French Coffee Press

French Coffee Press

Sometimes the good old-fashioned way of making a drink makes it taste better, but it takes too much time. If you haven’t yet tasted a delicious cup of coffee made in a French press, then you just don’t get it. With time constraints and limited options, sometimes the best way out is to have a coffee press that you can take with you wherever you go.

How wonderful it would be to sip a cup of your favorite beverage while traveling. You won’t taste the great coffee that you can make at home while traveling. The French Press is an uncomplicated appliance that is easy to use and care for. In just a few minutes you can have a steaming cup of coffee. All you need is just hot water and your favorite type of ground coffee, which you can brew at any time while traveling. You can even pour the dry powder inside the press right away and drive around like that all day. You can make coffee at any time. To do this, just fill a container with hot water, let it infuse for five minutes, add sugar and then squeeze. You can add cream to the drink to taste. It is advisable to add cream after squeezing, as the level of liquid may rise significantly and some of the coffee grounds, bypassing the filter, will fall into the cup.

Having a tight and secure lid in the French press is proof that the device is airtight while moving. This helps to keep your coffee hot for a long time. You won’t have any problems even if the lid is accidentally dropped.

The short brewing time prevents the coffee grounds from getting too hot and thus reduces the amount of acidic formations released, which is ideal for people with high acidity. It also gives you control over the temperature of the water for the finished drink. A French press is an ideal choice over a regular drip coffee maker for people who like to travel. Most models of coffee makers are powered by electricity, which is very convenient. But in some types of travel, such as camping or hiking, there is no easy access to the power grid.

There are many highly rated brands of French presses among travelers from which to choose. Here are some of them:

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