How to choose a coffee maker

How to choose a coffee maker

The taste of coffee is influenced not only by the quality of the product, but also by the vessel in which the drink is made. Some people brew it in a small pot. But for true connoisseurs the choice of a coffee pot is very important. It is important its shape, design, volume, material and even decoration.

History of origin

Турка и кофе, фото

The vessel, which in Russia is called a turka, in most other countries is called a “jezva”. The peculiarly shaped vessel was invented by the Turks to improve the taste of their favorite drink. It has a wide, thick bottom, narrow neck and a long handle. Thanks to this, the liquid heats evenly, the aroma does not escape and there is no risk of scalding.

The name Turka was given to the djezova because it was brought to Russia by Turkish merchants. The word “djezva” did not stick in the language. By saying “turka,” people meant that the vessel belonged to Eastern traders.


Such characteristics as heat conductivity, durability, safety, cost and appearance are important for dishes. For several centuries, mankind has learned to produce jezvas from copper and brass, aluminum and glass, clay and steel. In different products, the same coffee bean will give a different flavor. To choose the right brewpot for brewing coffee on the gas stove, first of all you need to pay attention to the material of which it is made.


The first stills were made of copper. This metal remains the most sought after material due to its optimal combination of characteristics.

    1. Thermal conductivity.

High thermal conductivity contributes to the uniform heating of water.

    1. Price.

Copper products are not the cheapest, but quite affordable.
Durability. Such a jazz bowl will serve for years. It is better to wash it from the inside without the use of abrasive detergents, so as not to damage the inner coating.

  1. Rich assortment.

In any cookware store you can choose copper turks of different volume and design.

The copper coffee maker is the best option, tried and tested for centuries.


An alloy of copper and zinc is used in the production of coffee utensils on par with pure copper. When deciding which is better, a brass or copper distiller, you need to consider the cost and physical properties of the two materials. Brass is harder and denser, while being better forged. Therefore, the products of the alloy can be easily given a classic conical shape and decorated with three-dimensional drawings.

The price of brass distillers is 10-20% lower than the copper ones. For safe use, you should choose a model with an internal coating of tin or silver.

Кофейные турки, фото


An option whose only advantage is the low price. Aluminum is not very suitable for making drinks, including coffee. The shape of aluminum turks is usually far from the classic: the neck is a bit wide. It looks unsightly.


Stainless steel products are strong and long-lasting, but they are not ideal for making delicious coffee. The aroma evaporates through the wide neck. The question of what is better, copper or stainless steel, decides in favor of the first. The same can be said about the enameled jesve, under which the coating hides steel. One can choose for universal use.


Glass Turks are spectacular to look at, and it’s convenient to watch the crema rise. The vessel is odorless and does not absorb flavors of drinks, so it can be used for different purposes. But for coffee such a container is little suitable: the water boils quickly, and the coffee has no time to brew properly. As with aluminum models, the neck is not narrowed enough. In addition, glass, even tempered, is a fragile material.


A crystal carafe will be a real decoration of the kitchen, but it is valued not only for its appearance. Beverage in it is very tasty, because the liquid is heated evenly thanks to the thick walls. Ecologically clean product does not absorb extraneous odors and dyes.

Хрустальная турка, фото

Crystal has a melting point of 2600 ° C, so this kind of incense can be used without fear on stoves of different types. Those wishing to buy such a jesuke will have to splurge: the prices for such models are high (from 3000 rubles). Handle it with care.


Clay Turks require delicate handling: they can not be dropped and subjected to sudden temperature changes. Originally hot sand was used for heating, at home you can also create a gradual increase in the fire. On a gas stove it can be ensured with a flame spreader, but if the stove is electric, the turkey should be placed on a cold burner and only then turn on the heat.

Clay mortars are usually barrel-shaped and have thick walls for gradual and even heating and slow cooling.

Depending on how they are made, clay mortars are divided into:

  • porcelain;
  • ceramic;
  • earthenware.

Porcelain and ceramic coffee makers are preferable: their walls are not as porous, so they slightly absorb the smell of the drink. On the inside and outside they are covered with glaze. Clay products are chosen to create accents in the African ethno style.


Jezzes made of precious metal are beautiful and rich looking, but completely impractical. The walls get hot too fast and cool down too fast, which is bad for the taste of the drink. Silver Turks are most often chosen as an interior decoration.

Турка  из серебра, фото

Experts agree that a ceramic or copper distillery is better for brewing coffee.


There are three shapes of distillers:

    1. Conical.

Bottom is twice wider than the neck, so the drink is heated evenly and preserves aroma better. Characteristic of copperware.

    1. Barrel-shaped. Requires gentle heating and constant surveillance to prevent the foam

from escaping. Smooth, rounded lines are characteristic of earthenware.

  1. Cylindrical.

Steel, aluminum, and glass products often have this shape, which is completely unsuitable for brewing coffee.

Volume and handle

The smallest distillers hold only 100 ml of drink, the largest – up to 700 ml. The most common models for 250-300 ml (two servings).

Do not choose a container “with reserve”: you need to cook as much drink as it fits in order to achieve a harmonious taste and rich aroma. Baristas believe that for brewing coffee it is better to have a small distiller.

A long handle is made of a material with good thermal insulation: wood or heat-resistant plastic (Bakelite). A metal handle will get very hot, and you will need a tack. It is preferable to choose bolt fastening.

Варка турецкого кофе, фото

What kind of carafe to buy

In the variety of turks you can get confused. They differ in manufacturing method, shape, volume and decoration. Our rating presents the best options from different materials. The choice is yours.

Zodiac” copper turkey 200 ml

Турка медная Зодиак, фотоA small jazz bowl with a thick bottom and the right size ratio. Pewter coating on the inside. Pressed product is decorated with an intricate pattern.

Ceramic Maker “Mauritius” 300 ml

Турка керамическая Маврикий, фотоStandard sized ceramic turkey. Artificially aged coating gives this vessel an antique look. Thick, semi-circular bottom for the best heating.

Copper cooper cooper cooper cooper “Dream” 330 ml

Турка медная цельная Мечта, фотоElegantly shaped product guarantees optimal heating. Accommodates two servings. Includes a ring on the handle for storing in a hanging loop.

Maasai Ceramic Tea Maker 200ml

Турка керамическая Масаи, фотоSmall bowl for one drink. Ceramic honey absorbs coffee aromas, thus not suitable for flavored beans. It’s better to use with a flame spreader on a gas stove. Remove from the fire a little earlier than the foam rises to the edges: the thick walls give off heat for a long time. Barrel-shaped shape allows you to save flavor.

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