How to brew ground coffee in a coffee pot

How to brew ground coffee in a coffee pot

With all due respect to technology, no state-of-the-art coffee machine can compare to a good jejuju. It is not so much the quality of coffee as the incredible pleasure that comes from the ancient ritual of brewing it. People in the Orient have been familiar with this magical process since childhood. Europeans are eager to adopt exotic traditions. For those wishing to plunge into the mystery of oriental coffee brewing – the subtleties and detailed master class and not only.

The prerequisites for making real coffee

To properly and deliciously brew coffee in a carafe at home, it is not enough just to follow the proportions and recipe. The material and shape of the distiller, the variety and grind of the beans, and the quality of the water all have an influence on the result.

The secrets of a good brew

Some people say “turka,” others call the vessel “jezve” in the Turkic manner (the word cezve is pronounced “djezve”). But more important are the characteristics. So, the characteristics of a good turkey:

  1. It should not spoil (change) the taste of the water.
  2. It should have a wide bottom and a narrow neck. Experts insist on an optimal narrowing of 20%.

Джезва, фото

To brew a tasty coffee with foam in a distiller at home, it is best to use a forged copper vessel with thick walls. The container should have an inner coating of silver or food-grade tin, which will prevent the release of harmful salts.

Type of beans

You’ll have to choose between expensive Arabica and budget Robusta beans-all blends are made from these two varieties.

Three arguments against using pure Robusta:

  • the coffee will be very bitter;
  • the aroma of the beverage will be weak;
  • the high caffeine content can be detrimental to health.

Preference should be given to pure Arabica or a blend with a small admixture of a cheap variety.


Most pros recommend grinding beans for a turkey to “dust,” so that the texture of the grits is not felt at all. Then the foam is more dense and the texture of the drink is much richer.


If you brew coarse ground coffee, it comes out a little watery, liquid. But there is a separate category of coffee lovers who like good grounds, and nothing can replace large grinds for them.


To properly make coffee in a coffee pot at home, it is necessary to take only clean drinking water. Chlorine kills any taste. Therefore, tap water must first be filtered. The acidity of the liquid should be in the range of 6.5-7.5 pH. The optimum mineralization is 120. It is better to use bottled, spring or well water for the drink.

Brewing technique

Generally, coffee and water are mixed in a 1/10 ratio. That’s about two teaspoons of grits of beans (without the spoonful) per 100 ml of liquid. There are lovers of strong drink, there are lovers of “light”. Over time, everyone finds their own favorite proportions of coffee and water.

Turkish “classic”

So, a step-by-step classic recipe. Pour the right amount of freshly ground coffee into an empty turkey pot, pour water at room temperature in the specified ratio.

If you drink the drink with sugar, it’s necessary to add it at once, before the water. The sugar poured already in the cup will destroy the foam and spoil the structure of the coffee.

After stirring the contents of the jesvah, put it on the fire. Now it is necessary to wait patiently for the rise of a puffy foam. The maximum possible head is formed literally before it boils over at 95 °C. At this point, the container is immediately removed from the stove. If the liquid boils, all the efforts will go to waste. Therefore, it is better not to try to do something else during cooking!

Как варить кофе в турке

It takes another two minutes for the extraction to be completed and for the grounds to settle. This stage takes place in a cup, and then you can drink it. If the mug is preheated in the microwave, the foam will last longer.

The question often arises whether it is fundamental to keep the jesova on the gas at the lowest setting. No, the initial heating can be done at medium heat (about a minute), but then reduce. Therefore, it is much easier to properly brew coffee in a carafe on a gas stove than on an electric stove. After lowering the temperature, the electric burner still works for some time on the previously set mode. The drink runs the risk of “escaping”.


Pour 1 teaspoon of sugar into a warmed jesus pot and pour cold water over it. Pour it with cold water and let it boil till first bubbles appear, then take it off fire. Now you need to pour 1-2 spoons of coffee, mix, return the container to the stove. Just before boiling, stop boiling. First, the foam is placed in cups, then the liquid is poured.


In a turkey on a low flame, 3 teaspoons of sugar are heated. Remove the vessel when the “sand” has already turned into caramel, but does not stick. Now it’s time to add 150 ml of water and a sprig of cinnamon. At the first bubbles take out the cinnamon, pour in the fine coffee (1 tsp.). After mixing the ingredients, boil until a thick cap appears. The caramel-coffee cocktail is ready!

There are even entire collections of recipes for making coffee in a turkey. Lovers of spicy flavors can brew the usual classics, but along with the ground beans, add a pinch of salt or pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, honey. You can also experiment a lot with bean blends, degrees of roasting, and types of grinding.

The only disadvantage of cooking in a citrus cooker is that you have to watch the process tirelessly, and this is time-consuming. But during this period, berries maximize their magical properties, which is reflected in the nobility of taste and aroma.

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