How to choose a drip coffee maker

How to choose a drip coffee maker

The drip type coffee maker for ground coffee is an affordable appliance that allows you to prepare your favorite drink in large quantities without much difficulty.

How it works

The drip coffee maker was invented two centuries ago. During this time, the design has improved somewhat, and the modern appliance consists of several mandatory elements:

  • cold water tank;
  • heating element;
  • heating tank;
  • funnel with filter for coffee powder;
  • vessel for the ready beverage.

During the brewing process, hot water slowly, literally drop by drop, falls into the filter with the coffee powder. The finished beverage flows into the container without any sediment.

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Models of drip coffee makers differ in coffee cup volume, power, design, additional functions and price, but the principle of operation is always the same.


To choose a drip coffee maker for the home or office, you need to pay attention to several characteristics of the device.


The cup of the coffee maker can be designed for different volumes: from 200 ml to 1-1.5 liters. You need to focus on the number of people using the device. It is not necessary to fill the cup: the design allows you to brew a smaller amount of drink. For the convenience of users, a measuring scale is applied to the transparent flasks.

You can brew a full container of coffee and drink it gradually throughout the day. This will save time, but it will taste worse.


The amount of power consumption affects the speed of the appliance: the higher the power, the faster the water will heat up and pass through the filter. This parameter is especially important for large volume coffee makers. However, the most powerful device does not mean the best. With slow heating, the extraction of flavors and aromas will be stronger.

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Type of filter

Typically, drip coffee makers are equipped with reusable filters made of nylon, plastic or metal. Gold-plated nylon filters are considered the best. If you want, you can use disposable paper filters – this will save time on washing the device after use. But the drip coffee maker with a permanent filter does not require frequent purchase of additional accessories.

There are several filter sizes for different quantities of coffee powder and therefore different volumes of coffee maker. Please refer to the instructions for use for the necessary information.

Additional functions

Manufacturers are striving to make their products as convenient as possible for the consumer, so they equip equipment with modern options:

  1. Automatic shutdown.
  2. The device with this function will shut itself off when the flask is full.

  3. AirStop.
  4. When the filled container is removed from the pad, the beverage supply stops. This avoids drips and puddles on the tray.

  5. Heating.
  6. Convenient to make coffee for all members of the family, even if they have breakfast at different times. Most modern drip coffee makers are heated.

  7. Delayed start.
  8. Program the technique in the evening, you can wake up in the morning to the invigorating aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

  9. Smartphone control.
  10. Smart machine will make coffee by signal, but you still have to go to the kitchen for it yourself.

  11. Built-in coffee grinder.
  12. A drip coffee maker with a grinder is very convenient to use, because the calculation of the number of beans and the choice of grinding size it makes itself.

  13. Cappuccinator.

Recently, there have been models with a device for whipping milk.

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Pros and cons of the drip coffee maker

Drip coffee makers are most common in the United States, not for nothing the drink that they get, sometimes also called “coffee in the American way“. The popular device has many advantages, but is not without disadvantages.


  1. Ease of use. You only need to pour the coffee powder, pour water and press the button.
  2. Reliability of construction. Such a coffee maker is not much more complicated than an electric kettle.
  3. Reasonable price. The simplest devices cost less than 2000 rubles.
  4. Prevalence. In any store of home appliances to choose from several dozen models.
  5. Immediately a lot of delicious coffee. The carob coffee maker
  6. will not allow to get 8-10 people drunk at once, while the drip device of sufficient volume will easily cope with this task. This is why these coffee makers are most commonly purchased in offices.

  7. Guaranteed results. The task of the owner of the coffee machine is to buy a good coffee. Having a drip coffee maker, over a cup of your favorite drink will not have to conjure and show barista



  1. A drip coffee maker makes filtered black coffee. Espresso, cappuccino, latte
  2. and other coffee drinks in it will not work. Lovers of milk and coffee cocktails with the foam should pay attention to the model with a cappuccinator.

  3. Not suitable for making monosorts with a subtle flavor and aroma.


The rating of the best drip coffee makers 2019 for the home includes models for any purse with a different set of functions.

Vitek VT 1506 BK

How to choose a drip coffee makerThe power of 550 watts is quite enough to make 700 ml of drink. For the readiness of the device to work, it is convenient to monitor thanks to the indicator of the water level and the power on. The beverage will remain hot for a long time with the heating function. Measuring spoon is included.

Moulinex Subito FG360830

How to choose a drip coffee makerPowerful device (1000 watts) can brew up to 1.25 l of drink and keep it hot. Anti-drip function and indicator lights make operation easy. Reusable filter is not included, it must be purchased separately or use convenient paper ones.

Kitfort KT-704-1

How to choose a drip coffee makerElegant white coffee maker will be a decoration of your kitchen. Delayed start function combined with an auto shut-off is a guarantee of safety. 1.5 liter drink will stay hot for a long time with the heating mode. Measuring spoon included.

Philips HD7434/20

How to choose a drip coffee makerThis 0.92 liter machine has illuminated buttons and a water level indicator. Users appreciate the ease of maintenance of this device. Additionally, you need to buy paper filters.

Redmond RCM-M1505S-E

How to choose a drip coffee makerThe capacity for the drink is small – 0.5 liters. You can use ground or ground coffee – this model has a built-in grinder. Includes a metal filter and measuring spoon. The auto-off function and anti-drip system ensure convenient operation. The appliance synchronizes with your smartphone using the proprietary Ready for Sky app.

KitchenAid Artisan 5KCM0812EOB

How to choose a drip coffee makerRounding out the top is an original appliance with a unique design. This coffee maker is close in principle to a geyser: water, being heated, rises from the bottom vessel to the top, and then the brewed coffee drips down through a metal filter. The process is fully automated, but it tastes just like manual brewing. All parts are easy to remove and wash, in addition, there is a special brush included.

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