Coffee and pepper – how a little trick has become a tradition

Coffee and pepper – how a little trick has become a tradition

Coffee has been known to people for more than a millennium. The Arabs began to add spices to the drink. It was in the East that enterprising merchants guessed to roast stale coffee beans together with peppers in order to return them to their lost aroma. Perhaps this is how the custom of brewing a strong, invigorating beverage with a spicy spice was born.

The deepest flavor comes from the allspice and black pepper. Pink spice is aromatic, but without the bitterness. They are a good place to start your coffee experiments. But spicy lovers and seasoned coffee drinkers can try a spicier Brazilian coffee with a touch of chili.

Кофе и перец чили

Impact on the body

In addition to the original taste and aroma, the unusual combination has beneficial properties:

  • the invigorating effect of caffeine – the drink helps to wake up in the morning, energizes, increases performance;
  • improvement of blood flow to the brain;
  • activation of short-term memory;
  • neutralization of free radicals and protection of healthy cells due to the high content of antioxidants (25% of the daily norm in one cup);
  • reducing the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, liver cancer;
  • promoting the accumulation of serotonin, the happiness hormone;
  • reducing the risk of gallbladder and kidney stones;
  • activation of metabolic processes.

The benefit of coffee with pepper is also in its warming effect. It has a restorative effect, boosting the immune system and reducing susceptibility to many diseases. This is especially important in cold weather, with colds.


To make it, you will need a copper jug, freshly ground coffee beans, good quality cold water, and the spice itself.

Classical variant

The basic recipe for coffee with black pepper is designed for 0.5 liters of water, 4 tsp. ground coffee and 1.5 grams of ground spice. Prepare the drink according to the following algorithm:

  • warm up the brew;
  • pour the dry ingredients – it is better to mix them in advance and leave for a while;
  • pour 0.1 liter of water;
  • when the foam appears, add another 0.15 liters of water;
  • after the next boil, add the remaining amount of water;
  • keep the kettle on minimum heat for 5 minutes;
  • remove the pot from the fire;
  • pour the mixture into cups.

Eastern Traditions

In the East, cinnamon and cardamom have been added to coffee for centuries. Black pepper adds spice to the drink, and vanilla complements its sweet notes. The recipe is simple:

  • warm up the kettle;
  • pour 2 tsp. ground coffee, 1 g of ground pepper, 0.5 grams of cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom
  • ;

  • mix all the dry ingredients;
  • pour water – the amount of ingredients is enough liquid for one cup of coffee;
  • until foam appears, remove the jesova from the fire;
  • put the jug back on the fire and remove it until it starts to foam, repeat 2 more times;
  • pour the drink into a cup.

Кофе по-восточному

Los Humeros

This is actually the name of a volcano. The drink got it because of its spiciness. This coffee is made with chili peppers. The algorithm is as follows:

  • warm up the brew;
  • pour 2 tsp. ground coffee, heat it, without allowing it to burn;
  • pour water – 80 ml per serving;
  • if you wish, add sugar;
  • remove the pot from the fire as soon as it becomes foamy;
  • add ½ tsp. butter, a pinch of salt and chili pepper to the hot beverage;
  • stir the contents of the jesvah, put it back on the fire;
  • when the jeszer is foamy, remove it from the fire, pour the drink into a cup.

Add the chili pepper to taste. One cup is enough for a small circle of the pod – the drink will acquire the necessary spiciness. Those who are not afraid of spicy sensations, you can safely increase the amount of pepper.

Instead of the chili pod, you can take ground red spice, but it must be of high quality. One serving is enough spice on the tip of a knife.


A divine aroma

You can get this effect by making coffee with chili peppers. Increase the aroma of the drink will help cinnamon, but this addition is not necessary. You can replace it with cloves, which will make your coffee even more tangy. Act in the following order:

  • preheat the distillery;
  • pour 2 tsp. of finely ground
  • coffee;

  • add 1-2 peppercorns of allspice;
  • roast the dry ingredients for a few seconds;
  • pour 0.1 l of water;
  • when froth appears, remove the pot from the fire;
  • after settling of the foam, return the jesus pot back on the fire;
  • if the foam appears again, remove the jug from the fire again and wait for it to settle;
  • repeat the heating process two more times;
  • after the last appearance of foam, turn off the fire and leave the jesù under the lid for 2 minutes;
  • pour the contents into a cup.

Cinnamon or cloves are added together with pepper. Cinnamon is taken at the tip of a knife, one clove bud is enough.

Other spices can also be used. Nutmeg will give you an original flavor, and ginger is good for strengthening the immune system. Badjanum calms the nervous system and helps with coughs.

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