Macchiato – a coffee and cream shake without harming your figure

Macchiato – a coffee and cream shake without harming your figure

There are many variations of coffee and milk drinks. The most common recipes are cappuccino, latte, latte macchiato. The latter combines the coffee strength of espresso with the creamy tenderness of milk.

Coffee with a twist

Masshiato means “spotted” in Italian. Dark coffee spots appear on the white milk foam. The Italians, passionate lovers of coffee, tried to make its taste more delicate and reduce its caffeine content. The name of the cocktail (“spotted milk”) refers to the main ingredient.

Латте макиато, фото

The recipe appealed to those to whom strong coffee drinks are not recommended for health reasons. The spectacular-looking drink in transparent glasses began to be prepared and served in Starbucks coffeehouses in 1989. It is especially popular with the fair sex in Europe for its delicate creamy taste and low calorie content.

Differences from other drinks

Coffee and milk shakes are often confused. Indeed, they have much in common in the ingredients and method of preparation. The drinks differ in proportions, appearance and taste.

A classic strong espresso macchiato takes only up to 40 ml of milk per 70 ml of coffee. Latte macchiato takes considerably more milk: 100 ml for the double amount of espresso (60 ml). And some of the milk is whipped into a froth. The drink has three layers, with coffee in the middle.

In a delicate latte, there are three milk parts for one coffee part. The difference between a latte macchiato and a latte is immediately noticeable if clear glasses are used: in a latte, the dark layer is at the very bottom of the cup. Latte macchiato is intermediate between latte and espresso macchiato in terms of the ratio of ingredients, strength and calories.

The difference between latte macchiato and cappuccino is in the way it is made and its appearance: in a cappuccino, the coffee is at the bottom and there is slightly more of it. The calories are about the same.


Latte macchiato includes espresso and whipped milk. They determine the taste and caloric content of the drink. According to the classic recipe, sugar is not necessary: warm milk already slightly softens the coffee tartness. Additional sweetness is given by grated chocolate, which can be sprinkled on the milk foam.

Choosing the ingredients

Milk with a fat content of 2.5-3.2% is suitable for the drink, it has a pleasant taste and is well whipped into a stable foam. It tastes less good with skimmed milk. Fatty whole milk will overpower the coffee notes.

To make espresso, the base of the cocktail, you’ll need a blend of several Arabicas. Preferably medium roast (Viennese). Grind size depends on the method (fine for the coffee machine, medium for a geyser coffee maker, fine for a turkey).

Caloric value

The caloric content of latte macchiato is high when compared to espresso, but lower than that of other coffee and milk shakes. There are 55 kilocalories in 100 grams of the drink. An average serving of 160 ml contains 88 kilocalories. This recipe is quite suitable for those who watch their weight. The energy value increases significantly if fatty milk is used and sugar or flavored syrup is added.

Капучино и макиато, фото


The cocktail is served in glass Irish glasses to showcase the layers: foam, coffee and milk. A thick straw and a spoon on a long handle are also suggested. If the glass is without a handle, it is taken by wrapping it in a napkin.

To drink a latte macchiato properly, you don’t need to stir it intensely. You can make a few circular strokes with a straw without damaging the foam, and then drink it through a straw. If desired, the foam can be eaten separately with a spoon.

This coffee-milk cocktail goes well with a variety of sweets: chocolate, tiramisu, pastries, and berry desserts. It is usually drunk in the morning.


Children’s drink is not recommended, because one serving contains about 100 mg of caffeine. You can try a less strong recipe: 15 ml of coffee per 150 ml of milk, respecting the method of preparation.


For tasty and beautiful “spotted” coffee, the process of combining the ingredients is important. The espresso is poured gently into the whisked warm milk, even with the edge of a knife. The dark layer needs to be below the foam. If you do it right, the liquids will mix slightly.

The coffee will occupy the right place in the glass because of the difference in density and temperature of the ingredients. You’ll get a three-layer cocktail with gradient transitions, and one dark spot will remain on the white surface. Baristas can create a dark pattern on the milk foam by masterfully combining the ingredients.

Кофейный коктейль макиато, фото

Basic recipe

You’ll need:

  • 7-10 g ground coffee;
  • 60 ml water;
  • 100 ml of milk with 3.2% fat content.

Prepare espresso in a coffee maker or coffee machine.

If you brew it in a turkey

, the density of the liquid will be less and it will be difficult to achieve a layered structure. Also you need to strain the coffee so that the grounds don’t spoil the lower milk layer.
Whisk the milk, gradually heating it to 60-70 ° C. The milk should be dense on top. On top there should be a thick foam. The easiest way to do this is with a cappuccino maker, but you can use a blender or a French press. Pour the milk into a tall clear glass. Then pour the hot espresso in a thin stream, making sure it is between the milk and the foam. You can sprinkle the milk with grated chocolate or cinnamon.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can use a little sugar, but add it to the hot espresso before it combines with the milk.

Кофе Латте макиато, фото

With syrup

The recipe differs only in the addition of the bottom layer. First, 2 tablespoons of syrup are poured into the glass. Another spoonful can be added when whipping the milk foam. Vanilla, chocolate or any berry topping will do. The cocktail will be four-layered, sweet and more calorie-dense.


The flavor of caramel goes well with milk and coffee. 1-2 tablespoons of self-made caramel or ready-made syrup is whipped with milk. The foam is decorated by pouring caramel in a thin stream.

A latte macchiato recipe may include chocolate, cocoa or cinnamon as a decoration.

Espresso macchiato-based recipes

When people in different countries say “macchiato,” they mean different drinks: latte macchiato, caramel macchiato and espresso macchiato. When ordering, be sure to specify what kind of drink is needed. In Italy, the drink’s motherland, there will be no misunderstanding: they will bring you the classical macchiato. Coffee is poured into the cup first and then the milk foam is poured. There is more coffee than milk.

The version with a predominance of coffee gives more leeway for the imagination. Lovers of new flavors make different drinks based on the original recipe:

  1. Macchiato Fredo. In sultry Italy, they like to add a little cold milk to the hot espresso.
  2. Ristretto macchiato. A fragrant drink of minimal volume (15 ml) goes well with milk. Two cups of coffee (30 ml) take 10-15 ml of milk, the same way of mixing is used.
  3. Piccolo Latte. “Little milk” is prepared in the same way as a macchiato, but the portion is small: 30 ml of each ingredient.
  4. Cortado. The recipe uses melted milk instead of regular milk. The taste is softer and creamier.

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