How to choose a card

How to choose a card

Choosing a credit card is not an easy task. You have to take a comprehensive approach and be guided not by what your friends or neighbors advised you, but by what you need. We tell you how to do it right.

To begin with, remember what you spend your money on most often.

Do you like shopping and leave a lot of money there? Then the shopping credit cards are right for you:

Cash back cards: When you use this type of card, a portion of the money you spend on purchases or services is returned to your card account. Usually it’s 1-3% of the amount, but there are banks that offer 10-11%.

Bonus and Point Cards: these are mostly co-branded credit cards. These are cards issued by banks in conjunction with an organization. For purchases you are awarded bonuses, which you can spend in partner stores. It is very convenient and profitable for those who like to shop at specific retail outlets.

If your main expense item is paying for public transport, gasoline or flights, then pay attention to cards from the “For travel” section:

– For those who travel frequently, the Bonus Miles category is a good fit. It collects cards with which you earn miles, which can later be redeemed for free tickets.

– Credit cards from the gas station category will appeal to those who spend a lot on gasoline. With them, you can accumulate points and get discounts at gas stations.

– “Transport cards” will be useful for “horseless” citizens – with their help you can save money on trips by ground, underground and even railway transport.

– For those who travel a lot, often go on business or vacation abroad, we advise to visit the “For Travelers” category.

The “Professions” section is aimed at a specific target audience:

– Receive your paycheck on some bank card? Did you know that there are often preferential credit cards with loyal and attractive terms for “salary earners”? Check out the “Payroll” category to see for yourself.

– There are also separate categories for students and businessmen. The former will find here cards that can be obtained with a student card, the latter will be able to pick up a credit card that suits their status.

Practical people, who always calculate the benefits, are advised to study the section “Profitable cards”:

You’ll find credit cards with no maintenance fees, long grace periods, low interest rates, and even cards that allow you to withdraw cash without extra fees. Just think about what you want to save money on, and find the right card for you.

If speed and ease of getting a credit card are important to you, check out the “no-card” and “term card” categories. In the first category, you’ll find credit cards that only require a passport, and in the second, you’ll find those that you can get quickly (sometimes within half an hour).

Want something special? Then you’re in the “Other cards” section:

– For those who like to talk on the phone, we’ve picked up cards with mobile bonuses. You simply make purchases, and you get points for it, which you can then spend on conversations.

– Would you like your card to be different? Welcome to the “Beautiful Cards” category, where you can find a credit card with a custom design.

– If you can’t figure out which section suits you best or you’re leaning towards several at once, then check out “Best Cards”. These are the cards that get ordered more often than others.

Pick a card by profile

Nothing fits? Are you confused? Don’t have the time or inclination to sort through the card categories? No problem-we’d love to help. Just specify who you are (student, traveler, businessman, etc.) or what you need money for (payday loans, shopping, etc.) and our service will automatically find the right card for you.

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