How to make coffee in capsules without a coffee machine

How to make coffee in capsules without a coffee machine

Capsule coffee machines are actively gaining popularity. This device is more expensive than an ordinary electric coffee machine, but surpasses it in many respects. The machine brews natural, delicious coffee from water and a sealed capsule. But what if there is no expensive miracle of engineering (well, or broke), and from the raw material there is only that magic “pill”? Let’s look at the options?

What we have to deal with

A coffee machine capsule is a plastic or aluminum container covered with filter paper and sealed with a layer of foil or thin plastic. Inside there is coffee beans, which have undergone the necessary processing(roasting, grinding). Due to good sealing, the product retains its natural properties for a long time: intensity of extraction, taste, aroma.

Кофейные капсулы, фото

To make coffee in capsules without a coffee machine, you need to try to repeat the procedure of its work. The device makes a hole in the foil coating and passes hot water through the shell to the powder, then to the cup.

Options for making capsule coffee without the machine

Inside the capsule coffee maker, water passes through the container under very high pressure. This ensures fast and intense extraction of the powder, resulting in a rich beverage. So let’s note right away that you can’t brew a real, tasty espresso without special technology. But still there are options quite tolerable to make capsule coffee without a coffee machine. The necessary first action is to open the capsule.

If the lid of the container is made of foil, you need to make a puncture with a needle, then pick up the coating with a knife. A circular incision is made on the plastic lid.

Now a portion of good coffee is available, it’s time to make it.

In a geyser coffee maker

If you have a geyser coffee maker on hand, feel free to take it on “arsenal”. The device must first be disassembled into two containers and a filter. Then, water is poured into the lower reservoir to the mark, and the contents of the container are poured into the filter. One capsule is designed for one serving! Now the device should be assembled, and you can brew coffee. If “geyser” is electric, connect to the mains, if conventional – put it on the fire. As soon as a sizzling sound appears, you should turn it off (take it off the stove).

The result is quite a tasty and fragrant drink. Although the quality is inferior to the original brewed, it is still the best way to make coffee from capsules without a coffee machine.

Кофе в капсуле, фото

The Classic in a Carafe

This method is no different from making regular coffee in a brew kettle. You need to open the capsule, pour the contents into an empty brewset. Add sugar to taste and 150 ml of cool water. Next, the ingredients are mixed and the turkey is put on low heat. Do not forget that the jesus must not be left unattended!

Remove the container from the fire as soon as the foam has formed, not allowing the liquid to boil. To make the drink more saturated with essential oils, you can once again return the turkey to the stove before the cap rises.

You should not experiment by imitating the operation of the capsule machine in a water bath. Under the influence of steam, the coffee may spoil (crumble or become lumpy).

Strong Oriental

Lovers of a strong drink will like the following tip on how to brew coffee capsules without a coffee machine. Pour half of the contents of the container in a turkey, pour 100 ml of boiling water and allow to boil for a couple of minutes. Then remove the pot from the stove, put the lid on and let it brew for 7-8 minutes.

Now you can add the rest of the coffee and spices: ground black pepper on the tip of a knife, 0.5 teaspoon of loose turmeric. Add another 50 ml of hot water, mix the components thoroughly and put back on the fire. As soon as the golden foam forms, the treat is ready. If you pour the coffee into a preheated cup, the lush bubbles will last longer.

Кофе в капсулах, фото

A last resort

Let’s imagine an uncomfortable situation: there is a cherished “liveliness pill”, but there is no way to boil the drink on the stove. This can happen, for example, in the office. Then the only option remains to brew coffee from the capsules without a coffee machine – pour boiling water directly in the cup.

To even remotely achieve an acceptable result, you should:

  • pour an incomplete cup of boiling water;
  • immediately after steaming, stir the coffee into the water;
  • cover with a lid and let the mixture steep for 2 minutes before drinking.

If the microwave is available, you can use it to simulate coffee brewing. You need to mix coffee, sugar and cold water in a cup, similar to a jesvah. Then place the mug in the microwave and put it on the heat. When the cap appears, turn off the device. The procedure can be repeated for more satiation.

All of the above recipes are only a possible way out when no coffee machine is available. Such a drink will be very seriously inferior to the real one, cooked by technology. Try the product of this invention once and you will definitely want to have your own capsule coffee maker, however small and not the most expensive.

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