How a capsule coffee machine works

How a capsule coffee machine works

A capsule coffee machine is one of the most popular types of brewing devices. Because of the partial automation of the process, it is called a coffeemaker. In fact, the device works on the principle of a coffee machine, so it is more correct to refer it to this category. This confusion in the classification does not reduce the list of advantages, for which it is worth buying a capsule coffee machine.

Principle of operation and brewing process

The capsule type of coffee machines is considered one of the most advanced, second only to full automatic machines and “super automatic machines” (they work without interference in the process). The body contains the following elements:

  1. Tray with drip tray.
  2. Tank for water.
  3. Cake reservoir.
  4. Control system.
  5. Cappuccinator (built-in or external).

Not all capsule coffee machines have a cappuccinator. In general, it is only added to the middle and top price segments. Cappuccinator can be external or integrated, depending on the specific model and the way the system works.

Принцип работы капсульной кофемашины

Despite the complexity of the system, the principle of the capsule coffee machine is quite simple:

  • water (the amount is determined by the dispenser, depending on the drink) falls from the tank into the boiler, where it is heated to a temperature of 80-90 degrees;
  • the pump works to create pressure and quickly pump water into the system;
  • capsule system – it is installed capsules for the coffee machine, which are pierced in the process of making coffee (the remainder of the brew is sent to the container);
  • steam under pressure passes through the ground beans and is delivered to the cup in the form of coffee.

The processes are systematized and controlled by a special electronic unit, which is located inside the coffee machine. It includes all the electronics, circuits and other parts, which are used to operate the capsule coffee machine.

Thanks to the use of capsules and the special design of the system, these models do not need to be cleaned even during continuous operation. It is sufficient to clean the used coffee container as soon as it is full.

The brewing process is completed at the touch of a button on the panel of the device when the water tank is full and the capsule is inserted. In terms of convenience and simplicity, the process is almost comparable with automatic coffee machines, except for the built-in grinder for beans. Instead, the device works with ready-to-use capsules.

Advantages and disadvantages of the coffee machine

The most important advantage of the machine is the simplicity and comfort in use. Creating a drink will require a minimum of time and intervention, so even children can use a capsule coffee machine. Often this type of device is installed in small offices, in order to simplify the process of brewing coffee as much as possible. Other advantages include:

  1. No risk of spoiling the coffee due to a mistake (this is possible only when using low-quality water), the quality of the drink depends on the manufacturer of the capsules.
  2. Unpretentiousness in operation.
  3. Excellent taste of the drink (ground coffee
  4. retains its properties in a sealed container).

  5. Stability in operation even with frequent use.
  6. No need to conduct a permanent cleaning.
  7. Compact dimensions.

Despite the impressive list of advantages, there are also disadvantages. It is necessary to consider them when choosing:

  • high price of capsules (due to which the cost of a capsule coffee machine in a year of operation may exceed that of fully automatic coffee machines);
  • piercing mechanism is more subject to breakage;
  • it is impossible to use any kind of beans, except the ones packed in capsules (you can find reusable versions on sale, but they have a number of drawbacks). This significantly reduces the variety of drinks;
  • difficulty in buying capsules (most often you have to order them).

The main disadvantage of coffee machines is related to capsules, which create dependence on a particular manufacturer and narrow the range of flavors.

Капсульная кофемашина и капсулы, фото

Features of capsules

The fierce competition between brands and the lack of uniform standards for the production of bean containers has led to the fact that each company “uniqueizes” its production. Because of this, products of one brand most often do not work with coffee makers of another brand. The capsule is designed for one cup of coffee, it is opened just before the steam is served in the coffee machine, which is necessary to preserve the aroma of ground beans.


Top Makers

With the same principle of operation, manufacturers try to make some differences in their devices. Therefore, it is necessary to consider each model separately. The most popular brands are considered:

  1. Tassimo
  2. – belongs to the American brand Kraft Foods. It is distinguished by a low price of the coffee machine, stability of operation and moderate cost of capsules. Not a bad assortment of flavors, but dairy drinks are prepared using powdered milk, which is considered a disadvantage.

  3. Dolce Gusto
  4. is one of the most common brands. Availability of capsules and inexpensive price make it very popular. The main disadvantage is the operation of the system (there are frequent breakdowns). Also, the disadvantages include the use of dried milk.

  5. Nespresso

– the brand is considered the ancestor of capsule devices. Popular are universal models with automatic cappuccinator. They are reliable in operation, but the main disadvantage is the high price of coffee machines.


Capsule coffee machines are an excellent choice for homes and small offices. The devices work quickly and without complaints, creating a cup of coffee in 50-90 seconds. Nevertheless, frequent use makes them unprofitable in terms of price. In that case, espresso machines will be more profitable for home use, and fully automatic machines for offices.

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