Coffeeware for cafes and restaurants

Coffeeware for cafes and restaurants

There are some rules that apply to the tableware in which coffee is served in cafes and restaurants. But there are two main ones: they have to be both comfortable for guests and functional to protect the coffee.

As you know, espresso coffee is served in warmed cups, which allows you to keep it at just the right temperature. Before you pour the coffee, heat the cup with boiling water if you don’t have a special platform to warm it. This will help preserve the heat and aroma of the coffee.

The standard espresso cup is 60 ml, but there are other options – up to 100 ml – for drinks such as double espresso or long espresso. Since milk is added to the espresso to make cappuccino, the volume of this utensil increases to 200 ml. The largest cups are used to serve Latte, a very strong dark roasted coffee that is served with milk at a 1:1 ratio. Typically, coffee utensils are made of porcelain and coffee pairs are made of glass ceramic. One of the advantages of thick-walled cups is that they retain heat longer.

Many manufacturers of coffee brands immediately offer to professional buyers to buy branded tableware as well. Today you can find such brands of coffee tableware on Russian market as LAVAZZA, ILLY, IONIA, PAULIG. Each of them is trying to develop a unique design for their sets capable of giving a special charm to coffee drinking.

The fantasy of the developers is truly limitless. For example, the Italian company ILLY produces both strict classical sets and collection series. Bowls can be decorated with a special branded drawing, and as the handle is woven an interesting design solution (say, a handle in the form of a seashell). Of course, every institution wants to stand out, and that’s why manufacturers try their best to diversify the assortment of coffee sets.

There are also glassware to serve coffee. For example, there’s a very impressive but elegant stemmed glass which serves a variety of hot cocktails with coffee in it. Think of the famous Irish coffee, Irish Coffee, made from espresso, Irish whiskey, sugar and whipped cream. Such a cocktail simply needs to be served in a clear glassware without hiding its beauty. Since many hot coffee drinks are commonly presented in glass, it is clear that it should be made of heat-resistant material.

Cold coffee drinks (rum coffee, coffee with whipped ice cream, coffee glasse) are served in tall, cylindrical glasses. There are other drinkware options, but remember: guests need to feel comfortable enjoying a good cup of coffee.

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