How to brew instant coffee in a delicious and unusual way

How to brew instant coffee in a delicious and unusual way

A cup of instant coffee is the most convenient way to cheer up in a hurry when time and technical resources are limited. If you buy a cup “to go” on the way, there is not much choice. At home, on the other hand, you can make instant coffee tastier without sacrificing much time. A few original recipes will help you discover new flavors to this simple beverage.

Delicate – with cream and cinnamon

First, you need to properly prepare instant coffee. For this purpose, the pellets are poured with hot water. The optimal dosage is 2 teaspoons per 250 ml. For a small cup, divide the amount in half.

The most common mistake is to use steep boiling water. Coffee should be made from slightly (2-3 minutes) cooled boiling water.

Add sugar to the finished drink, if necessary. heat 40 g of the liquid cream to 50-60 ⁰C, whip with a blender or mixer for 30 seconds. Alternatively, you can make a foam out of milk. Pour the whipped mixture into the instant coffee and sprinkle with a couple of pinches of cinnamon. The delicate beverage of vivacity is ready!


Nutritious – with chocolate and condensed milk

This recipe for making instant coffee – especially for sweet tooth. First, it is better to prepare the “stuffing”, so that the drink does not have time to cool down. For this, you need to heat 150 ml of milk. Add to it 20 grams of dark chocolate, whisk everything together with a mixer until homogeneous.


Now quickly brew instant coffee and pour in the resulting mixture. Two scoops of condensed milk are added next. Such a drink will cheer you up and replenish the body with endorphin!

Для сладкоежек

Egyptian foam

Equipment: two glasses or mugs, a cocktail straw. In the first container pour one teaspoon of instant coffee and the same amount of sugar. Pour filtered water on top, literally barely covering the ingredients. Cut the bottom end of the tube 1 cm lengthwise, into two halves. Bend the incised parts perpendicular to the base, like a propeller. Now you need to drop the “blades” into the contents of the cup and intensively rotate the base, clamped between the palms. The mixture will very soon turn into a foamy cream.

Hand whipping with a notched cocktail straw is a tiphack used by many baristas. Efficient and very fast!

In the second container, make a classic instant coffee with milk. One scoop of pellets should be poured 120 ml of hot water, then add 60-70 ml of warm milk. Without delay, put a creamy foam on top. Soften the taste and decorate the cocktail will help you with vanilla mixed with cinnamon or chocolate chips.

Healthy – with ginger and honey

Start by preparing a healing infusion. Peel ginger root, cut into thin slices or grate on a coarse grater. For a serving, 1 cm of root length is enough. Pour boiling water over ginger, you need to let it infuse for 5-6 minutes. In a mug pour 1 teaspoon of coffee, add a spoonful of honey and the same amount of lemon juice. During this time, the infusion has time to cool, you can warm it in a microwave oven. Then pour the mixture into a mug, stir until the granules and honey dissolve.

Ginger root is comprehensively useful. Only fresh, not dried product should be cooked. Tip: Thin slices will look more aesthetically pleasing than grated ginger.

Exquisite – with liqueur and plombard

At the weekend it is worth indulging yourself and prepare a delicious instant coffee at home according to a very original recipe. First, a standard drink is prepared, leaving room in the glass for the top. Sugar – to taste. Now it’s time to pour some good alcohol.

It can be cognac, brandy or a delicious berry liqueur. No, it’s not time to drink yet. On top of the coffee is placed a ball of cream or chocolate ice cream. Do not stir! It is the gradual melting of the ice cream, a combination of hot and cold brings the real pleasure. The cocktail is airy and truly festive.

Праздничный напиток

Mocha – for those who like it cold

Cold coffee is made in many countries, and for good reason. If you learn how to properly brew instant iced coffee, it is impossible not to fall in love with it. The main ingredient is frozen coffee cubes. To do this, you need to prepare instant coffee, cool it and place it in the freezer in a special form.

So, a handful of brown ice is poured into a glass. On top is poured warmed milk. If you pour chocolate syrup over the cocktail, it will be incredibly delicious.

If the mocha is to your liking, it is better to make coffee ice preparations in a large volume, with a reserve. When choosing a glass, you need to provide a place for the ice to melt.

Just a cold espresso tonic

Hot coffee isn’t always appropriate on hot days. Here’s a quick way to cool down while getting a boost of energy at the same time. A classic instant drink is prepared. Add 200 ml of tonic water. A few ice cubes, stirring – and a light summer tonic cocktail is ready.

It turns out that even simple things can be learned to enjoy!

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