Carob or geyser coffee maker – which is better to choose

Carob or geyser coffee maker – which is better to choose

Increasingly, coffee lovers prefer other devices to a brew. Each device has its own features that you need to consider when choosing and buying. The difference between a carob and a geyser coffee maker in the principle of operation, maintenance, price and taste of the drink.

How it works

An espressomachine is an electric device for making espresso. It can be operated manually or automatically (coffee machines). Hot water is pumped into the coffee filter at 3 to 15 bar, saturating it with aromatic substances. The pressure is created by a boiler (up to 5 bar) or a pump (up to 15 bar).

Ageyser coffee maker, or moka, is two reservoirs with a coffee filter between them. Water is poured into the lower tank, the structure is joined tightly and put on the fire. The steam that forms when the water boils forces the boiling water upwards. The pressure forces the hot water up through the coffee powder and fills the upper bowl.

A geyser coffee maker differs from a carob coffee maker in the way it is heated: it is placed on an electric or gas stove or even on a fire. There are also electric geyser models that can be turned off automatically.

Features of operation

Robe device will significantly save the time of its owner: an invigorating drink is prepared in half a minute. Even if you add time to set up the device (heat, pour and tamp coffee, pour water), the process will take a maximum of 5 minutes. Geyser device only on the fire should stand 5-8 minutes (depending on volume). Pre-preparation (pour coffee, pour water, assemble) also takes time.

Both varieties require care and maintenance. You have to refill the coffee for each beverage, and you have to remove the grounds and wash the filter after preparation. Carob machines with a large tank can be filled with water for several servings at once. Do not leave it for more than 24 hours: espresso tastes better with fresh water.

If you cook several servings in a row, it is safer to use a coffee carob: the filter has a handle (horn) made of plastic, which does not heat up during the operation of the device. In a geyser, on the other hand, all the parts are metal, so you should unscrew it with a tack.

Both devices allow you to easily keep your kitchen clean: coffee does not spill and does not splash. In a geyser, the finished drink is in the upper closed cup and does not escape, as from the carafe. The carob is equipped with a removable drip tray.

Кофеварка рожкового типа, фото


When choosing a geyser or carob coffee maker, the price is not the least important. On average, the simplest carob device costs the same as a geyser of decent quality.

The prices of geyser coffee makers depend on the material, brand and volume. The cheapest moka of an unknown manufacturer, designed for 3 cups (90 ml), costs from 500 rubles. A coffee pot from a popular brand of the same volume will cost more than 1000 rubles. Geyser from a well-known manufacturer for a popular volume of 6 cups (180 ml) will cost 1500 rubles. Prices for electric geysers start at 5000 rubles.

Models made of aluminum are much cheaper than steel or ceramic ones.

Over time, in a geyser coffee maker, the filter gets clogged and the gasket wears out. Repair kit, which with intensive use may be needed after 1 year of operation, costs from 300 rubles.

The most budget horn machines cost 2000-2500 rubles. But their pressure is only 2 bar, so you can’t count on a “real” espresso with foam. You should pay from 5000 rubles for a pump device with 15 bar pressure. A device from the reputable DeLonghi brand will cost 10,000 rubles and more.


Both types of devices make a drink without grounds, so the cup can be finished to the bottom.

It is said that a coffee carob is better than a geyser coffee maker. Of course, under higher pressure, hot water can extract more aromatic substances from the coffee powder and the drink is richer.

Unlike a geyser, a cone machine can make a classic espresso. Not only the quality of coffee beans and water, but also the density of the coffee bean and the extraction time have an impact on the taste of your espresso. To brew a proper espresso, you need to practice.

Some machines are equipped with cappuccinatores for whipping milk, so you can make cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos and other popular cocktails based on the basic version.

In a geyser, the process does not depend on a person, so you can affect the quality of the drink only at the initial stage – the choice of beans and grinding size. Coffee in it turns out delicious, rich and fragrant. It is acceptable to add ground spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom and others) directly into the filter along with the coffee powder.

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Moka is a universal device: in it you can brew tea or herbal gatherings.

What kind of coffee maker to choose

It is impossible to unequivocally answer what is better: a geyser coffee maker or a carob coffee maker. Each device has its own fans.

The carob should be chosen if:

  • you want to cook espresso with foam and coffee and milkshakes;
  • do not have an electric or gas stove;
  • you need to cook a different number of servings;
  • there is no time to cook the drink.

It is better to buy a geyser if:

  • the budget is limited;
  • you want to make coffee not only at home but also in the countryside;
  • your favorite coffee is plain black;
  • there is not much space in the kitchen;
  • the number of servings does not change.

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