How to make a cappuccino without a coffee machine

How to make a cappuccino without a coffee machine

Cappuccino is one of the varieties of coffee drinks. But it’s usually relegated to a separate, special category. This 180 ml of coffee and creamy pleasure has a huge fan club on a global scale. Ten years ago, gourmets had to go to a cafe for a cup of this fragrant drink. Today, however, anyone can make a cappuccino at home without a coffee machine.

Ingredients and proportions

A tacitly accepted serving of cappuccino is 150-180 ml. Coffee houses serve it in thick-walled ceramic or glass mugs. This way it stays at the right temperature longer.

Cappuccino is traditionally made with just two ingredients: coffee and milk. But to make the drink taste better, sugar is added. Decorative sprinkles are used to spice up the crema. Cocoa powder, cinnamon and powdered sugar are suitable for this purpose. Cane or caramelized sugar will sweeten the drink, plus make it healthy.

The base of a cappuccino is a hot, classic espresso. According to the technology, it should take up 1/3 of the cup. A little milk is poured over the top of the espresso. The remaining volume of the cup is occupied by milk foam. It is also easy to make at home.

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Making cappuccino at home

This beautiful, exquisite drink is actually quite easy to make. And if you get the hang of it, it’s also quick. Here are some affordable recipes for cappuccino coffee at home without a coffee machine.

A classic in a carafe

The first task is to brew espresso. To do this, you need to pour 1.5 teaspoons of ground coffee and pour 100 ml of cold filtered water into a turkey. The contents are heated over low heat, almost bringing it to a boil. After letting the foam sink in, you need to reheat the brew. The procedure is repeated 4-5 times.

Quality coffee is a must for espresso. It is good to use home roasted and ground beans.

The next step is to make the crema. The correct proportions of coffee and milk for cappuccino are 1:3. A third is an airy cap. For one serving, 50 ml of cold milk is needed. It must be pasteurized or homemade unboiled. The liquid must be heated slowly in a bowl or saucepan.

Already on the fire, you should start whipping the milk with a whisk. As a rule, the result is achieved after 40 seconds. You can check the stability and homogeneity of the “cap” by taking it in a spoon and turning it vertically.

The optimum temperature for hand whipping milk for cappuccino is 60-65⁰. An overheated product loses the right flavor and aroma. And if the temperature is lower, the foam will be loose.

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The order in which the ingredients are mixed is as follows:

  1. Hot espresso is poured into a cup.
  2. Sugar is added and mixed.
  3. 15-20 ml of warm milk is poured.
  4. A beautiful foamy cap is laid out. The top can be sprinkled with cinnamon

or cocoa.

With instant coffee

This method can not be called a classic, but it is ideal in the conditions of an intensive rhythm of life. An ordinary instant coffee is prepared by pouring 50 ml of boiling water over 1 teaspoon of the beans. The milk heated over low heat can be quickly whipped with an ordinary mixer. The main condition: turn the device on and off when the whisk is immersed in the liquid. When the structure becomes smooth and homogeneous, the foam is spooned over the drink.

A tip:

if the cup is preheated in the microwave, the cappuccino will stay hot longer.
You can make the taste of the instant drink softer with a caramel or berry topping. It is poured before the “cap”. The result is a nice, invigorating cappuccino without a coffee maker or a turkey.

The Original with Egg Foam

A method for those who already know how to make a proper cappuccino at home without a coffee machine. Now you can try a more daring recipe. First, you need to brew strong coffee. Pour 2 tsp. grinded beans in a turkey and pour 120 ml of cold water. Over low heat, the mixture is brought almost to a boil.

Now it’s up to you to make a fancy foam. Separate the white of one egg from the yolk and whip with two teaspoons of powdered sugar to a steady consistency. This can be done at home with a blender with a whisk attachment.

Pour hot espresso into a cup, followed by 30 ml of warm milk. The whipped egg white is spooned out with a small slide. On such a thick “cap” you can experiment with creativity. The easiest option at home is to sprinkle cocoa and draw a powdered pattern on it.

Stretchy vanilla

This unusual way to brew cappuccino in a turkey at home will appeal to foodies. First you need to brew a classic coffee in the brew pot. The espresso should not have any grounds, so the remains of ground beans should always be strained.

Separately, a special crema is prepared. Only the yolk is extracted from the egg and start foaming it. You can do this with a homemade “shaker”. An ordinary glass jar with a tight lid will play its role. Intense shaking will do the same thing as a whisk or mixer. Immediately you need to add 2 teaspoons of powdered sugar and two pinches of vanillin. Whisk the mixture thoroughly.

Next, 50 ml of cream with a fat content of 30% is poured into the “shaker”. Now the jar must be shaken until the formation of a thick viscous foam. The liquid precipitate is poured into the cup. Finally, the egg and creamy foam is poured out. This method is a little longer and more complicated than the classic one. But such an original treat at home will surprise even the most pretentious guests.

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