Choosing a capsule coffee machine for your home

Choosing a capsule coffee machine for your home

Capsule coffee machine technology is one of the most evolving in the industry. Manufacturers are constantly improving the quality of coffee capsules, making models more functional and affordable. The number of devices on the market and competition between brands is quite high. Therefore, the question of what capsule coffee machine to choose for home and what models it is better to give preference, requires detailed consideration.

Peculiarities of capsule coffee machines

The popularity of such models is quite understandable. Convenience in use they are almost comparable to automatic coffee machines, although their cost is several times lower. Ideal for office or home, allow you to make not only coffee, but also tea.

The capsule technology is in many ways similar to espresso coffee machines (carob type), in which coffee is brewed under the influence of a stream of hot steam. The main difference is in the brew tank.

To make a drink, simply place the capsule in a special compartment, select the mode (if provided) and press the start button. After use, the contents of the capsule will go into the waste compartment, which should be periodically cleaned.

Капсульная кофемашина для дома, фото

The list of advantages, which makes choosing a capsule coffee machine for your home very attractive:

  • fast coffee preparation (from 30 to 90 seconds);
  • almost complete automation of the process;
  • inexpensive cost coffee machines;
  • compact size;
  • guaranteed good taste (depending on the capsule filling) and no risk of spoiling the coffee due to improper preparation;
  • a wide variety of beverages (determined by the capsule manufacturer);
  • the ability to dispense servings one after another almost without waiting.

The list of pluses is quite impressive. But there are also disadvantages, which are particularly evident when comparing capsule coffee machines to automatic ones.

These include the following points:

  1. Despite the wide range, you will depend on the capsule manufacturer (own ground beans can only be used in reusable containers, which are not officially supported by manufacturers).
  2. High consumption cost of capsules is the most important disadvantage of this type of coffee machines.
  3. Lack of possibility to customize own recipes, beverage strength

and other characteristics.

Also a conditional disadvantage can be called a great susceptibility to breakdowns, although it depends on the specific model and manufacturer. The weak point is the mechanism that pierces the container with the coffee in the process of preparation.

In general, capsule coffee machines are produced only by the largest brands, so the number of models in this category is not too large. In addition to the devices themselves, the company must provide mass production of coffee in capsules. Keep in mind that all brands are trying to personalize products and produce capsules that are suitable only for their coffee machines.

Review of the best capsule-type coffee machines for the home

Major companies regularly improve the range, increase the availability of capsule coffee, and improve the lineup. The 2019 rating of the best capsule coffee machines for the home will help highlight the most popular, high-quality, and sought-after options.

Bosch TAS1403

Bosch TAS1403, фотоOne of the cheapest capsule coffee machines has quality and features in its price range. Great for home use. Supports all Tassimo (Jacobs) capsules.

Among the main advantages are the following:

  • the ability to choose the strength and amount of water for a serving;
  • removable cup holder (removes any size limitations);
  • pleasant design.

Among the disadvantages is the low maximum pressure (3.3 bar), which negatively affects the speed of making drinks. Also to the conditional disadvantages can be attributed a plastic case, primitive control, although this applies to all budget coffee machines. The price – 4300 rubles.

Krups KP 1006

Krups KP 1006, фотоThis inexpensive capsule coffee machine for home will be an excellent choice for a limited budget. One of the most recognizable models of the Dolce Gusto series, which was created jointly with the Nestle concern. The full range of Nescafe coffee is available for it.

Advantages of the coffee machine:

  1. Compact size.
  2. Stylish design.
  3. Maximum pressure of 15 bar.
  4. High quality construction.

The only disadvantage worth noting is a frequent complaint about the breakage of the capsule mechanism. Price – 4300 p.

Krups KP 1105

Krups KP 1105, фотоAnother home coffee machine from the Dolce Gusto line, which will fit all Nescafe capsules. In terms of functionality is not much different from the younger representative in the series, but it stands out as one of the most attractive designs among all devices of the brand.


  • auto-off function;
  • high-quality body and excellent design;
  • fast cooking (from 30 to 60 seconds);
  • adjusting the amount of water in a batch.

Of the disadvantages, it is worth noting only the minimal differences between models KP 1006 and KP 1105, although the latter costs twice as much (8500-9000 rubles). Nevertheless, KP 1105 is steadily among the top capsule coffee machines in terms of sales.

Nespresso DeLonghi EN 85.BAE

Nespresso DeLonghi EN 85.BAE, фотоPopular model for the home from a well-known company, which is almost devoid of drawbacks. It is notable for its incredibly fast brewing speed, reliability and recognizable design.

The main advantages:

  1. The maximum pressure of 19 bar.
  2. Reduced power consumption.
  3. Cappuccinator Aegossino 3, which is included in the set.

The only disadvantage can be considered the price, which is 13 000 rubles. With a limited budget, it is better to buy a capsule coffee machine for the house without Aegossino 3 (standalone automatic cappuccinator can be purchased separately). Such option for home will cost 7000 rubles.

Caffitaly S22 Bianko

Caffitaly S22 Bianko, фотоNot the most famous brand, although the Italian manufacturer has managed to create one of the most high-quality devices for the home. This is a capsule coffee machine with a cappuccinator, which is almost exactly the same as “automatons” in terms of features (except for the function of grinding beans). The removable milk tank allows you to prepare any milk beverage at maximum speed (less than a minute).

The main advantages of the coffee machine:

  • automatic cappuccinator with milk tank;
  • enlarged water tank (1.3 l);
  • increased capacity for used coffee (up to 18 servings);
  • adjustable cup height.

The only conditional disadvantage can be considered the price of 17,000 rubles, although the functionality is fully justified by such a cost.

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