Espresso machine

Espresso machine

Strong, fragrant, magically invigorating and energizing, helps to normalize metabolism and lose weight when used correctly – all this is a favorite of many espresso coffee. But without a good espresso machine, it is extremely difficult, even impossible, to make espresso coffee. It is the espresso coffee maker that can fully ensure that all the conditions for making the magic drink are met.

Coffee in general is unique, and requires special treatment, from start to finish: from planting the coffee tree in the ground in the plantation, its cultivation, processing, harvesting and roasting coffee beans, and then grinding and storing them. The espresso machine principle provides all the necessary conditions for the world famous beverage to acquire all its properties and qualities:

thick and viscous in fact;
with a thick, but light creamy crema on top, which has a slightly reddish hue.

An espresso machine is simply indispensable in order to get exactly this kind of drink, because the coffee is brewed literally “under pressure” – under the pressure of hot water passing through the pressed freshly ground coffee (for 5-7 grams of coffee you need 25-30 ml of water).

As you can see, espresso simply can’t be made in a regular jesvah (turkey) by boiling over fire, coals, hot sand, or steaming. There should also be no question about whether you need a drip coffee maker or an espresso machine in your kitchen If you are a fan of the real Italian coffee drink, popular also in Portugal, USA and Europe, then definitely the coffee machine should “know” how to make espresso: it should have this function if the coffee machine is multifunctional, or the coffee machine should be set up exclusively for making espresso (specialized version).

Choosing an espresso machine

The range of modern home appliances is so large that it’s not hard to get confused. The shelves of supermarkets and specialty stores offer numerous options of coffee makers, without which today only a rare kitchen can do without. But if you’re wondering how to choose an espresso machine, there are a few criteria you need to look for:

brand, manufacturer, quality – since it was the Italians who “invented” espresso, it is logical to assume that they know perfectly how to cook this drink, and, therefore, produce the necessary equipment for this;
espresso coffee maker price – the cost for many is one of the most important criteria, especially when the budget is limited and the need to save money; although, it is not necessary to purchase an expensive professional version, because espresso cappuccino coffee maker is quite available and in an inexpensive model of coffee machines;
pay attention to the device espresso coffee machine – functionality, size, capabilities, how many cups of beverage can be prepared in it simultaneously, whether it has a temperature press for pouring the coffee or it must be done manually, and maybe the coffee machine is designed only for the use of ready-made “tablets”?
espresso makers for the home can vary in size, shape and overall design – choose the best option that best matches your kitchen style, then the coffee will taste even better.

Coffee for espresso makers

of course, a cheap coffee will only make your coffee taste vaguely similar to coffee. More than ever this rule is true for espresso coffee, which is due to the brewing technology of this kind of coffee drink, developed by spirited Italians, who, on the one hand, value the high quality of taste and aroma and, on the other hand, are quick (“espresso” can also be translated as fast, because coffee “under pressure” is what it is.)

For starters, you can simply look at the rating of espresso coffee makers, paying attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the coffee used.

So, a particular type of coffee, for example, only Arabica, or only Robusta, in the recipe, as a rule, is not specified. But the main rule is to use a good, high grade coffee, which is not cheap, but the result is excellent. Responsible producers usually put a sign on the package indicating that the coffee is suitable for making espresso.

Coffee beans must also be roasted strongly and finely ground. At the same time, the coffee should be freshly ground, literally before brewing. But it is important not to overdo it, because the “dust” will not give that amazing flavor and aroma. Tableted ready coffee for espresso has a special vacuum packaging, and therefore retains all its properties, transferring them to the drink.

How to make espresso in a coffee maker

Espresso is a coffee drink with its “secret”, a certain know-how in the preparation (recipe, dosage, observance of temperature and time nuances).
A hand held espresso machine requires 5 to 7 grams of ground coffee per serving. Such coffee needs to be additionally tamped with a spoon so that the hot (85 to 92?C) water passing through it will hold a little and extrude from the grounds all the “value”. Actually, this is the main secret of how to brew espresso in a coffee maker, but you have to be prepared for the fact that only by trial and error sooner or later you will find for yourself the optimal amount of coffee and water, as well as the temperature and cooking time. It’s not all that simple here either, and automatic coffee machines of the semi-professional or professional type have a significant advantage.
The best espresso coffee machines are those that use pre-pressed tablets, which are no problem to buy today. Tableted coffee for espresso is prepared on a special temperature press, in this case, the coffee undergoes additional heat treatment, and subsequently gives the drink a unique rich flavor. After this, the tablets are properly packed.
The amount of water is also dosed automatically, although variations on different coffee machines are possible. There are also machines that are themselves equipped with a coffee press, but the strength of the press is not high. These are usually multi-purpose machines that make several types of coffee drink, including various espresso-based variants:

doppio (double espresso in the traditional concentration);
lungo (low strength but aromatic espresso);
ristretto (the strongest coffee);
latte (with milk in a ratio of 3:7);
macchiato (with milk, whipped into a foam);
latte macchiato (three layers: milk, espresso, milk foam);
fredo (cold sweet coffee drink in a glass with an ice cube);
macchiato fredo (fredo with milk);
romano (espresso with a slice of lemon or zest);
coretto (coffee with liqueur, rum, etc.).

Be that as it may, once the “espresso coffee maker buy” operation has been successfully completed, you need to study the instructions for your coffee maker or coffee machine most thoroughly, after which do not be afraid to experiment. Only in this way will you find the answer to the question “espresso coffee maker how to use”, and learn all the secrets of the wise Italians.

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