Choosing the right professional coffee machine

Choosing the right professional coffee machine

Classic espresso, delicate cappuccino, extra strong ristretto, aromatic lungo, layered latte, democratic Americano, refined macchiato… Customers have different tastes. A good choice of coffee is one of the important components of success of an inexpensive cafe and an expensive restaurant, a trendy bar and a cozy coffee house. In order to provide fast and high quality orders to customers, you need a professional coffee machine.

The main difference between professional models from home and office – the size of the boiler and the power. Professional coffee machines have a higher capacity, because they are designed to meet the successive orders.
What is recommended to pay attention to when buying a professional coffee machine?

As a rule, the design is not too important for a professional model, but functionality is. Of course, the coffee machine should look aesthetically pleasing, especially if it is standing in front of customers, as is often the case in bars. But, as a rule, professional machines are designed in a classical style, without much futuristic frills. An exception – if you have a fashionable and posh institution, then it is worth choosing a model with an original design.

But the functionality of the coffee machine for a professional is always important. Depending on the target audience of the institution, the business strategy and the range chosen and coffee machine.

Thus, if the bar serves only espresso, which is often the case in inexpensive establishments or bars where visitors are unpretentious in the choice of coffee, you can be limited to the acquisition of the budget model espresso machine.

More often, however, for an inexpensive bar or cafe, you purchase a budget model of coffee machine with a cappuccinator, and the client is given the opportunity to choose between these two types of coffee. These are the most popular kinds of coffee drinks, so a significant percentage of catering establishments purchase this model: on the one hand, it provides a minimum range of coffee, but on the other – is relatively inexpensive. This option is suitable if you do not need extra functions – then why pay for them?

On the other hand, a coffee machine that can only make macchiato or any other kind of coffee except espresso is not a good choice for professional purposes. It’s a choice for single gourmet coffee drinkers.

To be able to offer visitors and other types of coffee, in addition to the traditional espresso and cappuccino, it is much wiser to install a super-combine – a multifunctional coffee machine that can prepare any coffee drink. Preferably, it should also be able to memorize recipes – for example, if you find it necessary to slightly modify the traditional recipe.

To expand the offer of a cafe, bar or restaurant, it is worth buying a professional coffee machine with the function of making hot chocolate. This is quite a popular drink among customers.

If the subtle flavor of coffee is important to your customers, you need a coffee machine with the function of grinding beans. This allows you to put a choice of coffee beans on the map of your establishment, from which an elite beverage can be made for the visitor immediately. Because coffee from freshly grinded coffee beans has a special rich taste. In addition, the most expensive types of coffee are sold only in beans. In addition, you can vary the type of grind: from coarse to extra-fine.

But a coffee machine that works on coffee pods (batch “pills” of ground coffee) will not work for institutions with demanding customers. Unless, of course, you want to complain about the quality of coffee.

When buying a coffee machine for professional purposes, you need to calculate and the volume of boiler – so that the machine, on the one hand, was not idle, and on the other – managed to make coffee for all comers. Professional coffee machines have a fairly large reservoir for water and beans, and for spent coffee. Developing a business plan, it is necessary to calculate exactly the required capacity of the machine.

If the flow of visitors in the institution is quite large, it is advisable to install a professional coffee machine, which can simultaneously prepare different types of coffee. It is also desirable that the coffee machine was also equipped with a thermostat, which maintains the temperature of several servings of beverage prepared at once.

A professional coffee-machine, of course, is an indispensable thing for a catering establishment – it speeds up the process of making coffee without affecting its taste. And in order to speed up the process as much as possible, it is better to buy a model with an “instant steam” system.

It is also wise to buy a professional model, equipped with a platform for heating cups: this will increase the quality of service.

And, of course, to save energy, choose a coffee machine among the models with energy-saving function. They cost more, but their use brings significant benefits in the end.

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