Coffee with Cognac – a noble drink in the French manner

Coffee with Cognac – a noble drink in the French manner

Cognac has been added to coffee for a long time. These ingredients perfectly complement each other, creating an original taste. The resulting combination improves the mood and invigorates, although its effect on the body is a very ambiguous question.

Where did the tradition come from?

It is believed that the idea of mixing these drinks came from the French. They found that a good alcoholic drink goes well with an espresso. Not surprisingly, coffee with cognac is often called French coffee. Later on, however, different countries developed their own recipes for such a cocktail, and accordingly it acquired other names:

  • roman;
  • irish;
  • viennese;
  • russian.

Most countries in Europe have created their own versions of the cocktail, but each is based on a classic French recipe. For example, the Coretto is popular among Italians. The ingredients remain the same, only more alcohol is added.

What kind of cognac is added to coffee

Coffee with cognac is rightly considered a drink of aristocrats. If it is properly prepared, it has a refined taste and aroma. In the classic version of the drink has a bitterness, but you can diminish it by adding sugar. Milk or cream makes the cocktail softer and gentler.

Each recipe for coffee with cognac has its own nuances, but the most important thing is the quality ingredients. Alcohol must be taken strong, of great aging. Including homemade, but necessarily a good purification. The French recipe is characterized by woody notes, and it is a feature only of quality cognac.
In addition, it is worth using freshly ground grains, which are saturated with aromatic essential oils. You can take any kind. However, the ideal type is the tart and non-bitter arabica.

The optimal proportions are 30 ml of alcohol per 150 ml of coffee. Such a combination has the most gentle effect on the body, so there is less risk of pressure spikes.

Benefits and harms

The positive effect on the body of coffee with cognac is a questionable fact. Although the drink really improves your sleep, helps to relax and relieve stress, in fact there is more harm to your health than good.

The problem is that an alcoholic cocktail puts double the strain on your heart and blood vessels. Caffeine raises your blood pressure and constricts your blood vessels. Alcohol has exactly the opposite effect – it lowers blood pressure and dilates blood vessels. The likelihood of heart rhythm disturbances is high, and for hypertensive people, this cocktail is especially dangerous. Also the negative effect on the body is associated with a strong and prolonged excitation of the CNS.

The large amount of caffeine, strong alcohol, the high temperature of the drink – all this is extremely harmful to the digestive organs, and also creates an increased load on the liver. When the components are consumed separately, because of the temperature contrast, the teeth and again the cardiovascular system suffer.

The right way to drink – mixed or separately

There is no universal way how to properly drink coffee with cognac. It depends solely on personal preference, but there are only two options.

In the homeland of the drink, in France, and throughout Europe, it is customary to separate the components into separate glasses. A sip of hot espresso is drunk first, followed by a sip of chilled alcohol. This leaves an interesting aftertaste. In addition, the temperature difference allows you to taste all the facets of the cognac flavor without drowning out the coffee tartness. This is how aristocrats consume the drink while smoking a cigar.

Кофе с коньяком и сигара, фото

The second way is to mix the ingredients in certain proportions. In both cases you should drink slowly, enjoying the palette of flavors and aromas. Women can consume the drink through a straw, while men can take small sips.

Recipes for making

To make coffee with cognac at home, it is not enough to simply mix the ingredients. The main rule is to strictly observe the proportions. However, for variety you can experiment with the addition of milk, lemon zest, cinnamon, sugar – everything depends on preferences.

Some popular recipes:

  1. Custard. Pour 1 tsp. grinded coffee beans in a strainer, add 15-20 ml. of alcohol and 1 tsp. more coffee. Bring the strainer to a mug and gently pour 100 ml of hot water over it. Then cover with a plate and wait for 1 minute. Sweeten as needed.
  2. Viennese – has a particularly exquisite taste, but requires more time. The recipe is as follows: put 1 tsp. of coffee in a turkey
  3. , pour 100 ml. of hot water and boil it for 1-2 minutes, but do not allow it to boil. Then put in a bowl sugar, cloves, cinnamon and grated zest. Pour 20-30 ml of alcohol, light it and strain through a sieve. Pour the coffee into a mug, mix it with the prepared cognac.

  4. Coffee with cognac and milk. The ingredients should be mixed in the proportion 8:1:1. Only beforehand you should slightly cool the drink, otherwise the milk will curdle.
  5. In Russian – the simplest cocktail. Pour into a mug 2 tsp. cognac, brewed coffee, sweeten to taste – and you can enjoy.

Coffee with cognac is a drink of aristocrats with a delicate flavor and aroma. There are many recipes for this cocktail, so everyone will find something suitable for themselves. However, caution should be exercised when drinking it – this combination can provoke a spike in blood pressure.

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