Latte mania: the secrets of perfect coffee

Latte mania: the secrets of perfect coffee

The most popular coffee drink today is undoubtedly the latte. Its author was Italian Lino Meyorin, who decided to soften the tart taste of rich espresso by adding a little warm milk to it. This coffee quickly became popular not only in Italy but all over the world.

Composition, proportions, and serving

The composition of a latte coffee includes:

  • milk;
  • espresso;
  • foam.

In the average portion of the drink – 250 ml – the proportions of the components are as follows: 50 ml of espresso, 150 ml of milk, 50 ml of foam.

You can make milk foam without a coffee machine by whipping in one of the following ways:

  • with a simple kitchen mixer;
  • french press;
  • blender;
  • whisk.

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The popularity of this drink is due not only to its pleasant taste, but also to its spectacular serving: it is served in large Irish glasses of 240 to 360 ml per serving. It is commonly topped with a variety of syrups, chocolate or cinnamon. If desired, sugar (regular or brown – cane) is also added.

Кофе со специей

For those concerned about their figure it is important to know that the drink can hardly be called low-calorie: the energy content of latte is 220 kcal per 100 ml. This means that an average serving “costs” almost 500 kcal.

The classic way of brewing

Make a latte at home without a coffee machine is quite realistic and it is not difficult to do.

The brewing time is no more than 10 minutes. The content of caffeine

in one cup – 100-150 mg. The output volume is about 200-250 ml.
For the preparation you can use any coffee strength, it all depends on your preferences. The classic recipe uses a mixture of several varieties of Arabica (you can add Robusta, but not more than one fifth of the total). The grind is fine or medium. The degree of roasting is urban or Viennese.

The basic recipe is prepared as follows:

  1. One teaspoon of ground coffee is brewed in a convenient way (with a jesvah, coffee maker
  2. , etc.). The result should be a 50-100 ml portion of espresso.

  3. Milk with a high percentage of fat – at least 3.2% (100-150 ml) is heated to an average temperature of 50 degrees – warm, but not hot. Then it is whipped in any way. You can use not only usual milk, but also coconut milk
  4. , buckwheat milk, soy milk. But you should take into account that it may take a little longer to whip them, because they are less fatty.

  5. In a tall glass we pour the espresso and after – the foam. To make a three-layer drink, the order of adding liquids to the glass changes: first foam, then – a thin stream – coffee.

Unusual recipes

The basic way of making coffee lattes at home, we have considered, but the classics have a tendency to get bored. You can diversify the morning coffee ritual by using one of the following recipes.

  1. Ice latte. The recipe is similar to the classic recipe, but an additional ingredient is introduced: ground ice. It is most convenient to make it in a shaker, adding coffee, milk
  2. and ice to it. This option is ideal for making in the hot summer.

  3. Caramel latte
  4. . The first thing is to prepare a caramel syrup according to the classic recipe: mix sugar and water in equal proportions, add half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Pour all the ingredients into a pan with a thick bottom and constantly stirring cook over low heat until the syrup becomes sticky. Next, prepare a classic latte, adding the caramel syrup last.

  5. Peanut Butter Latte
  6. . The recipe for a peanut-flavored coffee latte at home without a coffee machine is simple. An additional ingredient for this drink will be peanut paste. Add a spoonful of the paste to the hot coffee, pour in whipped milk and you can enjoy a terrific creamy flavor with nutty notes.

  7. Another secret is to add banana paste. You need half of a ripe banana, from which you need to make a puree and put it in a shaker. Pour the rest of the ingredients into the shaker, whip at maximum speed and get a delicious flavor and banana flavor.

Latte Art

Many fans like this type of coffee precisely because of the latte art. Serving it looks more than spectacular: various drawings are put on the surface of the foam. They are made with the help of milk foam and a sharpened skewer. The decoration can be grated chocolate, coke chips, syrup, almond petals, food coloring, etc.

Latte art has long ago turned into a kind of culinary art: the cost of a cup from the masters in this business can reach 100 euros.

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Latte or latte macchiato: which to choose?

Latte and latte macchiato are indeed very similar, because their composition is identical: milk and espresso, but while the classic latte is made by adding milk to the coffee, the macchiato is coffee which is poured in a thin stream into the milk. The second method allows you to achieve the layering that many people love.

At first, children were the “target audience” for macchiato: the drink was really quite light and mild. Gradually, however, it gained an army of fans, including women who prefer a delicate taste and everyone who is acutely sensitive to coffee tartness.

The cost of a latte

In our country, this coffee and milk cocktail has long gained popularity. Everyone can properly make a coffee latte at home without a coffee maker, and those who do not have enough time to prepare it, can drink this delicious drink in any coffee shop, because the prices for it are very democratic: in the capital the cost of a portion is on average 150-200 rubles.

A rich, strong espresso with a creamy tenderness – a truly perfect combination. Make a cup of latte and start your morning with pleasure – that’s the secret of a productive day.

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