Coffee with liqueur – new tastes of a familiar drink

Coffee with liqueur – new tastes of a familiar drink

Modern life invents its own rituals. One of these delicious and elegant traditions is a glass of coffee with liqueur. It will help warm you up on a cold winter evening and enjoy the comforts of home, shedding the weight of the day’s worries.

History of the popular drink

The coffee cocktail owes its genesis to the work of trans-Atlantic airlines. The barman of a restaurant serving flights suggested that cold passengers warm themselves up by adding Irish whiskey to their coffee.

After World War II, Irich Coffee migrated to the American continent. From the bars of foggy and rainy San Francisco, this invigorating drink began its victorious march around the globe. Today, the cocktail is one of the official drinks of the International Bartenders Association.

National traditions

Coffee with liqueur is especially popular in Spain. The locals even consider Carajillo to be the national drink. Its authorship is attributed either to soldiers or mule drivers. Coffee is believed to give strength to those who travel and keep them warm during bad weather.

Кофе и ликер, фото

In other countries, coffee with liqueur also has different names, depending on the type of alcohol or flavoring spices:

  • the French version with Grand Marnier;
  • classic Italian coffee with amaretto;
  • jamaican (Spanish) coffee with Tia Maria
  • (Kahlua) or with the addition of rum;
  • seville variant with cointreau;
  • recipe with Strega liqueur;
  • monk coffee with Benedictine liqueur;
  • coffee with Frangelico liqueur.

There are about 20 national recipes for coffee drink with the addition of local alcohol and other ingredients (spices, spices). Even in the original recipe for Irich Coffee baristas add Baileys liquor instead of the traditional Irish whiskey. Some of the original coffees have their own names: Calypso, Farisay, Shin-Shin.

Depending on local traditions, the season or weather conditions, and the specific occasion for the feast (a party, a social gathering, a romantic dinner), coffee with liquor can be drunk cold or hot. For quick cooling of a coffee drink brewed in a carafe or a coffee machine, you put a few ice cubes in it.

You can wrap a thin strip of sugar or salt around the edge of the glass, squeeze a well-whipped cream on top of coffee, sprinkling it with cinnamon or grated chocolate. Berries (strawberries, raspberries) are used for decoration. Very effective looks layered poured drink.

Послойно налитый кофе с ликером, фото

Aromatic alcohol for a coffee drink

To successfully choose and buy a liqueur for coffee, first of all, you need to consider personal preferences or tastes and features of your guests. Women like sweet and mild drinks with a fruity flavor, and for men’s company will suit alcohol with a bitter or tart flavor.

Liqueurs are usually added to espresso. Most makers patent the original shaped bottles along with the drink: spherical for Grand Marnier, square for Amaretto and Quantro, glass-shaped for Tia Maria.

NameCharacteristics Extra flavor, aroma
Kahlua (beginning of industrial production – 1936)Fortiness 20-35%; created on the basis of rum; there are about 12 varieties of the drink.Sweet taste of vanilla and milk corn.
Tia Maria (made in XVIII century)26,5% alcohol; is made on the base of 5 year old rum, coffee beans of Blue Mountain variety and cane sugar with addition of spices.Vanilla aroma and sweet, long lingering taste in the mouth.
Amaretto (first produced in 1525)Fortitude 21-30%, intense dark-brown color, more than 10 varieties.Bitter taste of almonds and apricot kernels, a touch of cherry or grape syrup.
Grand Marnier (made in 1880)Fortiness – 51%; clear liquid with copper hues.Aroma and flavor of exotic fruits (Caribbean green Pomeranians), vanilla, dried fruits.
Quantro (beginning of production – 1849)Forty percent proof; clear golden liquid.Sweet and bitter taste of orange blossom and floral aroma.
Sambuca (beginning of production in 1814)Fortiness 38-42%; clear, sometimes colored (red, blue) liquid with the addition of berries or elderflowers.Sweet anise taste.
Strega (time of creation – second half of the XIX century)Forty percent proof; dark yellow liquid with over 70 herbs and spices.Sweet taste with well expressed flavors of mint, juniper and cinnamon.

According to the experts of the International Cocktail Association, the best liqueur for coffee is Grand Marnier. It currently tops the list and is the best-selling coffee liqueur on the world market.

Easy recipes

You can also prepare a flavorful drink at home.

The recipe for coffee with Irish liqueur includes the following ingredients:

  • liqueur – 60 ml;
  • espresso – 120 ml;
  • sugar – 1 tablespoon.

In a well heated cup (glass) pour the sugar, pour it with freshly brewed coffee, and then the liqueur. Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. On top of the drink put a layer of cream well whipped with sugar, sprinkling it with cinnamon or garnished with berries.

For a chocolate latte you will need:

  • espresso – 60 ml;
  • milk – 120 ml;
  • chocolate syrup – 3 tablespoons;
  • liqueur – 60 ml.

Heat the milk in a milk jug until a light steam appears. Whip with a cappuccinator and pour onto the ice cubes in a glass. Mix the coffee, liqueur and chocolate syrup and gently pour (using a knife or a special stick) over the milk layer.

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