Is it possible to drink coffee while losing weight

Is it possible to drink coffee while losing weight

To effectively lose weight, you have to deny yourself a lot of foods, usually – the most delicious. Is it possible to leave in the diet one small item “for the soul” – a favorite morning flavored coffee? How will it affect the outcome of the diet: from coffee lose weight or get fat? Let’s try to summarize the different views of experts to answer the question that worries so many people.

All the nuances of combining dieting with coffee

Caffeine has serious effects on the body, including on digestion and metabolism. And this effect is twofold. Therefore, the views of nutritionists on the product are divergent. Let’s look at both sides of the coin.

Why weight loss dieters aren’t recommended to drink coffee

Some nutritionists assure that you should not drink coffee while losing weight. Their reasoning:

  1. The product stimulates digestive processes, accelerating the feeling of hunger.
  2. The drink delivers unwanted extra calories to the body.

Regarding the first aspect: the components of the bean do affect digestion. Chlorogenic acid causes the production of gastric secretion, which breaks down proteins.

Caffeine helps digest protein-containing foods more thoroughly, but it does not speed up the natural process. The assumption that the drink makes you feel hungry faster is unfounded.

Now regarding the caloric content. It all depends on how you drink the drink. A simple black espresso or Americano is a plus of only 2 kcal. A couple of cups are not capable of “weighting down” your daily diet. But if you allow yourself the additives (fatty milk, sugar, cream, syrup), the energy value of drinking increases by 100-150 kcal. It’s not the coffee itself that has high calories, but the fatty and sweet additives!

Arguments in favor of coffee drinkers on diets

Most experts agree that it is possible to drink coffee when losing weight. Moreover, black espresso without sugar is included in many popular diets. What are guided by the experts of the right diet, let’s consider in more detail.

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First, the drink reduces appetite. Caffeine helps to process the glycogen stored in the liver. This releases glucose, which the liver has been saving as energy “to spare. When the glucose enters the bloodstream, it gives the body the illusion of satiety. Energy is still there, which means that hunger is blunted.

You should not be carried away by the ability of an invigorating drink to discourage appetite. All the most negative qualities of caffeine are manifested precisely when the diet is broken!

Second, the metabolism is improved. Caffeine is an excellent aid to digestion and metabolism. The alkaloid promotes the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates. In addition, natural coffee stimulates urination, the release of the intestine. It removes slags and toxins that slow down metabolic processes. From this point of view, it is possible, even necessary, to drink coffee on a diet.

In addition to harmful substances, caffeine washes calcium and other valuable elements out of the body

. This is one of the reasons not to abuse the drink.
Is it true that coffee is able to break down fats? Yes, but indirectly. A cup of “stimulant” shortly before a workout will give you a tone, energy and burst of energy. As a result, physical activity will be somewhat higher, “burning” more calories. That is, the alkaloid makes up for the lack of energy caused by dieting. Coffee is not directly involved in burning fat.

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Diet plus coffee: useful recommendations

So, the version that you can get better from coffee is disproved. And so, you can not give up your favorite ritual. It makes sense to pay attention to popular diets with the fragrant beans to combine pleasant and useful. Whichever option you choose, you should know some things about the right coffee.

It should be:

  1. Natural. Soluble granules
  2. usually contain harmful chemical additives. And a high degree of acidity is a negative factor for the gastrointestinal tract.

  3. Quality.
  4. It is better to drink less often, but a good grain. Expensive Specialty varieties are a guarantee that you will not get unripe, rotten, discarded grain. You are unlikely to benefit or enjoy anything that is substandard.

  5. With caffeine. It is the stimulant alkaloid that produces most of the chemical reactions that improve the body’s natural functioning. Decaffeinated product
  6. promotes the accumulation of bad cholesterol.

  7. No milk, no sugar.

Loving a hearty drink like a cappuccino is when you can really get fat from coffee.

Beans that have not been heat-treated contain more vitamins, trace minerals and antioxidants. But the idea that green coffee is an effective weight-loss remedy is an advertising ploy with little or no scientific evidence to back it up.

Not only pure brewed beans are used as a companion weight-loss measure, but also some tricky combinations.

With cinnamon

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A couple pinches of cinnamon per cup of espresso is a spicy diet cocktail. Cinnamon has a metabolic-boosting property. In combination with this spice, coffee helps to lose weight even better. By the way, it is advised to use the remaining grounds as an anti-cellulite scrub.

With ginger

You need to use fresh ginger root, which has a lot of healing qualities. About a centimeter of peeled root is cut into thin plates, cooked at the same time with ground beans. Ginger tones, improves metabolism, removes toxins and impurities.

With milk

A fairly well-known coffee diet for weight loss is to drink lattes three times a day. It is allowed to eat fish, eggs, lean meat, vegetables. But always – with a cup of latte. Coffee with milk when losing weight must be accompanied by abundant drinking (about 2 liters of water per day).


Unambiguously, unsweetened black coffee can not be the cause of gaining excess weight. A couple of cups of Americano or espresso is not capable of spoiling the results of a professional diet. This weakness can be afforded.

Natural beans have many useful properties, including – to help the metabolism. But is it possible to lose weight from coffee? Definitely not. The main way to a slender figure is to eat right and exercise. Therefore, if you are not an avid coffee drinker, it makes no sense to become one for the sake of weight loss.

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