How to choose a cappuccinator for milk

How to choose a cappuccinator for milk

Milk and coffee go well together, so many drinks have been invented based on them. Often the recipe requires the use of milk foam. It is easy to make with a special device – a cappuccinator.

Types of devices

Milk whippers for cappuccino come in a variety of designs and can be equipped with an additional heating function. The simplest devices cost only a couple of hundred rubles, but they are not very convenient to use. More expensive devices prepare milk foam in automatic mode.

Manual cappuccinatores

These are small electric whisk attachments. The handle, in which the motor is located, has a single trigger. There is a whipping spring attached to the end of the long metal rod and it is submerged into the liquid by about 2cm. Manual cappuccinator differs from the automatic one in the absence of heating: the milk must be brought to the desired temperature in advance on the stove or in the microwave.

These mixers run on batteries and you will need to change them often because you only need to whip 100 ml of milk for 1-2 minutes. Suitable for infrequent use.

In order to use a manual cappuccinator properly, you need to fill the container with milk not more than 1/3.


Metal jugs with a piston that resemble a French press. Thanks to the double strainer whip fast enough, but you have to work with your hands. Milk can be heated on the stove directly in the press if it is made of metal. In a cheaper plastic container is poured already hot milk.


Jugs of varying volumes with heating and whipping capabilities, powered by electricity. At the bottom of the bowl is fixed whisk for whipping, and under it is a heating element. In many models, the jug is located on a stand, like an electric kettle. If the bowl is removable, it can be washed in the dishwasher.

Капучинатор для молока, фото

The body can be plastic or metal, the choice between these options is a matter of taste. The inner bowl is made of stainless steel, sometimes supplemented with non-stick coating for easy care of the device.

It is better to wash the cappuccinator with warm water immediately after use: the dried foam that appears when heating the milk is more difficult to clean.

There are 2 types of foaming devices: with a mechanical and magnetic whisk. Devices with a mechanical drive are cheaper, but the magnetic ones are quiet, less likely to break down and easier to clean.

Most devices function in three modes:

  • heating;
  • whipping;
  • simultaneous whipping and heating.

Often they come with two attachments: for cappuccino (dense foam) and latte (more airy foam).


An electric milk frother for cappuccino is a versatile appliance in which you can make not only milk foam, but also cold shakes, mulled wine, cocoa and hot chocolate.

Прибор капучинатор, фото

To properly whip milk into foam

for cappuccino with the cappuccinator, you need to cool it in the fridge beforehand. Warm milk will overheat before a layer of air bubbles appear.
Automatic cappuccinator is better than a manual one, because you only need to pour the milk and select the appropriate program to get the milk foam. Most models have an auto-off function.

Why the milk doesn’t whip

Sometimes the milk foam turns out loose and quickly settles or does not form at all. If the appliance is working properly, it’s the milk. Baristas know a few whipping secrets:

  1. It’s best to use milk with a 3.2% or higher fat content.
  2. A product with a high protein content is best. On the package you can often see the label “For cappuccino. True, it costs more than ordinary milk.

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The whipping result also depends on the initial amount of liquid. Cappuccinator jugs should be filled to about 1/3 of the total volume, so that the milk covers the working nozzles. This leaves enough space for the growing foam.

Автоматический капучинатор, фото

Cappuccinator Overview

Not everyone has the patience to froth milk with a manual cappuccinator or press. The best results without too much effort are obtained with automatic foaming machines. Among the variety of models you can choose a cappuccinator for milk, suitable in terms of volume, appearance and price.

Kitfort KT-709

Kitfort КТ-709The inner bowl with non-stick coating is enclosed in a white plastic case. The total volume of 300 ml, but in the mode “Whipping” should not pour more than 100 ml. Non-removable bowl should be washed carefully, avoiding moisture on the contacts. In case of overheating it switches off.

Kitfort KT-710

Kitfort КТ-710Large aluminum bowl for 700 ml. milk will make a drink for the whole family. Black plastic body. Smooth motor start and gradual increase of whipping intensity. Suitable for making cocoa and hot chocolate. At overheating automatically turns off.

Clatronic MS 3326 (263125)

How to choose a cappuccinator for milkThe plastic black housing conceals the stainless steel bowl. The total volume of 250 ml allows you to whip 100 ml of milk in one go.

Philips CA6500/63

Philips CA6500/63Stylish black minimalist design 120 ml beaker sits on a swivel (360°) base. Dishwasher-safe cap and whisk. Bowl is non-stick coated.

DeLonghi EMFI.BZ

DeLonghi EMFI.BZThe body is made of stainless steel in a bronze color. Magnetic actuator ensures silent operation. The bowl is designed for 140 ml. The device is also recommended for making grog, mulled wine and cocoa. The miniature jug is easy to pour out thanks to the convenient handle and tight-fitting lid. Rubberized feet prevent slipping.

WMF LONO 0413170711

WMF LONO 0413170711Stainless steel housing in universal light gray color. Electronic control with heating temperature regulation. four automatic modes for hot and cold milk froth, hot chocolate and cocoa. 500 ml capacity allows preparing 2 cups of cocoa or milk foam for 4 servings of cappuccino. The motor starts smoothly and the cappuccinator runs almost silently. The parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

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