How to make coffee with foam

How to make coffee with foam

Coffee topped with a lush “cap” wins in both appearance and flavor. A thick layer of air bubbles keeps the liquid from evaporating essential oils that are responsible for aroma and flavor saturation. But not for long. Therefore, such a drink is recommended to drink immediately after preparation. And to make coffee with foam at home, if you try, is not so difficult.

Foam or “crema” is created in different ways. It can be natural coffee bubbles, a milk cap, or a yolk mixture. Professional baristas have mastered any of the “foam” techniques. For us, however, simple basics will suffice.

Espresso foam

The technology of the coffee machine provides for the formation of a cap on top of the liquid. Especially if it is a new geyser models. To make a foam on coffee at home without a coffee machine, you need a distillery and good raw materials.

“Crema” is created by releasing air and essential oils from the bean grains. The higher the quality of the coffee, the better the crema will be.

Пенка на кофе, фото

Tips from the pros:

  1. The perfect brewpot
  2. has a wide bottom and a narrow neck. A large difference in diameter is a guarantee of a voluminous cap.

  3. Tender, uniform bubbles only come from freshly ground coffee.
  4. The fine grind foams better.

Never leave the brew on the fire unattended!

Milk decoration

For cappuccinos, macchiato, frappe, and lattes, milk froth is made separately. There are several ways to make foam on coffee with milk at home. More on this later in the recipes, but for now – the important points.

In order for the topping to be lush, sticky and steady, the milk must be:

  • ultra-pasteurized;
  • fatty (at least 2.5% protein, at least 3% fat);
  • cold (no warmer than +6 ⁰C).

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Homemade and any pre-boiled milk is not suitable for whipping.

The classic in a turkey

There are two popular ways to brew coffee in a brew pot. The first is thorough. A teaspoon of ground beans is poured into a turkey, 100 ml of cold water is poured, and stirred. Next, the vessel is placed on low heat until the foam rises. Tip: the best moment to remove the jesva from the fire is when the circle in the center of the “cap” becomes the size of a ring. The liquid must not be allowed to boil, so this recipe requires constant supervision.

The second method is with the same proportion, but “lazy.” This is a convenient way to make coffee with foam at home when several guests are expecting a treat. In a turkey almost bring clean water to a boil. Then the container is removed from the fire, pour the ground coffee, mix. Then the liquid is heated until the foam rises. This happens quickly, it is important not to miss it! The cap is less dense and stable than in the first recipe.

To make sure each guest gets a lush “wreath,” first spoon the foam into the cups, then pour the liquid. If a rim remains on the edges of the empty mug, the coffee was good.

Beautiful instant

Although the best beverage is considered a natural bean, it would be unfair to ignore fans of pellets. Especially since it is easy to make instant coffee with foam at home. In a mug you need to put: a teaspoon of granules (sublimate), the same amount of cold water, sugar to taste. The mixture is thoroughly whipped with a spoon until light brown. Now it has absorbed maximum air, you can pour hot water.

If you pour water in a thin stream along the sides of the mug, the foam will remain intact.

An airy romance

In fact, we will cook two drinks at once: a latte and a macchiato. First, we make coffee. Ideally, it’s a machine espresso, but we can make it in a carafe. At the worst, brewed coffee pellets will do. The main condition – the coffee must be one third of the milk, in our example it is 100 ml. heat 300 ml of milk (not less than 3% fat content) to 60 ⁰C, and whisk thoroughly with an immersion blender. In 3-4 minutes you will see a thick foam.

Кофе с густой пенкой, фото

Prepare two tall clear glasses in advance. Pour 50 ml of brewed coffee into one of them, and 150 ml of whipped milk into the other. The first glass is for the latte. Pour the rest of the milk into it, and then spoon out a cap.

In the second cup is prepared macchiato. Coffee is poured to the whipped milk. Pour it along the wall in a thin stream, then the layers do not mix. The macchiato should have three clear layers. Place an airy cap on top again. Grated chocolate or ground cinnamon will serve as the final decoration. In a matter of minutes, the homemade latte and macchiato are ready – the best romantic breakfast for two.

The quickest and easiest option for garnishing a flavorful drink is ice cream. If you whip up a couple of spoonfuls of ice cream and place it on top of the liquid, you get a gorgeous wreath. Consume this beauty at once, as long as the appearance and a pleasant contrast of cold and hot is preserved. And the variety of flavors in the ice cream offers great potential for experimentation!

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