How to drink coffee in the morning? Expert tips

How to drink coffee in the morning? Expert tips

It often feels like a real ritual, because for many people the day doesn’t really begin until they have their first morning coffee. This is not surprising, since the drink has an invigorating effect due to the ingredient caffeine. But interestingly enough, how you drink it after you wake up also matters.

Morning coffee: many people make this mistake

Hot coffee in the morning is the epitome of awakening. It does not matter whether you drink it to get in shape quickly at the beginning of the work day or to relax and revive your body at the weekend. Everyone knows that the beloved drink has just such an effect. On the other hand, the fact that coffee should never be the first drink of the day, as the expert in the field says, seems much less well known.

Clinical psychologist and sleep specialist Dr. Michael Breus, finds it much more appropriate to drink a glass of water in the morning instead of coffee. The reason for this is simple: sleep is a process of dehydration, that is, it draws water from your body.

How to drink coffee correctly: here’s how it works, according to the expert

“Every night we lose almost a liter of water, so we wake up dehydrated,” Breus explains. If you prefer coffee instead of water first thing in the morning after waking up, you get diuretic thanks to the caffeine, and eventually, when you go to the bathroom, further dehydration will occur. To counteract this, water is the only way out.

According to Breus, it is best to drink 600 to 900 milliliters of room temperature water after waking up. You can also add a slice of lemon to get an extra boost of vitamin C. And only after that can you drink your morning coffee or any other liquid, if possible, also at room temperature.

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Is coffee healthy or harmful?

According to NDR television, three to four cups of coffee a day usually have a positive effect on the circulatory system. If consumption remains moderate, it has been associated with a lower risk of cancer, among other things. There is also speculation that moderate coffee consumption may also be associated with a lower risk of diseases such as diabetes, depression and Alzheimer’s disease. An evaluation of 200 studies on this topic also concluded that this number of cups of coffee a day is good for health.

Black drink is also believed to have positive effects not only on health, but also on mood or cognitive abilities. However, the question of whether this can really be reliably proven is still open.

3 benefits that coffee lovers get

  • Your brain works better: Studies have shown that coffee improves reaction time and memory.
  • You feel happier: Coffee may have the effect of increasing feelings of happiness. Researchers speculate that antioxidants in it are responsible.
  • You make more money: At least one British study raises the question of how plausible this thesis is. It claims that coffee drinkers earn on average £2,000 more a year than tea drinkers.

The argument against: Why shouldn’t you drink coffee in the morning?

In addition to real and potential benefits, there are, of course, arguments against the popular morning coffee. For example, the level of cortisol, formed during the night and reaching a maximum immediately after awakening, can negate the effect of caffeine as a stimulant. The combination of the anti-stress hormone and coffee is not the best choice, experts say.

  • Coffee increases the production of cortisol: this causes stress in the body and can lead to weight gain and an increased risk of developing diabetes. The immune system can also be affected.
  • Coffee and cortisol together make you less susceptible to the stimulant: the effect of caffeine goes away faster, and you may drink more coffee than you want to, either in the morning or in general, while waiting for the effect.

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