Professional preparation of oriental coffee (coffee on the sand)

Professional preparation of oriental coffee (coffee on the sand)

Oriental coffee is also called “Arabian coffee” (“Greek coffee” and “Turkish coffee”). But they have one thing in common: they are all made on sand. It is the oldest method of making coffee, which requires a very fine grinding of the beans and a very dark roasting.

Equipment for making oriental coffee

In order for you to be able to quickly enough to prepare coffee on the sand in a cafe or restaurant, you will need special equipment. In general, for it is enough to have a turkey, a roaster (it can be a special machine) and, actually, the sand. A kind of oriental coffee, Turkish coffee, is made by means of heated sand. Different baristas prefer different kinds of sand, but remember that it should be neither fine nor coarse, and if used properly it will last for several years.

Turka (or jewa)

A turkey (or jesewa) is a special ware for brewing coffee on the sand. It is a cone-shaped vessel with a widening at the top; such a nuance in design allows you to quickly notice a sharp rise of foam, which indicates the beginning of boiling coffee. A real tureka has thin walls and a wide and thick bottom, besides the elongated neck and a narrow neck are a sign of its distinction. The secret is that during the boiling considerable amounts of froth gather here, which prevents the evaporation of volatile aromatic substances that give the drink its unique flavor and aroma.

The material from which the brewpot is made must have a high thermal conductivity. The Russian market today offers distillers made of stainless steel, aluminum, silver and copper. By the way, professional baristas prefer copper.

The wooden handle of the carafe is convenient because it is not heated. However, as you know, at high temperatures wood can burn. Choose a carafe with a long handle. It does not matter where you buy it: in the East or in Russia. The main thing is to keep it clean and use it only for its intended purpose.

Don’t think that good quality grain is a hundred percent good result. A sloppy hand, lack of experience, or a careless attitude toward brewing will easily ruin the drink.

Technology and serving of coffees brewed on sand Coffee on sand is characterized by a sediment at the bottom of the cup, it appears only if the beans have been ground almost to dust. Only use water that has been filtered. As for the types of coffee and how they are roasted, in this matter everything is determined by the preferences of your visitors. There are no paravilles and no restrictions.

The process of making Turkish coffee is a painstaking one. You have to put your heart and soul into this drink. You have to watch the water: it must not boil, otherwise the taste of the coffee will be lost. Sugar, if you like, can be added immediately. In general, the recipe here should not be strictly followed: depending on your creativity, change and add it as you see fit. In the end, the coffee must be dense and rich, and it is only up to you which spices you put there, whether you add cognac, rum, or a little bit of cloves. The main thing is not to overpower the main taste.

Oriental coffee is served in a special way. To the left of the cup you take a sugar bowl and to the right of it you take a glass of water. The crema is taken off and placed in the cups, then the hot beverage is poured from the distillery. A glass of water (sometimes a lemon is squeezed into it) is needed to wash down the coffee. This tones it down and enhances its flavor.

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