Orange coffee – a cheerful start to the day with refreshing notes

Orange coffee – a cheerful start to the day with refreshing notes

An important and valuable aspect of our lives is taste. Everyday foods and drinks are good, but one is always looking for new sensations, to expand one’s taste range. A traditional cup of invigorating morning coffee with orange peel or juice will make you wonder at the usual and ordinary things, will create a good mood for the whole day!

History and useful properties of the drink

This unusual mix, of course, could only appear in an exotic country, smelling of spices, adventures and carnivals. The homeland of the drink is Brazil. According to legend, it was under this sultry sky that the first portion was made. Since then, and it happened in the early 30’s of the last century, it has spread around the world. And every nation, every culture, has added something different to the original recipe. That’s why coffee with orange juice has different names in different countries: American Orange, Bumble, Frutocino.

This smoothie, served hot or cold, not only energizes you while keeping your body and mind in proper tone. Thanks to the vitamins and trace elements contained in the orange, it has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and activates the gastrointestinal tract.

Кофе с апельсином, фото

Caffeine belongs to the class of light alkaloids and can cause food addiction. But orange, which is rightly considered a superfood, neutralizes the possible negative effects of coffee on the body.

An overdose (more than 2-3 large cups of coffee) can lead to headaches, dizziness. It should be completely excluded from your diet for pregnant women, diabetics or at risk of this disease, people who have gastrointestinal problems (gastritis, ulcers, heartburn) and hypertensive people.

Cheerful and Healthy Morning

The original recipes for coffee with orange juice are usually made on the basis of espresso or Americano. It is better to grind the coffee beans just before cooking. In this case, they will fully preserve the aroma and the coffee will be rich and very tasty. It is best made with purified bottled water, as the harshness of tap water can distort the delicate citrus flavor.

Traditional recipe


  • 30 ml orange juice;
  • 1 teaspoon orange peel;
  • 300 ml of coffee.

You can use dried or fresh orange peel. Before adding it to the drink, it must be ground: cut or grated. It is preferable to use grated orange peels a few hours before brewing, as the essential oils that give them a bitter aftertaste evaporate over time.


This recipe for coffee with orange gets its name from the English word “bumblebee,” which means bumblebee.

Кофе и апельсин, фото


  • 100 ml of orange juice;
  • 50 ml of coffee drink;
  • 15 ml of caramel syrup.

Place ice in the bottom of the glass. Following the sequence, pour the orange nectar, syrup and coffee in layers. The glass is decorated with a slice of lemon or orange, and a straw is inserted. The layers are stirred before drinking.

American Orange


  • 100 ml orange juice;
  • 25 ml of espresso
  • ;

  • 25 ml Americano.

Both coffee and juice are poured into a shaker and stirred. Place ice cubes in the bottom of the glass and pour the pre-cooked mix on them. Garnish the container and serve it with a straw.

Coffee drink with orange and cinnamon


  • 1 tablespoon orange juice;
  • 1 teaspoon of zest;
  • cinnamon
  • powder (1/5 of a teaspoon);

  • 1-2 teaspoons instant coffee per 60 ml water.

In a separate bowl, the zest and cinnamon are mixed well, and the juice is poured in. In freshly brewed coffee, add the pre-cooked fruit mixture. After the drink has infused (1-2 minutes), you can add whipped cream to taste (50 ml per serving). To do this, they are heated and whipped with a blender or mixer into a strong foam.

Recipe for Gourmet Coffee

In order to brew coffee in an orange, you need an unusual utensil – a turkey made from the fruit peel. You should choose a firm orange and cut it lengthwise into two unequal parts. If you have a good time, you will be able to make a drink with the help of a spoon, and then you will be able to use the juice.


  • coffee beans (approximately 4 teaspoons);
  • orange juice squeezed from 1-2 fruits;
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder;
  • ground nutmeg (optional) – 3 to 4 pinches;

Grind grains (2 teaspoons) poured into an “orange” turkey, pour it 2/3 of cold water. Put on low heat and cover with an orange lid. Immediately after boiling, but before the foam rises, pour in a few pinches of cinnamon and nutmeg. Once the coffee has risen to the rind, turn off and allow to infuse for 1-2 minutes. Strain and pour into cups.

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