How to grind coffee in a coffee machine

How to grind coffee in a coffee machine

One of the important factors for achieving the ideal strength and intensity of the drink is the degree of grinding, because when making coffee in the coffee machine, the fraction of the ground mass has a direct impact on taste.

If the particles turn out to be too coarse, when using ground coffee in an automatic machine, the taste will be weak and sour, if it is fine, the drink will be bitter. In both cases you will not get a unique bouquet of flavors and most likely you will not like it or taste its special notes.

So, which grind is better for the coffee machine to get an invigorating and mood-enhancing beverage with an individual, full-bodied taste?

Grades of grind

There are five basic degrees of coffee bean grinding. They differ from each other by the size of the resulting ground mass. It is impossible to say for sure that one of them is better than another one, as everything depends on field of application and personal preferences of a coffee grinder. For example, coffee ground for a coffee machine should be of medium size, which means that when ground coffee beans are grinded between the fingers one should feel the texture, but the appearance of the powder is closer to flour, while French press implies a coarse grinding with visually distinguishable particles.

1.Extra coarse (coarse) grind can only be achieved by grinding the coffee beans yourself, as it is almost impossible to find it in ready-made form on the market. In this grinding, the particles may reach 2-3 millimeters and look like bread crumbs. This option is used when brewing coffee cold, as well as using a kettle or pot (so-called cowboy coffee).
Помол кофе
2. Coarse (coarse) grind implies large particles of beans, reaching a size of one millimeter. In appearance, it resembles sea salt granules, which are well captured by the filter. It is ideal for brewing coffee in a French-press or a drip coffee maker.

3. Themedium grind is ideal for use in coffee machines, including carob coffee machines. Its grain size is similar to that of river sand or sugar. If coarser granules or very fine powder are used for beverages in the coffee machine, the filter holes may get clogged.

4.Fine grinding is used when preparing coffee in a carafe or with a geyser coffee maker. It looks like coarsely ground powdered sugar. Fine expresso is suitable for speciality coffee makers. Most often these machines already have a grinder built in, set to a suitable mode.

5. The extra fine grind looks like ground cinnamon. Ideal for brewing Turkish-style coffee. The beverage of this extraction seems thicker when brewed, which reveals the flavor of the beans in a new way.

Adjusting the degree of grind

It is said that the best espresso is made with an extraction time of about 25 seconds per cup of coffee. Less than 22 seconds will make it too coarse, and more than 28 seconds will make it too fine.

Most of modern coffee machines have a grinder, which makes it easier to grind coffee beans. In order to achieve a perfect extraction for the coffee machine, you should adjust the coffee grind using a dial, on which there are corresponding divisions, often with a graphic symbol. Typically, the price of one bar is 2 seconds of grinding.

The degree of grinding of coffee beans is a very important characteristic, which should be taken quite seriously. Only inexperienced coffee drinkers may think that this is an insignificant detail, not affecting the taste characteristics. The difference in coffee grind, especially if you grind it for a coffee machine, is quite significant, and if you do it right, you can enjoy a drink, the charms of which are described in art books and in commercials.

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