Principle of operation and functionality of coffee carob coffee makers

Principle of operation and functionality of coffee carob coffee makers

The range of coffee makers on the modern market is huge. At the beginning of our journey of acquaintance with these devices, let’s consider the most common type – carob coffee makers. The article will be of interest to fans of such popular drinks as espresso and cappuccino.

Working Principle

The name of carob coffee makers is based on the design features. Designed for filling with ground coffee, the container is made in the form of a plastic or metal horn. The working principle of this type of coffee maker is based on the impact of high pressure steam on the ground beans.

Preparation for making coffee is as follows. In the beginning, it is necessary to fill a special container with water. Later, the liquid from it will flow into the boiler. The cone is tightly filled with ground beans, at this it is important to well compact the contents. Putting the cone in the coffee maker and selecting a brewing program, the machine will start to pass high-pressure steam through the ground coffee. Due to the condensation process, the cup will be filled with a ready drink.

The maximum amount of nutrients and rich aroma are extracted from the ground beans thanks to the high steam pressure created by the coffee maker. Lovers of this beverage also like the slight, delicate crema that is present on the surface. Coffee made with this method is called espresso.

What to look for when choosing a coffee beverage

Having understood the basics of horn coffee makers, it becomes clear that when choosing a model, you need to pay attention to such a characteristic as steam pressure. Inexpensive devices are able to develop this parameter up to 4 bar. Water is heated in a closed tank, which has a valve for steam, which opens when the maximum pressure is reached. Due to high steam temperature the coffee aroma is partially reduced. However, there is a big advantage of this method. The quantity of caffeine extracted in superheated steam is greater than in other brewing methods. It gives you more energy. Time required to brew a cup of coffee in these models, as a rule, is two minutes, and the power consumption of the device does not exceed 1000 watts.

The steam pressure of high-quality coffee-makers of high price category can make up to 15 bar. This value is achieved thanks to the electromagnetic pump. The higher the pressure, the more flavor and aroma substances can be obtained from the contents of the cone. Of course, these devices have higher power consumption – up to 1700 W. A cup of coffee such a machine prepares in half a minute.

You should also pay attention to the material from which the cone is made. Here the preference is given to metal. Due to its high thermal conductivity, the ground coffee is better heated throughout the volume. As you know, plastic at high temperatures can release harmful substances that can affect the taste of the drink. In addition, the body of the cone itself can deform over time. Therefore, the service life of metal horns is much longer.
The volume of the water tank is a secondary factor when choosing a coffee maker. No more than two cups of coffee can be made in one cycle.

Cappuccino function

The interest of cappuccino lovers will naturally be attracted by coffee makers equipped with a cappuccino function. The difference between cappuccino and espresso is the presence of mild, milky foam. In order to create it, the coffee makers have special devices for manual or automatic control.

The cappuccino maker is the name of the part of the machine responsible for making cappuccino. The mechanical type implies the preparation of the foam in a separate container with milk by lowering a tube into it, through which steam is supplied. In this case, you will need a little practice to master this technique.

Automatic cappuccinator requires only filling a special container with milk. Then you choose the desired brewing mode and get the desired drink. In certain models of coffee machines, the density of the foam can be adjusted.

Using coffee pods (pre-packaged coffee)

You may want to use coffee pods to make your coffee. These are disposable pre-packaged portions of ground beans, packed with special equipment into filter paper. Their technology is called E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso), was developed in 1989 by the Italian company Illycaffe. Using coladas, you do not have to manually fill the cone and then clean it, which clearly simplifies the preparation. However, you will have to pay extra for the additional feature.

Additional functionality

For easy and clear control of the coffee machine, manufacturers provide them with light indicators, displaying, for example, the operation process and the level of water in the tank. It is possible to make espresso and cappuccino at the same time in models with two pumps. In the case of a single pump, a dual nozzle can be used to fill two cups with the same beverage at the same time.
Such functions are secondary. Still, when buying, you should be interested in the main features of the device, because the quality of the drink will depend on them.

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