Ground and instant coffee – what’s the difference

Ground and instant coffee – what’s the difference

A cup of coffee is an essential attribute of a good morning, a friendly gathering or a business meeting. All consumers of the drink are divided into connoisseurs of ground product and fans of pellets. Surely there are relevant statistics, but that’s not the point here. It is better to consider how instant coffee differs from natural coffee.

Not so different composition

What ground coffee consists of is very clear. It’s ground, pre-roasted beans. Of course, if we are talking about a good product. Cheap brands may have ground chicory or other beans added.

Ground grits should have a uniform color and texture, exude only the characteristic smell of coffee. Otherwise, there is a possibility of extraneous impurities.

Now about the composition of the pellets. Contrary to many stereotypes, instant coffee is made from coffee. That a pelleted beverage is made from dust or waste is not true. The semi-finished product is a thick, steamed mixture of natural beans. True, for concentrate go berries of cheap varieties, rejects, “failures” of roasting.

In the process of production the product goes through many technical “procedures”. At each stage of processing raw material loses valuable vitamins, trace elements and original characteristics.

Молотый и растворимый кофе

The biggest disadvantage of raw material for pellets is the almost neutral smell. To eliminate this disadvantage, the manufacturer is forced to add natural and artificial oils, flavors, fragrances. This is one of the reasons why ground coffee is healthier than instant coffee. Ground beans retain their natural properties, there is no need for chemical enhancers.


  1. Among “quick” drinks, it’s best to choose a sublimate. Sublimation technology allows you to save at least part of the original properties of the product.
  2. Buy only glass jars so that you can see the quality of the contents.

What’s with the caffeine

Instant coffee is made mostly from Robusta, not the best variety. Its caffeine content is much higher than in the elite Arabica. Logically, pellets and sublimate should take precedence over the grind in terms of the content of the tonic alkaloid. But it doesn’t. After going through multiple processing steps, the beans lose most of their caffeine.

A brewed serving of ground coffee in a brew pot contains about 100 mg of “energy”. In a cup of instant coffee, this alkaloid will be around 60 mg. The figure may vary depending on the brand, but it does not change the picture. Has anyone been looking for the benefits of instant coffee? Here’s the first one!

Differences in flavor

The fact that ground coffee tastes better than instant coffee is almost impossible to dispute. Quick drink is characterized by sourness, not the most pleasant aftertaste. Among the wide range of brands it is possible to choose positions with different bouquets of flavors. But often all these characteristics are the merit of flavorings and emulsifiers, not capable of accurately imitating natural flavors.

Some of the more expensive freeze-dried coffee brands are made without any additives. If you manage to find such a sample on the store shelf, you should take it without hesitation. Of course, the deep, noble taste of ground coffee can not be replaced by anything. But if you are lucky, you can buy a remote semblance.

The difference in brewing method

The most serious argument in favor of instant product is the speed and ease of preparation. You pour a spoonful of powdered mixture into a cup and then pour hot water over it, and that’s the whole process. Some people do the same with ground coffee powder, but it’s not coffee anymore! Natural powder requires a more respectful attitude, only then it will unfold to its fullest potential.

It’s good if your kitchen is equipped with a coffee maker. It makes a great espresso, and you don’t have to worry about it. But a coffee pot needs constant attention. After all, the coffee must be brewed on low heat and in no case boil!

Financial Question

After comparing the quality characteristics, the price difference between instant and ground coffee is perplexing. You guessed it, ground coffee is cheaper, and significantly cheaper. To avoid unsubstantiation, here’s a little comparison. Products from different price segments, packaging is soft, weight – 250 grams.

Ground Price, rubles
Lavazza Qualita Oro350
Jardin Dessert Cup170
Lebo Extra for a turkey90
Soluble Price, rubles
Jacobs Monarch Millicano450
Nescafe Gold300
Jardin Filigrano250

The reasons are purely economic. Sublimate production is a long, high-tech and expensive process. Even the cheapness of raw materials does not help reduce production costs. So, ground coffee differs from instant coffee not only in terms of its better quality, but also in terms of financial gain.

Растворимый и молотый кофе, фото

Soluble vs. ground coffee

In favor of the natural beverage speaks most of the arguments. First of all, it is the effect on health. Beans contain a number of vitamins and trace elements. In moderation, good coffee is not only not forbidden, but even recommended to consume.

As for the powder and granules, their harmful effects on the body have been proven. Acrylamide, which is formed during thermal processing, harms the nervous system and promotes the development of cancer cells. Acids are detrimental to the gastrointestinal tract. The list is not complete.

If you look at your morning cup as a pleasure, nothing compares to ground coffee. A variety of farmhouse blends are multifaceted flavors, extraordinary aromas. Each species has its own character, its own nobility. Given that such a product is even cheaper, there is no doubt about the choice.

The advantages of instant coffee: ease of preparation, less caffeine content. By the way, and the caloric content of granulated concentrate is lower. But any adherents of PP will say that all this – no reason to drink harmful “surrogate.

Surely every reader has long ago decided what is better: instant coffee, ground or beans. The review is unlikely to make anyone change their preferences. Well, now we will have something to appeal in the eternal debate!

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