Coffee machines

Coffee machines

Coffee is one of the world’s most preferred drinks. A cup of hot, aromatic coffee can help you warm up when it’s cool, pass the time while waiting (for example, for a train, bus or plane), get your thoughts in order and recharge your confidence before an important meeting, enjoy a rest and a walk in the park.

Of course it’s not always possible to go to the cafe for your favorite drink, or stand in a long line to the office coffee machine. However, the situation is saved by the installation of coffee machines – a commercial version of an automatic coffee machine, which has a high, even an impressive capacity (up to 600 cups of coffee per hour).
The principle of operation and advantages of a coffee machine

Despite the fact that today there are many types and variants of automatic coffee machines for the preparation and sale of coffee (and not only), their main advantages are:

high speed of operation, good performance;
full automation of the process (electronic control, the ability to configure machines with several algorithms for the preparation of drinks, automation of payment and change issuance);
multifunctionality (modern machines can prepare not only espresso, but also other kinds of coffee drinks, and offer hot broth, tea, milk)
ease of operation of the machine, both the maintenance of coffee machines and its use by customers.

Depending on the price segment, as well as the intended installation site of the machine, the technique can be designed to use both instant and natural ground or even grain coffee (the machine can automatically grind coffee beans to the desired fineness of grinding, and dosing coffee in accordance with a particular recipe).

Modern coffee vending machines are controlled by a programmable electronic circuit. Programming and setting is made on a number of parameters and can be changed. This ensures technical economy, efficiency of operation (including in settlements with customers) with high flavor and aroma characteristics of drinks.

An ordinary automatic coffee machine, even if installed in an office or a coffee shop, is unlikely to provide so much convenience. At the same time, the machine, even though its size is quite impressive, does not require constant presence of an operator or other service personnel, only a periodic one:

filling the dispenser with necessary ingredients and cups;
cleaning and maintenance.

Coffee machines and business

Coffee machines belong to the professional commercial equipment, designed for a constant high load. Cost, of course, can be an order of magnitude, if not all two, higher than a good office coffee machine. But after all, installing a machine with the necessary functionality in a crowded place will quickly recoup its purchase and maintenance costs. This is a great idea for a business called vending.

Coffee vending machine, because of its size, can also be an excellent area for branding and advertising, which will allow the newly created network in a short time to become recognizable, and quickly gain the sympathy of the numerous target audience.

Moreover, qualitative and reliable machine will not only cope with high load, serving customers even without your participation, but also will be able to offer its audience a wide range of drinks (some models have the ability to prepare up to 20 drinks, as well as selling various snacks, snacks, chocolate bars, biscuits). A coffee machine would not be able to cope with this.

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