it is important to be able to tamp the coffee powder into the carob to the desired density. If it’s loose, the water will seep in pretty quickly and the drink will not be strong. And compacting it too tightly will make it difficult for the water to pass through and eventually it can ruin the filter. You also need to know how to put the horn back in place. It is not too difficult, but it requires some skill.

It takes about 30 seconds to prepare, not including grinding and tamping. It’s worth keeping in mind that carob units are capable of making no more than two cups of coffee at a time. If you need more servings, it is better to buy a device with two horns.

In a carob coffee maker, you need to clean the filter regularly. If you have a cappuccinator, you also need to take care of it – wash it and clean it from the milk foam clogging the slots. In addition, it is necessary to remove limescale that forms from time to time.

A drip coffee maker

This appliance is quite simple and unpretentious in use. To make a drink, you only need to add coffee powder, pour water and turn on the device. Condensation droplets formed from heated water pass through the filter, saturating the coffee flavor and aroma. Each saturated drop drops into a special flask, where it accumulates a portion of coffee. Such a flask can be glass or plastic.

The brewing time is determined by the power and volume of the coffee maker. On average, a 1000 watt coffee maker requires 2 minutes for every 200 ml. Correspondingly, if the power is lower, the brewing time is slower.

It has the ability to make several servings at once, all depending on the water tank.

In the drip version of the coffee maker you need to regularly wash the container for the finished drink, clean the filter and remove limescale. If you use disposable filters, you will not have to wash them, but you will need to constantly buy them.

Another difference between a drip type coffee maker and a carob type is that the former is smaller in size, it does not take up much space in the kitchen.

Taste qualities

It is safe to say that the quality of coffee in carob units is much higher than in drip units. In a carob version, water (or steam) is pushed through under pressure, so the beverage absorbs maximum substances and turns out very tasty and aromatic.

A significant difference between a carob and a drip coffee maker is that with the latter, you can make only simple black coffee of varying concentrations, without the foam. The carob allows you to make a real espresso, as well as other espresso-based drinks (glasse, latte, cappuccino, etc.)

Рожковая кофеварка, фото

Pros and cons of both types



  • makes coffee in 30 seconds;
  • the drink is strong, rich in flavor and aroma;
  • can make espresso and other types of coffee drinks based on it;
  • low consumption of coffee.


  1. Takes up a lot of space.
  2. Costs more than a drip coffee machine.
  3. Can not brew more than two cups at a time.
  4. Requires more skill to handle it.



  • easy to use;
  • costs less;
  • it is small in size and does not take up much space;
  • you can cook many servings at once.

Капельная кофеварка, фото


  1. Less intense flavor and aroma.
  2. Makes only black coffee, no crema.
  3. High consumption of ground coffee.
  4. Brewing time of about two minutes.
  5. If the filters are disposable, they need to be replaced often.

Bottom line:

In order to understand which coffee maker to choose, drip or carob, you need to decide what kind of drink you want to get from it, how quickly and in what quantity.

A carob appliance will suit you better if you:

  • you prefer a strong and aromatic espresso, with a delicate creamy crema, which cooks quickly;
  • you want small brew sizes.

It is better to buy a drip-type device if you:

  • are a fan of black coffee with a mild taste;
  • convenience and ease of use are important to you;
  • you want to make a lot of coffee at once;
  • are not ready to buy an expensive device.

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