Geyser electric coffeemakers – principle of operation, best models

Geyser electric coffeemakers – principle of operation, best models

Electric geyser coffee makers, unusually popular in Italy and Scandinavian countries, are not very common in Russia. Their owners often have to explain to guests what this “unusual kettle” is. Having tried coffee made in such a device, many appreciate its taste qualities.

How it works

An electric geyser coffee maker is different from a regular geyser:

  • heating method;
  • availability of additional functions (automatic shutdown, delayed start, heating, buzzer).

Гейзерная электрокофеварка, фото

The principle of the geyser electric coffee maker is based on the method of percolation: water is heated in the lower tank by an electric heating element, after boiling, the steam formed displaces the hot water, it rises up, to the filter with coffee powder. The ready beverage flows through the tube into the upper bowl.

Technical characteristics

When choosing a device, you need to pay attention to the power and volume of the drink produced.


Usually, when choosing kitchen appliances, people try to buy a device with high power. In the case of an electric geyser coffee maker, it’s the opposite. The more watts it puts out, the faster the coffee will be made, but if the water is heated very quickly, the drink will turn out watery. The longer the water goes through the coffee filter, the more nutrients it will extract. The optimal power is 350-500 watts.


The description of a geyser coffee maker includes two volumes: the lower bowl for water and the upper one for the finished drink. The lower bowl is about 2 times larger than the upper one: it has a space for the steam produced.

The main indicator is the quantity of a beverage produced. It is usually measured in cups. A small cup is a standard serving of espresso (30 ml). Geyser appliances are available for 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18 cups, that is 60, 120, 160, 270, 360 and 540 ml. When choosing a model, you should remember that you can not make less coffee than the instructions indicate. The most common geysers for 6 and 12 cups.

Because of the small capacity, electric geyser coffee makers are used mainly in the home. In the office, they do not have time to brew a fragrant beverage for everyone, because after each preparation you need to empty and refill the filter, fill with fresh water, and the device remains hot for a long time.

Comparison with a Turco

In a geyser, as well as in a turkey, you can brew a fragrant coffee. But from the same amount of ground beans, the drink in it turns out tastier and richer than in a distillery. This is due to the longer preparation (5-7 minutes depending on power and volume) and the pressure that the hot water produces in the coffee filter.

Accordingly, there is more caffeine in the serving. To avoid the taste of excessive strength and bitterness, you need to take less ground coffee than for the turkey, and use medium, not dark roasted beans.

One of the advantages of an electric geyser coffee maker over a brew is that the liquid will not run out and spill all over the place. Even if you do not stop the device with a manual stop on time, the coffee will remain in the upper cup, but its taste will suffer because of overheating. Even more practical is a geyser electric coffee maker with auto shut-off.


Unlike a brew, no grounds form in the tank, so you can drink the cup to the bottom.

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Pros and cons

Consumers note a number of advantages of the electric mocha:

  • the rich taste of the drink;
  • ease of use;
  • cleanliness around after the operation of the device;
  • it is possible to cook cocoa
  • or herbal tea;

  • compactness (some models are the same size as an electric kettle).

It is worth buying an electric geyser type coffee maker for home for those who want to drink delicious coffee and not have to stand at the stove.

There are drawbacks to the appliance that you should definitely keep in mind:

  • strictly regulated volume. In an appliance designed for 6 cups, it is impossible to make less;
  • it is impossible to influence the strength of the drink;
  • can give a metallic flavor, which disappears over time. Usually this is a sin of aluminum water bowls;
  • demanding to grind. A coarse fraction is good, while a fine fraction clogs the filter;
  • the container for coffee needs washing after each use, and it is better to wait until the cup cools down;
  • do not use a dishwasher, abrasive cleaners and hard sponges;
  • cannot make espresso with foam;
  • high cost.

Review models

The rating of the best models of electric geyser coffee makers includes devices from reputable manufacturers DeLonghi and Rommelsbacher. They differ in design, availability of additional functions, technical characteristics.

DeLonghi EMKM.6.B

Geyser electric coffeemakers - principle of operation, best modelsPlaced on the table stand. Coffee Cup is made of clear plastic which allows to watch the process of preparation. Holds 6 small cups. Operation is very simple: there is a manual on/off switch on the coffee grill. It also turns off when removed from the stand, and there is a steam release valve for safe use. Heating mode is possible. Power – 450 W.

Rommelsbacher EKO 366/E Delux

Rommelsbacher EKO 366/E Delux, фотоMetal coffee machine of laconic design looks very much like an electric kettle, the same way it turns on and turns off automatically. Very compact model, its dimensions are only 21*14*14 cm. On a stand rotates 360 °⁰. Coffee cup capacity is 180 ml. Durable upper bowl is made entirely of stainless steel, so it will not break if accidentally dropped. Water level and power indicators. Power 365 watts.

Rommelsbacher EKO 376/G

Rommelsbacher EKO 376/G, фотоA popular automatic coffeemaker of the geyser type. Built-in support, with convenient center contact. Glass coffee cup allows to watch the process of coffee making. Water tank capacity: 0.35 liter. Brewed coffee capacity of 6 small cups. Water level indication allows you to dial in the necessary amount of water for the operation of the device. Automatic shutoff at the end of brewing. Water level indicator on the side of the device. Power of the device is 365 W.

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