How to choose coffee for a coffee carob

How to choose coffee for a coffee carob

A quality espresso and cappuccino maker is as good as a coffeehouse. But it is not enough to have a good appliance, you need to choose the right coffee. It matters what kind of roast it is and what kind of beans it is, but most of all it matters what kind of grind it is.


To understand why grind is so important in a coffee carob, you need to know how it works. Ground coffee is poured into the cone, lightly compacted with a temp, forming a tablet, and then the part is put in place and the appliance is turned on. Hot water under pressure passes through the thickness of the coffee powder, saturating its flavor and aroma.

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It takes 23-25 seconds to prepare a standard cup. During this time, 30 ml of strong espresso flows into the cup. The grind size affects the taste of the drink, its appearance and the brewing time.

A fine coffee bean grind is best for a coffee carob. First of all, you get a full-bodied drink, but without a burning smell. Second, a filter effectively retains particles of this size, so there is almost no sludge.

Fine grinding is considered universal and it is not difficult to find. Usually it is marked “Espresso” or “For Carob Coffee Makers” on the packet. It is easy to recognize fine grind: it looks like fine salt “extra,” if you grind it between your fingers, you feel crumbly (like semolina).

Fine (“dusty”) grind is not good because it will take longer to brew and the drink will be cloudy and overly bitter. A coarse grind will not brew, and the coffee will turn out watery and unflavorful, without a hint of the characteristic foam.

You can grind your own coffee beans. A coffee grinder with a rotary knife is not suitable for several reasons:

  • it does not give a homogeneous fraction, all the same, some of the grains will be large, some will turn into dust. As a result, the coffee tablet will be loose, the spill will be uneven, and the drink will not be the most delicious;
  • a regular rotary grinder heats up the knife and overheats the coffee, making it bitter.

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It is better to use a device with ceramic millstones, which allows you to adjust the size of grinding and does not overheat the grain. A homogeneous fraction ensures a balanced taste.

Coffee grinders with an integrated coffee grinder grind the beans to the consistency that is ideal for the particular appliance.


The best coffee for a coffee carob is medium roasted (Viennese roast). This is a harmonious blend of acidity and bitterness which will be to the taste of the majority of people.
The light roasted (Scandinavian) grain retains a lot of sweet and herbal notes. The acidity of the drink will be too high, for one’s liking.

Dark roasts, Italian or French, are good if you want a stronger coffee. The sourness is almost gone, but you get a noble bitterness with caramel notes. Darker beans make a heavier beverage, a classic Italian espresso.

What affects the degree of roasting

An espresso blend, experts say, should be used within two weeks of roasting, when it will have the greatest aroma and flavor profile. This is possible if you buy the beans from specialized stores.

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But you can buy coffee for the carob coffee maker and in a regular supermarket, be sure to pay attention to the date of production: the fresher, the better. Manufacturers of ground coffee to preserve the properties of the product pack it in airtight packaging, often vacuum-packed, and recommend using the opened package as soon as possible.


Espresso blends are specially selected to contain beans from different regions, such as Colombia, Brazil and Kenya. Producers can combine three to twelve different varieties. Most espresso blends are based on 100% noble Arabica which guarantees a rich flavor and aroma.


If you want a denser beverage with a pronounced bitterness and stable foam, it is worth trying a blend with 10-15% of Robusta.

Carob beans for carob coffee makers are usually processed dry (Natural) or semi-dry (Pulped Natural). This coffee is more aromatic and has a bright taste with sweetish notes. Washed beans are too acidic.

Do not use flavored coffee in the coffee carob: essential oils precipitate on the internal parts and can cause malfunction of the appliance.


The rating of ground coffee for carob coffee machine includes brands oriented to the mass buyer, affordable and widely available in domestic supermarkets.

Jardin Espresso di Milano

Jardin Espresso di MilanoThe blend of three types of Arabica is subjected to French roasting, so it is a fairly strong product. In the aftertaste almond bitterness is felt. It has a chocolate flavor and honey aroma.

Paulig Classic

Paulig ClassicThis medium roasted coffee from Finland has a universal grind that is not only suitable for a carob coffee maker, so it is in high demand. It makes a delicious beverage with a strong aroma.

Lavazza Espresso

Lavazza EspressoThe popular Italian brand has several types of ground coffee in its range. Lavazza Espresso fine grind is excellent in a carob coffee maker. It consists of 100% arabica.

Live Coffee Espresso

Живой кофе EspressoThis Russian-made product makes a delicious drink with a high density. The taste is clearly felt with cocoa and citrus fruits. The roasting is medium.

Egoiste Noir

Egoiste NoirStrongly roasted beans make a strong aromatic drink with a good foam. Notes of spices and chocolate make the taste interesting and expressive.

Illy Espresso

Illy EspressoA fine grind and dark roasted product perfect for brewing in a carob coffee maker. The blend of nine varieties has a subtle fruity and berry flavor.

The best ground coffee for a carob type coffee maker, each coffee drinker will determine for himself by trial and error. The main thing is to choose the right size of grinding and form a dense, homogeneous tablet of coffee powder in the cone.

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