Choosing a capsule coffee maker for your home

Choosing a capsule coffee maker for your home

As the difficulty of finding capsules disappears and many manufacturers expand their offerings, capsule devices are becoming more and more in demand. Low price, fast brewing and no need for constant cleaning have become the main reasons for the popularity of coffeemakers with capsules. This is a good option not only for home use, but also for small offices.

Features and benefits of capsule coffee makers

The capsule type coffee maker belongs to the top category, which in many ways is comparable to coffee machines. To a large extent, this is due to the ease of use and minimizing the risk of spoiling the coffee during the brewing process. In terms of brewing speed, these models are ahead of almost all categories of devices. This makes them a very popular choice for those who appreciate the speed of brewing.

Technically, the principle of operation of capsule coffee maker is almost no different from espresso and pod models. The beverage is created by a jet of steam, which is delivered under high pressure. Passing through the brew, it absorbs essential oils and flavor of coffee beans.

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The main difference between a capsule coffee maker and other models is that you don’t have to refill the beans yourself. It is enough to simply place the capsule in a special cell and start the brewing process.

If we evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the capsule type, the pros include:

  1. Low cost (average price range – from 1500 to 10000 rubles, depending on the manufacturer).
  2. High brewing speed (an average of 45 to 70 seconds).
  3. No need for constant cleaning (used product goes into the container, which requires periodic cleaning).
  4. Guaranteed quality of the drink (depends on the manufacturer of the capsules).

The disadvantages should include only expensive capsules (to a greater extent depends on the manufacturer), as well as more frequent cases of breakdowns in comparison with other types of devices.

Tassimo capsule coffee makers

One of the most popular and well-known brands that specialize in capsules is considered Tassimo. This is a French brand that belongs to the Jacobs concern. Since 2008, Tassimo devices are manufactured by Bosch.

The main reasons for the popularity of Tassimo are a wide range of drinks, low price, as well as high quality of assembly.

Bosch Tassimo SUNY TAS3203

Bosch Tassimo SUNY TAS3203The youngest and most simple Tassimo model, which belongs to the “SUNY” series. The average price is from 2000 to 3000 rubles. The water tank is designed for 0.8 liters.

Allows you to prepare espresso, cappuccino, latte, tea and other drinks with Tassimo capsules. It has auto shut-off and automatic cleaning functions. Minus SUNY can be called a plastic drip tray. If you want to choose a capsule coffee maker for many years, it is better to give preference to a metal grate.

Bosch Tassimo VIVY II

Bosch Tassimo VIVY IIOne of the budget representatives of the Tassimo line. Highly in demand because of its compact size and functionality (which is comparable to more expensive models of the series). In addition to basic drinks VIVY II can cook hot milk (function not available in all models). Another indisputable advantage is the metal drip tray, which is unusual for models with a price of 2500-3000 rubles.

In addition to other pluses, it should be noted the quiet operation, although this feature is characteristic of most Tassimo devices.

Bosch Tassimo HAPPY TAS1007

Bosch Tassimo HAPPY TAS1007A more advanced model. This capsule coffee maker is better than SUNY, but on some points loses VIVY II. The main differences are:

The disadvantages are the smaller water tank (0.7 liters) and the plastic drip tray grid. The body is also made of plastic (standard for most devices in the category).

Bosch Tassimo My Way TAS6002

Bosch Tassimo My Way TAS6002My Way – one of the best representatives of the series, the price range – from 13000 to 15000 rubles. Occupies a leading position in the ratings of capsule coffee machines for the home. In addition to standard coffee and milk drinks, allows you to prepare hot milk. One more advantage against a background of the previous devices is the touch panel. With its help, you can adjust the temperature, coffee strength, as well as the amount of water for the portion.

Despite the fact that the body of My Way is also made of plastic, the drip tray grid is made of metal. The water tank is enlarged, its volume is 1.3 liters. Despite its considerable price, this model is the best choice for home and office use if you consider its functionality and reliability. The only disadvantage is high power consumption (1500 W).

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