Creamy coffee – why you should forget about your figure for the sake of it

Creamy coffee – why you should forget about your figure for the sake of it

Coffee is considered a universal drink because of its excellent compatibility with various additives. Cocktails, desserts, shakes, recipes with spices – gourmets have come to appreciate the harmonious tandems of aromatic beans with other ingredients. The drink may contain syrups, honey, ice cream, chocolate and milk, but nothing has been invented better than cream for coffee.

Classic flavor

Everyone who has tried a delicate, creamy coffee at least once never goes back to traditional recipes with milk again. Two drinks are particularly popular:

  1. The tandem of dairy products is successfully used in the preparation of coffee brews. A mixture of milk and cream in equal proportions is added to the standard espresso, which increases the volume of foam in the cup. Pleasant delicate taste reminds cappuccino or latte.
  2. Coffee with whipped cream is called mocha. It is based on the classic espresso coffee and is infused with chocolate syrup and foamed milk. The cocktail is garnished with whipped cream and chocolate chips – the cap should completely cover the drink.

The difference between the recipes lies not only in the serving, but also in the taste. The mocha is more like a dessert, while the brieve will captivate you with its delicate creamy notes from the first sip.

Вкусный кофе

Many people refuse to drink this invigorating drink, believing it to be too bitter or sour. This is where you need cream in your coffee, which mutes the richness and bitterness of the natural beans. The more dairy product contained in a cup, the softer the taste of the drink becomes – the volume is adjusted individually.

The stage at which the cream is introduced depends on the recipe. Whipped cream is used for decoration, so it is added last.

Pros and cons of the drink

The perfect combination of coffee and cream is the best start to the day. Just one cup raises the mood and energizes for a long time. The drink contains:

  • vitamins B, C, A;
  • magnesium;
  • phosphorus;
  • calcium
  • ;

  • lecithin.

Compared with milk, cream takes less, so their use is much more economical. The benefits can only be crossed out by the high energy value of the tandem – from 55 to 345 kcal. The problem is solved by reducing the caloric content of the menu at the expense of other dishes. You can give up fried potatoes for dinner, and make coffee with cream in the morning.

It is not recommended that people with gastrointestinal and liver diseases, as well as those who watch their figure, often dainty drink. In moderate and infrequent use, coffee with milk additive will not bring harm.

Selection of cream and whipping technique

Only fresh cream should be used for cooking – fatness does not affect the taste of coffee, but increases its caloric value. For a balanced combination, it is better to take 10% milk product, so that unsightly lumps do not form in the cup. If you need to whip cream for coffee into a thick, strong froth, it is preferable to prefer 30% cream.

Воздушный кофе

To ensure that the foam is thick and does not separate in the process of preparation, the dairy product should be precooled to 3-4 ° C. Frozen cream is sure to separate into two fractions: whey and butter, so it is important to maintain the temperature balance. The product is whipped by hand with a whisk or with a mixer – the second option is preferable.

To get a thick foam, whip the cream in small portions, starting with a minimum speed. The speed increases gradually every 2-3 minutes, then decreases in the same way in order to stop on time. As soon as a foamy “spout” forms on the mixer nozzle, and the base does not spread in the bowl – it’s time to finish the process.

It is necessary to cool not only the cream, but also the utensils that will be used to make the lush foam. The whisk or attachments in the mixer should move in the same direction – it is important to control the appearance of foam, so as not to whip the cream into butter. The resulting mass can be decorated with several types of drink.

Popular recipes

If you plan to use whipped cream from a can in a coffee recipe, it is better not to add sugar to the drink, because the “cap” will turn out already very sweet.


  1. Brew the ground beans in a turkey
  2. , add sugar to taste and reheat again. Pour into a serving bowl.

  3. whip 30 ml of cooled 30% cream with 7 g of powdered sugar.
  4. Place the “cap” on the slightly cooled coffee.

Сливки из баллончика

With chocolate

  1. Prepare in a coffee maker or a coffee
  2. pot, add ½ tsp. sugar.

  3. Melt 2 pieces of chocolate in a water bath, add 1 tsp. of cream, stir and combine with the coffee.
  4. Garnish with whipped cream and grated chocolate.

French recipe

  1. Mix half a litre of milk with 150g of sugar, bring to a boil over low heat.
  2. Add 50 ml cream, then remove from heat and leave to cool slightly.
  3. Beat with a mixer or blender, stir in the pre-brewed coffee and pour into large cups.

The classic version is to add 25 ml. of cream per 100 ml. of coffee to get a balanced flavor. It is advisable to use the whipped foam at once, as it cannot hold its shape for a long time.

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