How to choose the best coffee for your carafe

How to choose the best coffee for your carafe

“There are some things that are worth keeping faithful to. Coffee, for example.” The words of English novelist John Galsworthy are probably close to every true connoisseur of the magical beverage. But how do you choose the most delicious coffee beans for the coffee pot? All or almost all the nuances of a competent choice – in the review below.

The bean is important

The variety of beans determines the quality of not just the brewed in a turkey, but of any coffee. There are only two:

  1. Arabica. An elite type of coffee with exquisite aroma and flavor.
  2. Robusta. Berries with smoky notes, higher caffeine content. This relatively inexpensive variety gives the drink strength and bitterness.

It would seem that there is not much choice. But the producers, mixing the grains according to their varieties and areas of growth, create an incredible variety of interesting blends. As a result of experiments there are blends with chocolate, fruit and nut flavor. Even connoisseurs get lost in this variety.

The share of Robusta on the world market is only 30%. Because a good coffee has to contain less than one third of this variety. The main component is selected arabica.

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If the percentage of robusta is close to 30, the product is ideal for making espresso in the coffee machine. In other cases, it is better to choose ground coffee for a turkey with a smaller addition of the auxiliary variety. Well, or a classic pure Arabica.

The value of the grind

The comparison between whole bean and finished grind hardly makes sense. No prepackaged powder compares in performance to freshly ground beans. And yet the ground product is mega-popular. Some of its fans don’t have time to grind; others have trivial coffee grinders.

There are three basic types of grinding: coarse (coarse), medium, and fine. If you put fine powder into a jesova, the drink will be cloudy and without any distinctive thickness. Therefore, a coarse or medium coffee grind is better for the brewer. Large grains react longer with water, so the procedure “almost boiling” is advised to repeat.

Do not store ground coffee for more than two weeks. No matter how airtight the packaging, it quickly loses aroma and flavor.

Roasting degree

In professional circles, when talking about roasting beans, people use such exotic words as “Scandinavian”, “Viennese”, “French” and “city”. Without getting into the nuances, all of these terms refer to the degree to which the beans are roasted.

Кофе для турки

For the average coffee lover, it is clearer: very light, light, medium, dark and very dark roast. And to simplify the information even more, manufacturers have introduced a digital notation of this indicator. They adopted a gradation from 1 to 5, where 1 means very light and 5 means very dark.

During a store voyage to buy the best coffee to brew in a pot, it’s worth paying attention to these very numbers. The degree of roasting determines the flavor, aroma and strength of the beverage. Light beans are characterized by sourness and low strength. Dark beans have a better disclosure of flavor, strength and a slight bitterness. Medium and dark varieties are best suited for the turkey.

Region of Origin

Coffee is grown on many continents, and each region has its own special characteristics. Some of the areas where the magic beans grow:

  1. Ethiopia. The best Arabica beans grow here, strong, with chocolate and spicy notes.
  2. Yemen and Kenya deliver a sour coffee with a citrusy aftertaste.
  3. Indian beans are to the taste of those who prefer a pleasant chocolate bitterness to sourness.
  4. Tanzania is home to the famous AA variety with a mild almond flavor.
  5. Brazilian coffee is used to create strong, rich blends. The most popular variety is Santos.
  6. It is possible to buy raw material for a sweet-spicy drink in Indonesia.

It is simply impossible to present coffee countries in the form of a rating. Regions and even individual farms have their own products with special characteristics. In addition, along with mono varieties, factories produce many blends. They usually mix berries from different parts of the world in these blends.

Варка кофе в турке, фото

A brief look at the brands

And now more specifically about what kind of coffee will definitely be worth the money spent. It has already been said that it is better to grind the beans yourself. So let’s start with the whole raw material. In the rating of the best brands of grain coffee for the turkey can safely make 5 positions:

  • Molinari Qualità Rosso.
  • An expensive, but very good blend with chocolate and tart notes from an Italian roaster.

  • Julius Meinl Wiener Mokka.
  • 100% Arabica from Brazil, subjected to Viennese processing. Rich bouquet of taste and aroma.

  • Lavazza Qualità Oro.
  • Creation of the leader of Italian coffee industry – a blend of Arabica from Central America and Brazil. Sweetish coffee flavor shifts into a fruity-honey aftertaste.

  • JardinGuatemala Cloud Forest
  • . Russian product for lovers of traditional flavors. Everything is in balance: acidity, bitterness, sweetness and strength.

  • Paulig Classic

for the Turret. A traditional drink from the Finnish brand. This rich coffee is good both pure and with milk.

If domestic circumstances do not allow you to do the grinding at home, then at least you should buy a good ground product. Not to make a mistake will help the rating of the best ground coffee for the turkey:

  1. Julius Meinl Jubileum.
  2. Strong Viennese coffee made from selected fruits. Geography: Central America and Papua New Guinea.

  3. Dallmayr Prodomo.
  4. Raw material from highland plantations of different countries goes through special procedure, getting rid of bitterness. The beverage is soft and noble.

  5. Goppion caffe.
  6. Selected Nicaraguan and Brazilian Arabicas, which give a pleasant chocolate aftertaste with floral notes.

  7. Mr.Viet Arabica.
  8. This coffee from the premium varieties must be prepared according to special instructions on the package. Taste of biscuits and plombery is a distinctive feature of the brand.

  9. Lebo Extra

for the turkey. Russian brand is in high demand in the low-cost segment. A classic drink with a balanced flavor and aroma.

Where to buy, what to look for

You can buy a good grain coffee in a regular or specialty store. But beyond that, there are businesses that roast the fruit themselves. Specialists call them roasters.

Кофе для турки, фото

Where is the best place to go? If a roaster company is within reasonable distance, it’s the only place to go. The fresher the coffee, the richer its taste and aroma will be. Long-term packaging, according to experts, retains its properties no more than 4-5 months. After that the beans are suitable only for making a scrub.

But even the product with a period of 2 months from the date of packaging does not compare with coffee from the roaster. Also. The store package often shows the packing date, not the heat treatment date. You don’t know how long the beans have been in the container before they are shipped.

If the product is still the only option on the shelves, you should study the information about it carefully. The coffee is worth buying if it is:

  • grain;
  • it has been roasted for a maximum of two months;
  • consists of at least 75% Specialty Arabica;
  • has a multi-layer sealed package with a valve.

To avoid counterfeiting, you need to pay attention to individual points. Compressed packet “brick” should have perfectly flat ribs. On w / b is not allowed to have stickers, all information is placed on the body of the can.

The quality of packaging design must be perfect: no blurring, very bright or pale colors. Labeling with a bar code of the country and the shelf life must also be clear and understandable.

The more technologically complex the packaging, the lower the risk of buying a counterfeit. But there is always the possibility of fraud. That’s why foodies prefer professional roasters. In such establishments, you can buy the freshest Specialty varieties “from the frying pan” without any trickery.

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