JURA Coffee Machines

JURA Coffee Machines

JURA – a guarantee of Swiss quality

JURA is a manufacturer of espresso coffee machines, guaranteeing Swiss quality. The company has been producing automatic coffee-making systems since the 1990s. JURA designers regularly delight the world of coffee gourmets with new developments. Today JURA coffee machines are among the most technologically advanced and reliable. They are multi-innovative systems in which you can find all the most advanced functions:

– Autocappuccinator, which allows you to make a cappuccino with an airy foam at the touch of a button (One Touch function);
– Coffee bean grinder that can be adjusted at will (up to ten grind levels or more);
– Intelligent system of coffee beans quality control;
– Automatic function of coffee machine cleaning from coffee oils, which makes cleaning much easier;
– Energy-saving mode system, allowing the consumer to save on electricity consumption.

Jura coffee machines and coffee machines are of high quality, which guarantees the products the traditional Swiss quality. JURA is an elite choice for connoisseurs of prestigious equipment and the best coffee.

JURA is the coffee machine that won the annual Coffee Innovations Award. The victory in the Stability category went to JURA IMPRESSA F7. We remind you that Coffee Innovations Award is a prestigious German award, which is given to manufacturers who create equipment that demonstrates advanced trends in the industry.

The brand also received awards in the field of design. At the beginning of 2013, the JURA coffee machine received an award from the German Design Agency, an influential organization with a sixty-year history. The award went to the ENA Micro 9.

The American Housewares Design Awards, which has a significant authority in the field of design, added to the brand’s collection. The company received the silver plus award in the category “Best in its Category” for the ENA Micro 9 model.

Another award was brought by the developers in 2013 from the International Household Appliance Show in Chicago, where the IHA Innovation Award in the category “Kitchen Appliances” was given to the GIGA 5 model.

Recent honors include the 2013 New York Good Design Award, which is claimed annually by companies from 48 countries. The award has a history spanning 53 years. This time, in the small appliances class, the award went to the new JURA IMPRESSA J9.3 TFT Chrome.

As you can see, JURA coffee machines regularly win prizes in professional competitions and exhibitions. JURA automatic coffee machines are at the forefront of modern developments in the field of coffee machines.

One of the latest innovations is the extension of the One Touch function to include not only espresso and cappuccino, but also lattes, crème, macchiato and hot water.

JURA is also renowned for the compactness of its home models. JURA home coffee machines are very elegant, ergonomic and generally require little space for placement. For example, the ENA Micro 9 One Touch is the smallest coffee machine in the world in the One Touch Cappuccino segment. And the JURA ENA 9 metallic has the title of the narrowest coffee machine.

Professional coffee machines of the brand are represented by the IMPRESSA X line. A spacious water tank, a large container for coffee beans, plenty of features, programmability and intelligence – all this makes the coffee machines in this line the equipment of true professionals.

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