Coffee with coconut milk – a heavenly taste of the tropics

Coffee with coconut milk – a heavenly taste of the tropics

Coconut milk is hard to call a product we are used to. However, due to its pleasant taste and great benefits, it is gradually gaining popularity. Like other plant-based substitutes for the natural product, coconut milk can be added to coffee. In doing so, the drink acquires a more delicate taste and a pleasant tropical flavor.

Exotic or traditional

The sweet liquid from the pulp of the fruit can be used instead of animal milk (cow’s and goat’s milk). Not everyone can drink regular milk because of allergies or lactose deficiency. For vegetarians, the original recipe will also allow you to make your favorite drink with a mild taste without breaking your diet system. In Lent, the exotic product will be a great alternative to animal milk.

Completely replace the usual cow’s milk with a tropical version is not worth it. It is not recommended to exceed the daily norm of 100 grams, but 10-15 grams of coconut milk will bring only good.

Combination of flavors

The natural drink with the addition of “Asian cream” can be brewed in different ways. It can be as strong and bitter as an espresso, or as sweet and mild as a latte. But either way, the tart coffee aroma is infused with a tropical flavor.

Coffee with coconut milk is drunk hot or warm. It can even be served chilled and iced in hot weather. Baristas appreciate “Asian creamer” for the thick, dense crema that appears when whipped because it’s easy to draw on it with a bamboo stick, making for a beautiful serving.

The benefits of a coffee and coconut smoothie

The exotic fruit contains a large amount of folic and lauric acids, vitamins E, B1, B3, besides being a source of Omega – 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, iron.

Natural coffee is rich in potassium, magnesium, iron, copper and vitamins B2 and E. It has antioxidant properties.

Кофе и кокосовое молоко, фото

Both products are rich in vitamins and trace elements, so the drink has a double benefit:

  1. It has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Caffeine promotes the secretion of gastric juice, and coconut fiber improves intestinal peristalsis.
  2. Both components speed up the metabolism and thus contribute to the loss of excess weight
  3. .

  4. Caffeine is not good for blood vessels: too much of it causes the formation of cholesterol plaques. But coconut has the opposite effect: it prevents the development of atherosclerosis, so the potential harm of coffee is neutralized.
  5. Both coffee and coconut have anti-cancer immunomodulatory effects.


Despite its rich mineral composition and benefits, the invigorating drink with coconut is not recommended for everyone. It should not be consumed categorically:

  • if allergic to the tropical sweet fruit. Even the smallest amount can cause a strong reaction in the form of a rash and runny nose;
  • if you are intolerant to fructose. Skin rashes and stool disorders are possible;
  • ulcer and gastritis. Caffeine, even softened with coconut milk, is irritating to the walls of the stomach;
  • in hypertensive heart disease. Caffeine increases blood pressure.

Large portions of coffee and coconut drink are not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. Both components in excessive quantities can harm the health of the baby.

Кокосовое молоко с кофе, фото

Which product is best

It is not possible to extract the sweet liquid from those fruits that are sold in the store. To add it to coffee, you can use coconut milk from a can or make it yourself from the shavings of the fruit. Canned product is more convenient to use: it is already ready to use.

When buying milk, you need to pay attention to the allowable shelf life. The longer it is, the higher the content of preservatives. The opened package should be used within 3 days.

Chip milk is guaranteed to be free of preservatives and flavorings. There are several methods of preparation, here is one of them:

  • grind half a cup of dry chips in a coffee grinder, add half a cup of hot water;
  • steep for 20 minutes;
  • beat with a blender for 5 minutes;
  • add another 1 cup of water and whisk again for 2-3 minutes;
  • you can store in the fridge for 2-3 days together with the sediment. Stir before using and strain if desired.

If a fattier product, coconut cream, is to be obtained, the self-cooked milk liquid is left to stand and the top layer is skimmed off. As in animal milk, the fats accumulate at the top.

Кофе с молоком из кокоса, фото

The cream can be used in the same way as milk, with even better whipping and no settling. Coffee with coconut cream is more calorie-dense, and people who are overweight should keep this in mind.


There are many recipes for coffee with coconut milk with and without added sugar. For more sweetness and a pronounced tropical flavor, coconut syrup is added. Small white shavings are used to decorate the finished drink.

Vanilla Coconut Espresso

To make it, you’ll need:

  • 2 tsp. ground coffee;
  • 100 ml water;
  • 50 ml of coconut milk;
  • pinch of vanilla
  • ;

  • sugar to taste.

Make espresso. Whisk the milk with the vanilla. Pour into a cup of espresso, then lay out the milk foam. Drink hot or cold by adding the crema to the cooled drink. For this recipe, it is better to use a coffee carob or a coffee machine.

With cow’s milk

To make it, you will need:

  • 2 tsp. ground coffee;
  • 150 ml water;
  • 50 ml of cow’s milk;
  • 25 ml of coconut milk;
  • 2 tsp. sugar.

Кофе, кокосовое молоко, фото

Boil coffee and pour into a cup with cold coconut milk. Add the sugar and stir to combine. Whip the cow’s milk into a froth and gently pour over it without stirring. The drink will be lukewarm. A substitute for the coconut milk may be syrup. No sugar should be added in this case.

Dessert variant

For the preparation you will need:

  • 1.5 tsp. ground coffee;
  • 150 ml of water;
  • 0.5 tsp. chips;
  • 10 g white chocolate;
  • 25 ml of coconut milk.

Boil the coffee. Heat the milk with the chocolate and shavings, without bringing it to the boil. Pour the coffee and milk-chocolate mixture into a cup. Sprinkle with chocolate chips. Serve hot or warm.

Serving cold coconut-coffee shake with a pipe, you can use shavings for decoration. To do this, simply dip the edges of the glass in water and then in the shavings and dry.

Making coffee with coconut milk is no more difficult than the usual version. The drink can have a subtle or pronounced tropical flavor, depending on the amount of product.

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