Choosing a carob coffee maker for your home

Choosing a carob coffee maker for your home

Among all electric brewing devices, the espresso or carob-type coffee maker leads in popularity and sales. It is moderately inexpensive and compact, allowing you to create almost all types of coffee drinks.

The operating technology is identical to the expensive “superautomatic” machines (processing beans under the influence of a steam jet), although the brewing process is not automated and requires intervention to create each portion. Carob coffee makers can be the best option for both home and office, but only if you approach the choice correctly and consider the ratings.

Features of Carob Coffee Makers

Carob coffee makers are the most popular device for creating coffee drinks. The category includes a wide range of models, from inexpensive “economy” segment to the best representatives of the premium class. Ratings often compare espresso coffee makers to automatic devices, which is not entirely correct. Despite the similarities in operation, a carob coffee maker differs from a coffee machine in the lack of automation. To create a portion of the drink, you will have to pour the ground coffee into the cone (a special filter with a handle) every time and clean it after use.

Technically, carob coffee makers are almost identical to automatic coffee makers. The main difference is the absence of a built-in mechanism for grinding the coffee, as well as a smaller number of “frills”. In fact, a coffee carob with a manual grinder, which you use separately, is practically analogous to an “automatic” coffee machine. Except that some of the processes (grinding the beans, packaging in a container and cleaning) you will have to do in manual mode.

Рожковые кофеварки, фотоBoth technologies are based on a pump system. It creates pressure, with which the steam jet comes out of the water tank faster. Passing through the ground beans placed in the carob filter, it absorbs essential oils, aroma and flavor. This makes for the best coffee without grounds or impurities.

Pros and cons of carob coffee makers

A list of advantages and disadvantages will allow you to make your choice of a carob coffee maker as advantageous as possible in terms of value for money.

Pros of the carob type:

  1. Best brewing speed (45 to 80 seconds per cup on average).
  2. Makes almost all types of coffee (milk drinks will require a cappuccinator).
  3. Economical consumption (carob technology is considered the best in terms of minimum consumption to create a single serving).
  4. Easy to use and seldom breaks down. Does not require frequent maintenance.
  5. Can have most of the functions of automatic coffee machines

(from cup heating to programming modes).


Disadvantages of carob devices:

  • only ground coffee is suitable (if you choose a carob coffee maker for ground coffee for home or have a coffee grinder, then this disadvantage should not be considered);
  • the need to constantly pour the ground beans and clean the filter can slow down the brewing process when creating a large number of servings;
  • do not cook more than 2 cups at a time;
  • even the leaders of the ratings are most often equipped with a manual cappuccinator, so the foam for milk drinks must be whipped by yourself.

In general, in order to choose the right carob coffee maker for the house, first of all, you need to pay attention to the presence and type of cappuccinator, the range of drinks, the volume of all containers and basic functions.

An overview of the top models of carob coffee makers

Choosing can often become problematic because of the need to study the characteristics of hundreds of devices. Our ranking of the best cone coffeemakers 2019 for the home already includes the best, most popular and cost and quality models that are in maximum demand.

Scarlett SC-CM33005

Scarlett SC-CM33005, фотоThis is a budget, but deserving of a place in the ranking model. It has a unique design, combining the mechanism and device of espresso machine and a bowl, characteristic of drip models.

Main pluses:

  1. Almost the lowest price on the market (about 4500 rubles).
  2. A jug with a tempered glass handle for 240 ml.
  3. Manual cappuccinator (no panarello attachment).

Disadvantages of the model: plastic body, low pressure (3.5 bar) and slow brewing process, the lack of possibility to prepare two portions of strong espresso at once (despite the volume of the jug, the saturation will depend on the amount of brew in the cone).

DeLonghi ECP 31.21

DeLonghi ECP 31.21, фотоInexpensive, but high quality model DeLonghi. One of the best representatives in the rating of budget devices.

The main advantages:

  • the ability to cook 2 servings;
  • the presence of a manual cappuccinator;
  • possibility to choose the filter size;
  • fast preparation of a portion.

The main disadvantages are the plastic body and the drip tray grid, the simple mechanical control. The average price – 7,800 rubles.

Kitfort KT-722

Kitfort КТ-7225, фотоNot the most famous brand, which made one of the best budget coffee makers in the rating. The main advantages:

  1. Compactness.
  2. Metal casing.
  3. Manual cappuccinator with foam density regulator.

The only disadvantage is the manual control. Average price – 9,500 p.

DeLonghi ECP 35.31

DeLonghi ECP 35.315, фотоOne of the best and most popular coffee makers of the brand in the medium price category rating.

The main advantages are:

  • a wide range of drinks (espresso, cappuccino, latte, hot milk);
  • cappuccinator with a panarello nozzle;
  • metal body (only the side inserts are made of plastic);
  • preparation of two cups of coffee at a time.

Disadvantages – because of the metal parts, the price (13000 rubles) is significantly higher than analogues with a plastic body, mechanical control.

KitchenAid Artisan 5KES2102EAC

KitchenAid Artisan 5KES2102EAC5, фотоWithout exaggeration, the best coffee maker among carob models in any ratings. It belongs to the “luxury” category. It has a full range of features that can be found in espresso machines:

  1. Metal body.
  2. Quality manual cappuccinator.
  3. Two heating elements and boiler.
  4. Two metal filters.
  5. Stylish design and mechanical control.

The top of the rating has only one disadvantage – the cost (92000 rubles).

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